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  1. Been in the area? I live there. Two ranches in fact. I'd appreciate it if the BLM would just go fornicate themselves, I can't believe that even four wheelers are buying into the touchy feely gotta protect it nonsense propaganda that has been vomited for years. If you don't like it then go back to your city tract house and stay busy campaigning to build your off-road urban "leave no trace" "treading lightly" amusement park areas.
  2. From the March 1980 Four Wheeler magazine "NOC/BLM Showdown" by Richard H. Johnson: "Frustration!!! Every time someone asks the kind of question that I think will really pin them down, the pull off the Houdini trick of the year, and wrap their escape in so many words that by the time they finish their explanation, the audience has forgotten the original issue and question. But in a way, I felt sorry for the poor BLM guys. If they were to be honest and aboveboard in their answers, they would lose their jobs. And, since it's doubtful that they could perform meaningful labor in the civilian world, they would probably end up on the welfare roles. It's a dilemma that I wouldn't be able to handle. That's why I'm not a government worker, I guess" Richard Johnson's highly successful and profitable career as an off-road writer continued for years. Meanwhile, the BLM employees made negative contributions to public wealth in a myriad of ways.
  3. I am a resident of this area, here is how I replied to the BLM: I pay so much in tax dollars that I have a real problem with morons who couldn't generate the slightest amount of true prosperity intend to confiscate our freedom (I'm referring to BLM employees) to enjoy the outdoors where we want to the way we want to. I'm talking about people like BLM employees who make ridiculous choices to close, close, close. The reasons are simply laziness, they close these areas in the hope that they will never have to do any serious work related to them and that closing is easy. Everything else they do is hard. If the BLM wants to be lazy, there is a real opportunity here with people like me who pay huge tax dollars. I could care less if these mindless morons sat all day at their desk doing nothing as long as they don't close more stuff. That would give me the value I want for my tax dollars. And this effort to close things shows how out of touch the BLM is with recreationists in the Bouse area. The recreationists are all people with money, note the popularity of vehicular recreation. I think there might be one or two long haired granola eating enviroweenies out there, maybe even a rich one or two. But I think it is obvious what type of people contribute to the economies of the communities in that area: people who like to recreate with motor vehicles. Having seen, been on, and driven many of these obscure roads targeted for closure I can assure anyone who cares that there is no good reason for their closure other than the laziness and thoughtlessness on the part of the BLM (maybe I stumbled on the problem there, BLM and thought is an oxymoron, or at least a moron).
  4. Normally I am a champion of mining and commerce, and Rosemont mining already has quite a few enemies. If four wheelers jump on the bandwagon they won't have any friends at all, and increases the odds that they'll never get their mine. Maybe someone should have this discussion with Rosemont. They are more vulnerable and have more to lose. Forget the Forest Service, they could care less about motorized access. Even if they pretend that they do.
  5. After reading the account of the incident, this is the only way the Sheriffs office can save face. They apparently proved completely useless, hence the need to save face. I had an incident many years ago that proved that you should never ever call the authorities if an organized bunch of four wheelers can execute the proper rescue.
  6. Although late, I did reply: Although I realize I am submitting this to you outside of the time required to comment on the La Posa travel managment plan, my comments are timeless and always relevant. With regard to your land management plan I am disgusted at the amount of federal tax that I pay, and then have to put up with it paying the salaries of useless people who could neither get nor survive a job in private industry, and I'm talking about you BLM land management people. You type of people are incapable of being either innovative or productive and able to return true value to society. You could not survive in a field that required you to truly produce (much less think and work). It really irritates me to see talent less and mind less individuals like yourselves first of all consuming my tax dollars, and returning to me policies and actions that are total garbage. You are truly human excrement in terms of what you return to society. I have EARNED the RIGHT to say these things. I've probably paid more federal tax dollars every year than your salary. You have not earned the right to talk to me at all, any way, ever. I am in a field that produces, and the products of that field propogate down to aid human production in myriad levels. And my efforts have also created innumerable employment opportunities in good jobs, and aided people in having lifestyles they enjoy. Unlike you, I have improved the world. On the other hand, you represent an entity that intends to stifle my lifestyle, most specifically my desire to enjoy the outdoors via vehicular recreation. You are truly members of a mentally disordered group who blindly pursues philosophies that dictate that vehicular recreation is bad. You really need to get a job. I would recommend that you start with construction or something related, ditch digging, roofing, etc. Any of those fields would be a good first step in helping to clear your minds. On second thought, forget it, you aren't smart enough and you're too lazy to succeed in any field, including cleaning bathrooms. Somehow I'm sure you could screw that up too.
  7. Some have lost their lives trying to find it. And not that long ago.
  8. With regard to the old suburban at China Camp, I was there that day and part of the festivities. I can tell you the whole story. I'm "Jerry" in the referenced website" http://www.zilbandy.com/suburb/suburban.htm
  9. You're right. There mere fact that I have the time to post here is an indication that I need to get a life.
  10. "I'm an experienced mechanic" and "called AGR for guidance. He walked me through his procedure to re-seat it by simply tapping it back in with a screwdriver" is not a combination of wording that I would have used together. Especially for a simple snap ring. Knowing which end of a combination wrench to pick up, and being able to select the right size of crescent wrench does not make on an experienced mechanic.
  11. The rumour in my old generation from the 70's was that there is a hill somewhere further up the trail that the only thing that was ever on was a dozer. They lost it and it killed the operator.
  12. With regard to the global warming bs: I get endless amusement reading the hiking trip reports of groups such as the Sierra Club. Many of these trips, whether mentioned or not, include significant vehicle travel from residences and meeting places to trailhead points. Not to mention the fact that in an environmentalists eyes a paved road should be much more of an environmental abomination than any level of dirt road or trail (Edward Abbey wrote about how he had no problem just throwing trash out of his car window for that reason). These guys are hypocrisy beyond hypocrisy. I remember reading an account of a hiker who was offended by the "trash" at the top of Harquahala Mountain, which is actually a large solar power station as part of a repeater for the Central Arizona Project. Yet those same people had come all the way from California on the highway, and this was part of a tour of various Arizona trails requiring considerable vehicle travel. Until the day they start walking out their front door with their back packs on and hoof it to the trail as well as on the trail, they represent insincere hypocrites with zero credibility who any person with any semblance of mental health would totally ignore. Pesky Varmint
  13. Let me apologize for offending your tender sensitivities. Just telling it like it is after living 6 years in Cameron AZ and getting to know the indians. Or should I can my beliefs and start believing in the great wise old indian like Uncle Ray on Walker Texas Ranger. Or any number of movies and TV shows showing fictitious genius indians (check the book: "Great Intellectual Accomplishments of Native Americans"). And of course they are the original environmentalists, great keepers of the earth. Yep, the same indians that don't support solar installations or grid tied inverters (San Carlos Indian Project power company). Like the Europeans who came later, the first Americans apparently had a propensity for killing and eating any animal they could lay their hands on without giving a lot of thought to the future, judging by the bones they left behind at one notable site. "The general public probably buys into the 'Pocahontas version' that Native Americans were inherently different and more in tune with nature," said University of Utah archaeologist Jack Broughton. "The evidence says otherwise." After studying thousands of animal bones found in a garbage heap on the shores of San Francisco Bay, Broughton concluded that Native Americans living in an area where Emeryville is now located hunted several species to local extinction from 600 B.C. to A.D. 1300. For the full story, see: Guy Gugliotta. "SCIENCE Notebook; Indians Depleted Wildlife, Too." The Washington Post (Monday, February 20, 2006): A09. A more detailed summary of the research can be found in a University of Utah press release: "Early California: A Killing Field; Research Shatters Utopian Myth, Finds Indians Decimated Birds."
  14. If you really want to write letters that matter, figure out who advertised during that segment and write letters of complaint to them. Hit the pocketbook! Pesky Varmint
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