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  1. I usually take a .22 to plink with, usually suppressed so it doesn't bother anyone.
  2. wow... if only I had a spare $100k... nope, still wouldn't buy this.
  3. Vigilante Custom in PV and me. I have a few things that attach to it, an Awning, hi lift jack and I am adding escapers, and a basket on top.
  4. Well, just want to stop in, say Hi and I look forward to some wheeling. I am most interested in Overlanding, exploring where the wild things go. I go to Moab a couple times a year and am going to be exploring Escalante next month. I am running a Toyota TRD Pro Tundra. Not the smallest of vehicles, but tons of storage. Anyway, I hope to meet some of you. Couple pics of Rig
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