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  1. Not sure what either one is. I shall have to look them both up.
  2. Beings I'm from back east as well, we had Verizon Fios... Best by far that we've ever had. Was disappointed when we found out it wasn't availabile here. Looks like we are settling on cox for Internet and direct tv for tv. We'll see how that goes.
  3. Thank you sir for that info. From the little bit that I've read, it looks like we are going to be stuck with cox for cable and direct tv for tv. going thru all of the bundles and channels is making my head spin, LoL
  4. So Im pretty new out there in Phoenix....Just bought a house... Who are the best internet and tv providers out here. We had Verizon FIOS fiber optics back on the east coast which were awesome. Dosent seem to be an option out here. :-/ Cox seems to get pretty bad reviews from what Ive read.
  5. h8tnlife


    Never had a vehicle that I wheeled that didn't make all those noises
  6. h8tnlife


    J.ust E.mpty E.very P.ocket Just sayin:wink:
  7. Sounds like my kinda fun
  8. Ive got a iphone. and ipad...downloaded the MotionX app.... The maps on there aren't the greatest as they don't show any trails. It doesn't really have a satellite view. Was using the terrain view but was wanting a satellite view. I cannot as of yet figure out how to load any of the google maps onto it yet. I did purchase some sort of add on which I thought would allow me to but its not making any sense to me yet.
  9. Yeah, there were a lot of people out there....I'm sure it gets a lot worse as the temps heat up. Or does everyone quit wheelin when the temps really start to climb? Think next time we might go a lot deeper in to try and avoid the crowds some. Gotta figure out the gps navigation situation first though. Lmao, I guess you just get used to eating dust out here???
  10. I notice this threat is nearly 2 years old...any new developments in this area? In the market for something and was wondering which lead me to this thread.
  11. ScottL, made it down to that Butcher Jones area at Sagurao lake.... Made it out to one of the coves out on the trail. I think I need to invest in some sort of gps as our phone had no reception. Was afraid we were gonna get lost. Made it ok... That time, lol.... Just followed a group out. Pretty fun though.
  12. Actually made it down to Tucson yesterday and checked out the trail leading up the back side of Lemmon mountain. Didnt have time to make it all the way to the top so I have no idea what I might have missed :-(
  13. Lmao.....Things are lookin up, lol....Turnin a new leaf
  14. kewl, thank ya kindly for the info
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