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  1. this is the info i just got from Joe. these ARE different than the part numbers i had off the 2004 WJ parts sheet...





    I went to Jeep an none of those part numbers came up.... Not sure how to order them!


    Now I just found this:




    they are OEM part numbers?? But the site linked does not provide the REV code AA, AC, AB, Ect...

  2. finally, someone is making a WJ front bumper where you cut out some factory steel so you can recess the winch - but then the bumper doesn't stick out like a big nose.








    could stand to sweep up in the corners more for my taste, but doesn't look too bad. also not sure why they did a million little bends - would rather see it rolled to form a smooth curve or else really just do less bends and have more severe angles (i.e. make it look more like Greg's bumper).


    That REALLY needs lower radiator protection.....


    Also, I know the "bubba gump" look isn't the most desirable, but it affords a certain amount of protection that is worth the "look".

  3. thanks Kris.


    Bradywgn71 (Chris!): I have also purchased a reman engine. The covers that didn't leak on the old motor leaked on the new one. I replaced the covers (BOTH sets Magnesuim, OE on my 00 WJ, non HO) and 3 gaskets (even tried RTV). Im still getting leaking. I have not checked the heads for flatness yet


    The problem is that oil collects at the #8 corner of the head and it just puddles there.

  4. Like most of your mods, I will someday "replicate" :lol: I will get to this some day.


    One thought about intake... Have you considered siphoning from a lake/river/creek? I thought if you got a good enough pump, 15 or 20 feet of intake could make a really nice long hot shower.


    It just bugs me to need to carry 25 gals of water just to have two 5 min showers (or more, because I have 2 girls)

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