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  1. George, when at the baja races, its a fans sport. It is a deadly sport for fans. there have been fatalities. I have never been to the famous Zoo Road jump near San Felipe and don't plan on it but spectators get courage juice in their veins and the result can be fatal. Theres a youtube video where a fan gets in the middle of the road during a race and a Trophy Truck jumps over him. Instant fame. But stupid.... These trucks travel as fast as 120 mph on dirt roads.
  2. Just a few off-road racing action pics from Plaster City and Baja. Sorry about the watermarks.
  3. theksmith, I don't consider myself a professional since I don't make a living at it but I do have a side business shooting weddings, quinceaneras high school sports, baja races and many other events. The most controversial event I shoot is bullfights in Mex. I always get mixed emotions from people on this. But it is what it is. I will start by adding a slide show I made recently from my digitals. I havent scanned the tons of 35mm negs from the late 70's to about 2002 when I started shooting digital. All with Canon. http://www.vimeo.com/9955033
  4. darthjenni, one access point is on the east side of the mine. that is where the "East Pit" is located. Not sure if the under ground water table is still exposed but it was a good size lake at the bottom. The roads around the pits are about 40 yards wide. That allowed for the Terex Titan (300 ton dump truck biggest in the world during that time) to maneuver in both directions. This access is the easiest and requires very little off-roading and is probably the least monitored section Another access is along the railroad tracks to the south of town. once the town is reached, it would only be about 1/2 mile to where the trains were loaded for transporting the iron ore. The other access you already mentioned where the bolder is blocking the road to the northwest side of the pit. Jenni, what part of Cal you from? We live in Imperial, Ca where the quakes have been shaking everything. And yes this was once a live very active community. We had everything in a very small scale and we loved the no-crime environment. We all knew each other and to this day we stay in contact regularly. I posted a small video that I copied from old 8mm super 8 films of my dads on my face book. I will post the link on this thread.
  5. great Pictures. Great place to visit. Is this part of the Grand Canyon?
  6. great work. If theres something about people who offroad, photography is a must. You pans are killer. I have used canons shince high school year book class.
  7. This 1st pic is by far tops in my opinion as pictures I have ever seen
  8. These are 2 separate videos that my brother and I shot from 2 different views. I shot one from a short distance of the town and the "E" we painted a few times on the side of the mountain. These videos came out of a reunion we had June 18-19-20 of 2010. My brothers video mostly shows driving into the town. The high school is still being used as an elementary School with only 28 kids. By the way, thats me with the trombone/trumpet. Havent played a trumpet in 20 yrs plus
  9. I know all the easy access areas to the mine. I also worked there one summer during a college program.
  10. New to the forum. Here are some pics of our off-road toys. Black 1999 Land Rover Discover II with 2 inch lift, Warn Wench, Safari Rack, Hallo 4000 off-road lights, complete armor underneath (skid plate, front diff plate, rear differential plate, gas tank plate white 1996 Land Rover Discovery I with 2 inch lift, modified front bumper, custom roofrack, hallo 700 offroad lights
  11. Hello all. My name is Luis. just joined and found this thread searching for some Eagle Mountain history and future developments. I am one of a few people that started kinder and graduated in Eagle Mountain. I just organized my 30th class reunion. Class of "80". Every time there is a reunion every class, teacher and Kaiser Mine Employee that Lived or worked there is invited. We keep our ghost town alive and stay pretty much in touch with everyone we can find online. As Dennis Stated we were a very small town. But we had an enormous desert to explore and appreciate. I too remember traveling to play football and baseball against Calipatria, Holtville, and Imperial. There is plans to convert the mine into a landfill but has been in litigation for 20 plus yrs. There was also someone who wanted to convert the entire mine and town into a desert park with all the resources you could ever need. 500,000 acres of offroad land. My hope is that it will become an off-road park. The Landfill will only pollute the underground water table. We are planning a trip in the near future to repaint a giant letter "E" on the mountain that is clearly visible in Google earth or google maps. >>> 33.855907,-115.499332 <<< copy and paste into google maps and zoom in.
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