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  1. Would love to be the ER nurse taking report from the Medics @ the bedside on this accident report!
  2. Been 2 weeks and still no update from the BOH crew. Not sure if we're going to get our badges at this rate.
  3. And I also have a 30lbs propane tank and fire-pit I can bring along as well for this.
  4. Yup...up here in Apache-Sitegreaves NF we are on Stage 1 fire restrictions with the possibility of Stage 2 coming. I also know that Tonto NF is on fire restrictions as well. So it's likely gonna be a propane fire pit BS session.
  5. Still no answer from the Jeep BOH crew yet. Will post up when I hear anything.
  6. I am kicking around ideas, haven’t committed to anything just yet, other than going and getting to Flag on Thursday
  7. If there’s a lot of dispersed campers, we should find a place for us all to congregate at!
  8. I second this. I also watched the Trailrecon video of them running CK, made it look hellaeasy and no drunk side by siders either. waiting on a response from the Jeep BOH people’s on where/how to send proof to get the badge.
  9. Gotcha. That guy I pulled up that obstacle had no business being out there.
  10. I completely missed that, but now see the puddle in one of my pics! LOL
  11. Did get to see some nice classic flat fender rigs up there too.
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