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  1. I just received an e-mail from PayPal that my automatic membership renewal was cancelled by ORP. What’s up with that?
  2. Ice cream bars for everyone!!!
  3. The whole area around there is fun. Spent a lot of time exploring that area with my dad when I was a kid. I am thinking of trying to put together a group trip to that area in 2020 or 2021
  4. I may be available that weekend to do something, especially if you want to come up this way. Not so much Black Friday as I am trying to work.
  5. Looks like an FJ and a Wrangler had an illegitimate love child after a night of drinking Tequilla and doing rails of coke!
  6. Awesome sir. Thank you very much. Want to get back here when it's cooler and do some more poking around and do some camping and relaxing.
  7. Did I hear someone mention on the CB last night that they had a gpx track for this run?
  8. It’s 0622 on Sunday. Just got home. Pulled off the 260 east of Payson to grab a nap as I was struggling to stay awake. Thanks for a fun run!
  9. This will be my first run out with my new HAM license and radio as well!!!
  10. Count me in. Giving up my OT shift. will know 100% for sure in the next day or so. Need to get out more than I need to be inside.
  11. I am making it a point to make the Vermilion Cliffs trip in 2020 since I had to back out the last 2 years. Fingers crossed for no family emergencies in 2020.
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