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  1. I don't believe they have hookups (it's been awhile since I've been there), however they do have real bathrooms (no showers that I recall) but running water and real toilets. It's actually a very pretty campground up against the canyon. There is also a group campground there as well.
  2. I would have loved last year's decal on a shirt for Cher's Dad! He would have loved that! This looks awesome though. Great job Ryan!
  3. I'm going to have to skip this one. I sure hope to see you all before the annual event though!
  4. My new ride is living up to her Jeep reputation. Don't even have the real plate on her yet and she got a new serpentine belt today. Good news is, I think I can do it by myself the next time, and have a spare just in case.
  5. Well, if you logged into Facebook occasionally, you would have known.
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