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  1. Once again Murphy has stepped in to change my plans. I was looking forward to finally getting to meet everyone but the alternator and battery in my XJ went out on me. With the current workload I have at work there is no way to get it back and running in time for the trip. Sorry gang, looks like i get to plan for the next one. Jason
  2. NICE! I have been looking for a solid mechanic on the westside, thank you much for the information!
  3. man, looks like it was a fun trip! might make for a good hot summer run to go swimming!
  4. Ksmith, Thank you for the info! It is street legal so no issues there, just wasn't sure of agreed upon activities and such.
  5. Very interested! Let me check and make sure the family is not planning anything else that weekend. Question, are side my side welcome or is that a no no?
  6. Great run! Looks like it was a lot of fun! The old homestead looks very interesting!
  7. Fair enough, thank you for the heads up!
  8. The guys on one of the camping trailer forums I am on, use Durabak. I have not used it myself but it seems to work
  9. lol, That was the thread that started me on this crazy idea! I have read that thing so many times. I am just looking for an actual person that has done it, to be able to cover any little issues that come up that isn't covered in a forum yanno?
  10. Hey Gang, Been lurking for a while, reading all the great posts everyone has, have not been able to make a run due to scheduling issues. I have seen an increase in XJ related posts do I was thinking this might be a good time to mention this. So I am in the process of gathering what I need for the D44 rear brake swap. I am going to use the explorer brakes from a 8.8 axle. My question is while I am confident in the process has anyone here actually done it? Having someone to bounce questions and such off of would be great! And as usual no project wont be without difficulty modifiers so any and all resources would be appreciated! Thank s guys! Jason
  11. Ha! Looks like I am not the only one that has removed the fender flares and have not gotten around to trimming them!
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