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  1. I would love to have beers with you guys anytime!
  2. Looks like I am not gonna make. My orientation schedule is in hand and would be a late night for me getting home after this run to be up at 0530 to go to work.
  3. Good to know. I got tons of mud and dirt all up in my engine bay I want to get rid of if I can.
  4. Gonna have to look that up. Any recommendations on cleaning the engine bay? I know I am going to have to cover the air intake and my switch panel relay when I do it.
  5. The hood insulation must be something unique as I didn't have that on my 2012 nor do I have that on my 2017. Interesting....
  6. Honestly, 90% of the stuff posted in the AZVJC needs to be taken with a few pounds of salt I have found. Lots of blowhards in that group.
  7. Put me down as a possible for this. Got to see how things pan out since I am starting a new job end of the month and also trying to get time off to go to Colorado to do Black Bear Pass, Imogene Pass & Ophir Pass at the end of august
  8. Yeah, love their app. I used it to book my campsite in Prescott after that Hyde mountain run in October of last year.
  9. Looks like a fun trip! Let me know the next time you got something like this planned, shoot me a msg. would love to tag along.
  10. Its not bad up here that time of year, just be lots of people up in the area. Let me know when you guys are gonna be up here and I'll come hang out. Lots of neat forest roads and what not to travel on in the area.
  11. Bummer to hear about the sneaky business they pulled. There's always next year!
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