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  1. Kris, I went to Jeep an none of those part numbers came up.... Not sure how to order them! Now I just found this: http://www.factorychryslerparts.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=540207&ukey_make=1064&ukey_model=15529&modelYear=2000&ukey_category=20309 they are OEM part numbers?? But the site linked does not provide the REV code AA, AC, AB, Ect...
  2. thanks Kris!! I have only used the mag covers (2 sets). Honestly, I have never seen nor tried the plastic ones. Seems logical. Im putting in a new motor on my 04 now. As soon as I have more time and space, Ill tear into the 2000 and check the heads for flatness. Ill also order those gaskets as well.
  3. That REALLY needs lower radiator protection..... Also, I know the "bubba gump" look isn't the most desirable, but it affords a certain amount of protection that is worth the "look".
  4. Powertrain Products.com had the best deal on 4.7's HO and other. I highly recommend them, as their support was amazing when I cracked the block and another engine was delivered 2 days later at no cost.
  5. thanks Kris. Bradywgn71 (Chris!): I have also purchased a reman engine. The covers that didn't leak on the old motor leaked on the new one. I replaced the covers (BOTH sets Magnesuim, OE on my 00 WJ, non HO) and 3 gaskets (even tried RTV). Im still getting leaking. I have not checked the heads for flatness yet The problem is that oil collects at the #8 corner of the head and it just puddles there.
  6. More info on those valve cover gaskets please, or email of On Point... thanks.
  7. Like most of your mods, I will someday "replicate" I will get to this some day. One thought about intake... Have you considered siphoning from a lake/river/creek? I thought if you got a good enough pump, 15 or 20 feet of intake could make a really nice long hot shower. It just bugs me to need to carry 25 gals of water just to have two 5 min showers (or more, because I have 2 girls)
  8. I saw that, unsure if he removed them and blanked it off. Stealth.
  9. Kris, Whats missing here? Have you given up on the hot water?
  10. How do you guys gauge the depth before entering the water?? I guess you just pucker up and head in???
  11. My second favorite part of your posts! What an adventure! Thanks for posting, I would love to show my girls the scenery in person.
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