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  1. Made it back to Show Low. Ryan, thanks for leading an awesome run. Got to see some amazing sights and explore an awesome area. Looking forward to the next run. It was great seeing everyone again and thanks for making the trip epic. Until the next outing...
  2. Made it to White Spar, messed up on the type of site I reserved, but will make it work. My view right now:
  3. Yeah...I just scored a deal on a new ARB slide that fits my fridge. Waiting for it to get here. May eventually go the Goose Gear route. Will see how I like the setup first.
  4. That's pretty damn slick looking! You should start a company to build & sell these
  5. Hmmmm.....I have a hotel room in Prescott for the night before and after, but thinking I may just want to camp.
  6. If you decide on putting something together again let me know. Had fun the last time.
  7. Great photos! I love it up there. That was the first trail I took my first JK on, the day after I drove it off the lot. Need to get back up there.
  8. This year's Expo, my plan was the same but due to the rain/snow storm that came through that Sunday, I ended up down by where you guys camped for the 10th annual camp out.
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