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  1. Cher needs a new tranny, if you have one lying around... :-)
  2. It has about 30k on the engine. Since it loves to run hot. I was thinking new Water pump, Thermo, and I heard putting a zj fan clutch can also help. I have a 3 core, but I think I heard someone say the OBE one works better. Thank you all for all your help.. All suggestions are appreciated and will be followed.. I don't want to cheap out and be on the side of the road anymore.. :-)
  3. Cher's Dad

    New engine.

    Cher is getting a new engine. This is my first engine swap and was wondering what are some of the things I may need new and what I could swap out? I am getting my engine from promar engine, I heard from Kaspily they are pretty good.
  4. Has anyone tried the Flowkooler water pump? Heard it helps with overheating at low RPMS.
  5. Any increase in temp in the cabin?
  6. Tried Dave's and he is no longer in the used parts business.. I did find one at AMC jeep salvage.. Great price.. Got a sound board also.. How did George do Scott's headliner again??
  7. Thank you... Will do.. I am following him on FB.. Seems like a great guy.. :-)
  8. Anyone have a headliner board for a 95 XJ? I liked Scott's so much I want one too.. :-)
  9. I think I fixed the blow by.. Fixed everything up top and then added a little Rizlone and no blow by.. So far.. Fingers crossed..
  10. Hello: I am MZPriss's husband. :-) Just went on the cinders trip and had a great time.. Met some great people and learned some things about my beast.. Cher is a 95 XJ who keeps testing: Just Empty Every Pocket saying for Jeeps.. Since Cher is a temperamental beast, I may be asking a lot of questions, please be patient.. As MzPriss said.. I am not much of a camper,, but again be patient, I am a city boy..
  11. I am the "husband" just went on the Cinders trip.. Had a great time and met some great people.. I have my dream vehicle a green 95 Cherokee, we loving call Cher.. She is very temperamental and is giving me loads of fun.. When they say Just Empty Every Pocket, Cher wants to really test it.. Looking forward to more trips..
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