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  1. Hey all! Was a great weekend. Was great seeing some old friends and meeting new ones! Kris and Diane, thanks for setting this up and for a fun time. i drove past the area coming home from Prescott and looks like some rain and Snow had come through late Sunday or early Monday.
  2. @theksmith if you rn this again, can you let me know? I want to go but can't get off of work that day.
  3. Cool. Then I will get there early afternoon. Will stop and pick up a few bundles of firewood when I stop in Payson for groceries and what not.
  4. I am bummed out that the North Bound Expeditions short film didn't make the cut for this. Virgil's content is quality and always well put together.
  5. I would love to have beers with you guys anytime!
  6. Looks like I am not gonna make. My orientation schedule is in hand and would be a late night for me getting home after this run to be up at 0530 to go to work.
  7. Good to know. I got tons of mud and dirt all up in my engine bay I want to get rid of if I can.
  8. Gonna have to look that up. Any recommendations on cleaning the engine bay? I know I am going to have to cover the air intake and my switch panel relay when I do it.
  9. The hood insulation must be something unique as I didn't have that on my 2012 nor do I have that on my 2017. Interesting....
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