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  1. This trail is actually north of Tucson and Florence......
  2. Ok here is my actual entry that keeps more within the rules (of which I wish I had read)
  3. Nope but you can actually drive right to this point. It is the first water falls and pools when the water runs off the Santa rita mountains down into the tanque verde wash. I'll post another picture more within the rules of the game....sorry.
  4. I guess that is a bit unfair. It is part of trail . This is at the end of a short trail down south near Tucson. You may have been on it when you went to Chiva falls. But it is not Chiva.....
  5. Three feathers, chiva falls trail, Tucson ,Az?
  6. Hi, I have a single New unsed Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 33x12.5x15 for sale. This tire has never been on the ground and has always been under a tire cover on the back of my jeep. These retail for about $250- $280 apiece depending on where you shop. I will let this one go for $225 O.B.O. I can not ship it to you, but we may be able to work out some type of meet half way plan if you are truely interested. If you would like more pictures just email me at cwilson96@cox.net. Thanks for looking Craig 520-245-2295 (cell) leave a messege if no answer and I will get back to you.
  7. I got that same e-mail........I immediately deleted it for stupidity!
  8. Thanks for the info everone, but strangley I could not find anything wrong with levels or installation, and now the problem no longer exists. But on a brighter note, in the process of troubleshooting this, I removed the transfercase skid plate and discovered the transmission mount completely destroyed. This was causing a weird grinding noise only at acceleration. It's good to have a nice and quiet Jeep again. Thanks again for the advice. Craig
  9. Thanks for this info I really appreciate it and will proceeding with this this friday afternoon. I will post up what I discover. YOu all have been very helpful and informative, thanks again. I will post what I discover. Craig
  10. I have since parked the vehicle because I don't want to damage it. I believe I may have not installed the filter correctly when I replaced it according to your info. As for the synthetic fluid, I changed it with what was recommended by the manufacturer which is the AT+4 synthetic. I will pull the pan this week and make sure it is right. Sure wish these things came with drain plugs to make it easier and cheaper....at $4 a quart. Thanks all and I will post my findings soon. Craig
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