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  1. I forgot to upload these from the trip last week! It was a beautiful day out. We meandered through the forest roads for most of the morning, checking out side routes as well. Most of the side routes were in bad shape and had many many trees down from the Rodeo-Chediski. All in all it was a solid easy going day. As we were traveling west along fr300. Juniper Ridge 4x4 by Jason Montes, on Flickr The covered bridge in Pinedale, near the end. Sandy & Dande - Bridge Close by Jason Montes, on Flickr Sandy & Dande - Bridge by Jason Montes, on Flickr
  2. Oh yea, he was pissed when I ran him off. About 20 minutes later we were heading back and in the same area another yote had joined the first and they were yelling together. Was real cool to have my wife there to experience it too. She doesnt like to come yote hunting since we have dogs that looks similar. So this was all new for her.
  3. My wife and I were just out walking with the dogs through the forest. We heard a note down below us in the creek/wash so I pulled out my camera and rabbit calls and called him in! I had ny wife hold the dogs further back behind me. We were up on a ridge above him so I was covered pretty well. Anywho, this is what I managed to get as he ran in and stopped right in front of me down below. We hear then all the time during the week so I suppose this is where they're always making a racket. Yote - Running In by Jason Montes, on Flickr Yote - Close 1 by Jason Montes, on Flickr Yote - Broad by Jason Montes, on Flickr Yote - Backside by Jason Montes, on Flickr Yote - Close Effect by Jason Montes, on Flickr
  4. Montana Mtn is out there in the Queen Valley area. Real nice drive. You might use 4x4 once though. Still a beautiful climb up pretty high. Youll also pass an old miner or ranchers cabin on the way down.
  5. Hey there! Welcome! We moved from Queen Creek last November. Loved it down there. Now we live in Show Low though. There are a bunch of real solid places to explore very nearby to you. Off the top of my head I can think of Box Canyon, which is right down hunt hwy essentially. Florence area, Queen Valley, etc.
  6. tower by Jason Montes, on Flickr juniper pano by Jason Montes, on Flickr Trail/Area: This will more or less be exploratory as I have never come in from the South side of Juniper Ridge. We will come down the North side and maybe even cross the 260 and continue on. Im fairly certain most of this will be easy to barely moderate. Usual forest roads and possibly some ruts and washes to cross. We'll be taking our time and stopping for random things that may pop up. Will have lunch at the top of Juniper Ridge at the lookout. In general we will take fr136 to Joe Tank, then fr143 up to juniper and 143c back down. GPX file ready to send for those attending! Itinerary: Meet at Circle K on the 260 and Cooley St, West end of Show Low. 9am-ish Head to the trail head, air down slightly and roll out! Juniper Ridge lookout/lunch Possibly Black Horse Brewery on the way out. Additional Info: CB Channel 4 Bring snacks/lunch & plenty of water. Pets allowed. Sign-Up: Trail Leader: 1. Azoutlaw480 Attending: DandE81
  7. My wife, pups and I went for a hike near Pinedale this morning. It was so perfect out today! High was about 70, slightly breezy. Sun was warm! We started out seeing animals right away. We saw a bunch of Mule deer on the trail to the trailhead. On our way back we had a bear encounter! My wife had fallen and bruised her knee a little. So we stopped and gave her a moment. Then as we picked up down the trail again, no less than 10 yards later my dogs growled harshly. I looked up to see a huge Bear running across the trail about 25 yards in front of us! The dogs went crazy but I maintained a good grip on the leashes. The bear took off down and then up the next ridge. Happened so fast! Ive never seen a wild bear before, so that was crazy. I was packing but still, it could have gotten bad real quick at that distance. Bear was probably about 400-500 pounds. A pretty big one. As we got back to the jeep I looked at the map closer and we were parked by Bear Tank and hiking in Bear Canyon, go figure! _DSC0305.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr _DSC0306.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr _DSC0309.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr _DSC0314.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr
  8. We met some cool people for a run to a local spot near Snowflake. This happens to be on private land! Our leader has permission from the rancher! So cool! Anywho, its like a mini Sedona-esq boulder field/Mesa. This place is awesome! So many lines you can take. You can take mild lines too though. It had everything from full blown rock walls to small rocky hills. Beautiful area! High was about 60 today, it was warm out. I think my blood is thickening quite well up here. _DSC0254.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr _DSC0231.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr _DSC0237.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr _DSC0247.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr _DSC0241.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr _DSC0228.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr _DSC0215.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr _DSC0271.NEF by Jason Montes, on Flickr
  9. I have one with AA sye installed for sale. I was thinking of asking $425. Edit: oops just saw its for a wrangler. This was out of an xj.
  10. I like mild to moderate. I rarely go to 4lo! Wife and I like quick trips in the am with the dogs. We usually head out a couple hours and let them run around in the woods, collect rocks/minerals. Maybe try and call some wildlife in for pics. The usual woods nerd stuff! I would also love to plan a Heber to Chevelon Creek, to Meteor Crater by dirt trip!
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