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  1. That looks pretty cool. Might have to look further into this for adding to the teardrop trailer my dad is driving up to me in the spring!
  2. I thought Jeeps were supposed to attract girls at his age? LOL
  3. Yeah, this is ORP not the AZ VJC, we’re not elitists and gonna leave you hanging like that.
  4. If gas prices remain like they are, this will be the cover of the next Off-road magazine
  5. Coming to the next Overland Expo….
  6. That common area looks amazing and will be great for hanging out in. How far of a trek are the restrooms from there and the campsites? @theksmith are stickers with that logo going to be available?
  7. Well I can speak for the Morreflate one and they’re pretty amazing and bougie.
  8. You can remove me from the list as I am jumping on the Club run. @Ken Ford you’re in!! Enjoy the run.
  9. It gets plastered all over the shops up here that cater to the tourist crowd and the apartment complex I live in sends e-mail updates out
  10. FYI….Stage 2 fire ban in full swing up here and are on the verge of Stage 3. Just keep an eye out.
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