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  1. How about a clinic on "How to build a "Beast" Jeep without spending any money. Moderate clinic sounds good. Maybe even a basic "Spotter" clinic.
  2. Anyone know where I can get a rear zipper replaced on my soft top?
  3. Happy Birthday Big G. Best spotter ever.
  4. Heaters are good but can fail or run out of fuel; a good bag is always warm unless it gets wet but then some synthetic insulating material can still retain 80% of it's insulating value when wet.
  5. I vote for a warmer sleeping bag; and I would go for a -10F to -20F rated bag for that time of year. The reason is you can always unzip the bag and hang a leg out if you are too warm but being cold is miserable as well as potentially life threatening. The way sleeping bags are rated can be deceiving as some are rated for survival and others comfort. Other factors are sex, health, body structure, when you last ate (body fuel), and environment. Here is a simple guide; https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/sleeping-bag-backpacking.html You can find more online with a simple Google search.
  6. I will once again try to make this trip. No further plans to modify the jeep so it should be ready. Well maybe a super charger.
  7. I burned out a cigarette lighter plug using one of these so be careful.
  8. I only wheeled with him a couple times but he was always pleasant to be around. It is a very sad day.
  9. Found it. It is called a "Kelly Kettle" for those interested.
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