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  1. Thanks for sharing this. A somber reminder to us all that, regardless of our outdoor activity of choice, always be prepared for any number of different scenarios that could present itself out there.
  2. Will do and I hope that fixes it too. Mat just have them throw a new track bar on when I am having the new tires put on
  3. Factory suspension and the tires are 3 years old. and the good tires that were on the rear were moved to the front and the cupped tires were moved to the rear. The track bar was the other thing that came to mind when I was looking up problems. But the shop said my tires were done and needed replacing.
  4. I am still having my wobble issues after replacing the drag link and tie rods with the Apex Chassis 1 ton steering but it is more pronounced and is occurring more frequently. So, hoping a new set of tires fixes it, as this is what the techs at HMC attribute it to as there was nothing that stuck out when they were going through the front end of my Jeep. If not, I am back at square one. Ugh.
  5. And you can tumble brass in that too, fyi.
  6. His other dad drives a Ford.
  7. So I see you have driven up to and around Show Low/Lakeside/Pinetop recently? LOL
  8. Marty,,,, Go ahead and remove me from this run. I ran it last summer, so let one of the new people that haven't had a chance to run this do it.
  9. Exactly....mine was a purchase of convenience as well as making airing up a little easier on my knees and back.
  10. I have the MORRFlate system and love it. That coupled with my onboard ARB Dual Compressor is nice. Airs up super quick. But then again, I went to that from a PowerTank set up, so I can compare it to anything else.
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