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  1. Hey gays and gals, thanks for another great weekend. Was great seeing old friends and meeting new people. Had a blast and was a great way to decompress even further. Yup
  2. Jason… put me down as tentative for this. Need to check my work schedule Thursday when I go back to work.
  3. We have a few private campsites like that up here in the White mountains. Also finding listings for privately owned campsites/campgrounds when searching certain areas on the hotels.com app.
  4. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you all had an amazing time!! I think the Rimrocker Trail needs an ORP event organized to run it in 2022,
  5. Move me to tentative for new. New girl is bailing at work so OT will be available and daddy needs a lift and jeep parts. Will keep you posted. Update as of 0945 8/5. Disregard this, I am good and will just be coming in early Friday AM from Flag. Will pack my rig up Wednesday night and leave straight from work Thursday night and crash in Flag.
  6. We should make the blindfolded navigation game a little more "interesting" by adding a couple lengths of electrified fence in a couple of spots!
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