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  1. Would love to be the ER nurse taking report from the Medics @ the bedside on this accident report!
  2. Been 2 weeks and still no update from the BOH crew. Not sure if we're going to get our badges at this rate.
  3. And I also have a 30lbs propane tank and fire-pit I can bring along as well for this.
  4. Yup...up here in Apache-Sitegreaves NF we are on Stage 1 fire restrictions with the possibility of Stage 2 coming. I also know that Tonto NF is on fire restrictions as well. So it's likely gonna be a propane fire pit BS session.
  5. Still no answer from the Jeep BOH crew yet. Will post up when I hear anything.
  6. I am kicking around ideas, haven’t committed to anything just yet, other than going and getting to Flag on Thursday
  7. If there’s a lot of dispersed campers, we should find a place for us all to congregate at!
  8. I second this. I also watched the Trailrecon video of them running CK, made it look hellaeasy and no drunk side by siders either. waiting on a response from the Jeep BOH people’s on where/how to send proof to get the badge.
  9. Gotcha. That guy I pulled up that obstacle had no business being out there.
  10. I completely missed that, but now see the puddle in one of my pics! LOL
  11. Did get to see some nice classic flat fender rigs up there too.
  12. The beer is of no consequence, I bought myself one. I helped a guy in need out and added some good karma to the bank for when I need it.
  13. Fun times and a great day. Glad I didn’t wait around up top for that free beer I was promised! LOL
  14. It’s the back way to Crown King, there’s always stories to be told. LOL
  15. Finally made it back to Show Low around 2115. What a great day besides starting out the morning on the wrong foot. Thanks for leading the run Ryan. Was great seeing everyone again.
  16. I’d be down. Did Chicken Corners when I was up there a few years ago. Very scenic and lots of dispersed camping around
  17. That's my b-day weekend and also my weekend off of work so I am down for that trip!
  18. The heat is why I am headed to Colorado for my wheeling needs this summer as well as sticking around Prescott, Flagstaff and close to home up here in Show Low
  19. Yuck. I so don't miss living in that heat. It's in the high 30s up here right now and raining/snowing.
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