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  1. Yup...that sends you to the dentist to fix yo grill!
  2. Then things go south and she punches you in the mouth while wearing that!
  3. Onsite camping sucks unless you like sleeping literally on top of complete strangers. I walked through it 2 years ago to meet up with a guy I bought some gear off of and it was cramped and no privacy whatsoever. What they ask for onsite camping for the weekend I wouldn't pay because of that.
  4. Will be there Friday. Staying in Prescott if anyone wants to meet up for a beer or dinner. Will be @ The Hotel St. Michael on Whiskey Row from Thursday to Sunday.
  5. Got home about 1845 and settled in to a couple beers and the couch. Had an awesome time and was great to see new faces and meet new people. Thanks @Trail Toy for another awesome run!!
  6. Also, just found out that there's a half marathon going on in Wickenburg the morning of the 9th. My boss was talking about running in it.
  7. Tell me you don't take your Jeep offroading without actually saying you don't take your Jeep offroading.......
  8. Will be in Prescott Friday night so I will be coming down from there.
  9. I unfortunately will not be in the area for this as I will be in LA spending time with my parents, so you can remove me from the "possible" list.
  10. Oh hell yeah!!! Sounds like another ORP Back Way to Crown King run is in order so we can hit this!
  11. Uh oh @4x4tographer looks like you're gonna have some competition for video compilation for ORP runs coming your way!
  12. I will let you know. Will likely do the work at my parents when I go home in July. Dad is a retired Master Electrification from the LA Department of Water and Power, so he's got all the good tools for my electrical needs.
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