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  1. Huge thanks to everyone who helped get Andreas Compass out! Although I do find it awfully convenient that Kristoffer assured us they'd be ok, yet left George in the back to handle recovery duties :D
  2. I'd like to say that I'm in for sure, but I still haven't been able to get my truck registered. Gonna take one more crack at getting my check engine light to stay off in the morning... If a new MAF and junkyard airbox lid fix my problem, I'll get plates in the afternoon and be able to make this trip. Otherwise, I'll catch y'all on the next one. And before anyone asks... Juice and Andrea are out of town, so we won't be pulling the Compass out of the mud again. Happy birthday, Diane!
  3. I pulled my hi-lift off of the spare tire carrier, since my rear door developed a pretty annoying squeak from the weight. A bit of a bummer, as I just bought the mount a week ago and finally got the jack on there Sunday morning.
  4. I'm hoping to strike that perfect balance between "Dang, that dude actually off-roads his Land Rover!" and "Man, that guy really trashed his Land Rover" lol. I've already gotten started on some light pin-striping, courtesy of some palo verdes. I figured folks would enjoy the photos. Plus, I wouldn't want anyone thinking that I bought a Land Rover to drive to and from the mall so I had to prove my mettle
  5. I've been wondering about the water level, and planned on going out this weekend to do some recon. I figured since it's been a little while since we've had much rain and the snow hasn't started melting yet, I might be able to make it. I'm definitely gonna be cautious, as this is my daily driver with no lift or snorkel. I'll take a look at your suggestions, as I'd prefer to avoid crossing any rivers (especially since we'll be alone and in unfamiliar territory). Thanks!
  6. Can anyone comment on whether it's still possible to ford the Verde anywhere near Childs? I knew some folks who did it about a decade ago, but have no current info. From looking at maps, I've identified 2 potential crossings, but read that one of them may be closed. If I can cross the Verde at Childs, we could pick up Fossil Creek Rd and head into Payson from the north.
  7. I agree - Looks like we're on the same page. A good attitude and desire for new experiences will get you a lot further than the perfect rig! I'm loving the roominess of the Disco. I can even wear a hat without it hitting the roof! And yes, I saw the holiday party and just posted in the thread. I'll be there for sure.
  8. Is this trail reasonable for a stock vehicle with A/Ts? Looks like it might be just a little more than I'm looking to bite off, but I can't quite tell. I've got a Discovery that'll be on 265/75s (roughly 32") soon.
  9. I figured there was a reason there's no trails going through there. Thank you for the link! I wasn't sure if the land was protected, or just too rugged. Now I know. Thank you for the tips. I've done Apache Trail a few times (in a sports car once, sedan twice, and twice on motorcycle) and Young is one of my favorite places in Arizona. I'll take a look at Cherry Creek Rd, as that sounds like the route with the least amount of back-tracking.
  10. Howdy Offroad Passport! My name's Matt, and I'm from Phoenix. I've lived in the valley for most of my 27 years, and have been exploring the state more and more over the last few years. I've owned a ton of vehicles, but have done most of my overlanding on various choppers. My girlfriend has been uninterested in going more than a dozen or so miles on the bikes because the lack of comfort outweighs the fun of the trip for her so I decided to start saving my coin for a van. The more I thought about it, the more I realized a 4x4 with a sleeping platform and camp stove would be better for us. I recently had a pedestrian walk out in front of me while he was high as a kite, resulting in a totaled Harley and an insurance check. After scouring craigslist and being let down by the flaky sellers and misleading ads I stumbled across a Land Rover Discovery II that took me back to my childhood, passing the Land Rover dealer near my house and dreaming of owning a Discovery some day. Fast forward a few days, and I was heading home in a very well cared for Discovery. Alright, enough words. Here's a few shots of my overlanding rigs Jeep XJ - No multi-day travels, but spent lots of Saturdays doing trails around Table Mesa area My 1st chopper - Started as a 70s Yamaha XS650. Cut the rear half of the frame off and added a pre-made rigid frame. Rebuilt/replaced everything aside from the engine. This photo was near Gooseberry Springs. After riding so many miles on vintage motorcycles, a modern Rover should be a cake walk for me... Here I am diagnosing a no-start, after a gas stop. Turned out to be a short. The XS650 eventually blew up and my mom was about to upgrade to a new car so she gave me a smoking deal on her lightly used Hyundai Tucson which my girlfriend and I actually did a fair amount of exploration in. More than one person said "Wow, how'd you get that thing back here?" after arriving at our camp sites. The Tucson eventually got sold because it just wasn't very fun to drive and didn't quite suite our needs. A few months later I decided I needed a another motorcycle and picked up an '09 Harley Sportster. After 3 years of minimal progress on my 3 projects, I couldn't resist the itch to ride any longer. The day I bought it, I loaded up my 35L backpack and rode to Los Angeles by way of San Diego. This shot was in Gila Bend, about 5 hours after leaving the dealership. I spent the last couple of years putting as many miles on the Sporty as I could, while slowly working on my project bikes and lusting after 4x4 vans. On the Mogollon Rim: Stopping for a break on the Apache Trail: On my way to the top of Aztec Peak: Stray Horse Campground, along Highway 666. I borrowed my dads '66 Chevy with period-correct camper for a trip to Bisbee for a chopper show my buddy organizes since my girlfriend wanted to go and the bike wasn't big enough to haul both of us and our camping gear. The bike came down on a trailer. While heading to Bisbee we heard about a campout that a friend of a friend was hosting on his property, which butts up agains the border fence. Just above the left side of my handlebars you can see the fence in the background. One of our friends even had someone with an accent ask him to "give me a hand with this" while he was using the "facilities" real early in the morning! He quietly zipped his pants and got back in his tent. And the last big trip I did on the Sportster before it was totaled was all the way up to Couer d'Alene, Idaho. This picture actually means quite a bit to me. I snapped this from the porch of my grandfathers home and it's the culmination of years of hard work. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to ride a chopper from Arizona to visit my family in Idaho. This pic is in Boise, but I made it all the way to Couer d'Alene a couple days later. So now that the past is out of the way... Here's the future! My champagne 2001 Discovery II. I've got the stock wheels as well, which will be going back on next week after I get my 265/75s mounted this weekend. The future-missus and I went up to Prescott this weekend and came home via the White Spars. This shot was taken along the dry Hasayampa, near Wilhoit. I live in downtown Phoenix, and plan on spending as much time as possible out on the desert over the winter. May as well take advantage of the great weather while it lasts, and save the cooler parts of the state for later. Anyone doing easy to moderate trails, count me in!
  11. Hey everyone, I'm in Phoenix and my parents live near the Hwy 87/188 intersection. My girlfriend and I want to go see them on Christmas eve, and I recently bought a new (to me) 4x4 so we can get further off the beaten path. I've been scouring Google Maps and topos trying to find a route with maximum trail time. We were initially just gonna do the Four Peaks trail from 87 over to 188, then take 188 north the few miles to their place but I want more trails, dang it! Am I crazy for thinking about heading out to Sheeps Bridge, fording the Verde, and continuing East? I haven't identified much of a route on the east side of the river, but I've heard it's possible. I'm not looking for anything real extreme, as we'll be in a stock Discovery II on 31s. We are willing to split the drive into 2 days and spend the night on the trail, since I'm sure it'll be a pretty long trip. Thanks in advance for any help.
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