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  1. Got some work done this past week. So little time to work on stuff.
  2. My stomping grounds, and I have to work. Tuesday and Wednesday off next bid kind of sucks.
  3. Really professional looking and sounding. I was right there today on my way home from the Cinders. Found the figure eight thing but couldn't find the way up on those cinder piles. Stupid me didn't pay close enough attention I guess. 10 days off finishes on Saturday.
  4. Got to work Sunday so ill stop by and say howdy Friday and head back on Saturday. Hopefully you won't kick me out of the club. I sold the Jeep and bought a pickup.
  5. Sign me up. Got to work on the 15th but I can leave early or turn in a floating holiday at work. Got to make one event.
  6. Just got back from Bulldog Canyon. Its very close to my house, just down Brown Road to Idaho Rd in A.J. Its only seven miles but very rugged, low range driving. Takes 2 or 3 hours to the other end. Good for a days fun. I go when I get tired of computer or TV. Type Bulldog Canyon Permit for the site for the free permit. Varmint hunting is OK but no target shooting. Good shooting spot just across Beeline Highway about 3 or 4 miles in on Bush Highway. Lock was missing at one end and still had Decembers combo on the other. ATV's, Jeeps and lifted pickups. Some guy out there today laying on the ground next to his brand new Ram pickup with stock little tires and wheels. Must have been looking at the scrape marks, ect. The lake is right there as well and the Verde River. Its a cool area and close to me. Bring your cameras if you go, its very majestic. Here some picks.
  7. Especially when the dealer you bought it from way back in September never paid off the 15 grand for the trade in. Don't know whats going to happen out of that. My credit rating is about to take a nose dive. Handed a letter from their lawyers stating they are going though an ownership change. BUT:mad:
  8. Not a thing of beauty but it looks better than that stock plastic thing. Some wheel spacers for now. MONEY MONEY MONEY
  9. I want to go but I have to work. Had fun at the Cinders and see you all again some time. Work work the dirty word
  10. Things have changed there. 35 years ago there was a road that led out to a cabin and an Indian burial ground. Quit a ways out. I was looking at Google maps and it seams to be the trail that leads out behind that ranch a few miles from the highway. I went through the ranch and had some dog chasing and barking at me. There was a back road I tried which led to a gate. I went in but one has to be careful when alone not to get stuck. Looks like some one dumped a bunch of sand to discourage folks from going in. On the way back out I was met by some grumpy old guy with a game and fish hat on asking me if I had any firearms. Went back to the 100 mile road and went to 7 springs. Wouldn't mind trying it again with some company in case someone got stuck. 35 years ago it was a cool area.
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