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  1. I just want to say thank you for walking me through the prep work for the road trip, I took the advice given and when I was done, it looked like I was headed out for a month long camping trip haha! But because of that, I had zero hesitations about making the trip. They probably don't belong here but, I'll throw up a couple pictures from my excursion as soon as I can get them off my DSLR.
  2. Well, as of 0830 on 08/31, I have done my first moderate modification/update (for me anyways). But, before that, let me backtrack. I spent the weekend of August 18th-22nd down in Prairie City, Oregon with a highschool buddy and his family on their ranch for the eclipse. During my time there, we spent hours perusing the Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop catalogues to pass the time. Well, something strategically placed in those printed pages caught my eye and my wallet... The Cabela's Trailgear roof basket with extension for the discounted sum of $99.95 American pesos. Needless to say, there was a rustling in my Jimmies and visions of sugar plums dancing in my head (well, not really but you know what I mean). Well, after a total of 5 whole minutes of contemplation and soul searching, I said "f*ck it" and committed myself to making that purchase as soon as I got home. So yesterday at my earliest convenience (when they opened at 9am) I swung by my local Cabela's and, without an ounce of hesitation, grabbed the LAST ROOF BASKET IN STOCK! I jumped, I cheered, I high-fived strangers as they walked past, and took my newly acquired box full of awesome out those doors and loaded it up into my dubya. Then this morning, I got to work. It took all of 20 minutes from opening the box to completing the installation and damn am I stoked!
  3. Thank you! And it has already been loads of fun just getting to know the Jeep and doing minor repairs.
  4. Really digging this set up! I may have to steal this idea from you and incorporate something similar in my WJ.
  5. Lol sounds like that guy has some good taste!
  6. Hopefully I can get this beast fixed before then! I've never experienced a real winter before so I have no idea what to expect
  7. My first update! I spent all day yesterday elbow deep in the old girl (I hear people pay good money for that experience) and got both of my front unit bearings replaced! Unfortunately, I was so focused on getting the job done right that I didn't take any progress pictures. I'll let you guys use your imaginations, but it is safe to say I used every four letter word I know and a couple I made up on the spot during the whole thing. Seized bolts, bruised and bloodied knuckles, and more grease than a Chinese takeout kitchen. But after all is said and done, she rolls like a bowling ball down a freshly oiled lane. Of course, as in true Jeep fashion, a new issue arises just as an old one is solved. This morning I found a moderate amount of coolant in the passenger footwell (read a kiddie pool's worth of green liquid) and discovered that my heat no longer works and, with a "bing" that could be heard for miles, my overhead unit let me know of a Low Coolant status. Goodbye heater core. Now I know a lot of people here are going to frown on my decision, but it's the only thing I can afford to do at the moment, I will be disconnecting the heater hoses at the thermostat and looping them back together doing a heater core bypass, just until I can afford to have a shop install a new one or find an empty parking lot and 12 hours to pull my dash and install a new one myself.
  8. Definitely have the first-aid kit already prepped in the car (a cheap Wal-Mart kit, but it works) and a cheap Harbor Freight "mechanics tool set" stashed away as well. What kind of spare parts should I carry with me? Lol yes I'm heading down for the eclipse. My buddy bought a Ranch out there recently and it just happens to be in the perfect place to view it. Any chance you could elaborate on the details of the survival kit? I've never had to prepare for anything like this before so I'm completely in the dark haha.
  9. I've been looking into purchasing the Rough Country 4 inch long arm kit for my WJ, but according to their website, there's a small side-note saying it doesn't work with the AWD models. Just my luck, I have an AWD WJ. Has anyone else had an issue with this combination? I don't want to drop that kind of coin on something that I won't be able to use. Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I wasn't sure where else to post this question.
  10. Next week Friday I'll be taking my first ever road trip out to Eastern Oregon from Western Washington to see the eclipse and hang out with a high school friend from Hawaii. Coincidentally, it will be my first time driving my WJ further than 60 miles. Is there anything I should prepare myself for? Jeep-specific or just for a long road trip in general?
  11. Imgur is, in my personal opinion, a much better option than photobucket
  12. I've been doing something similar to this for a few years. Layer young brie cheese, hummus and asparagus between each leaf of romaine, tie it off with cooking twine, lightly rub with butter or drizzle olive oil over it and grill until the brie is pliable but not melting, pull it off, cut and serve.
  13. Sorry for reviving an ancient thread, but I figured I'd add my own experience with terribly strict vehicle modification laws. Hawaii requires you to go through a full vehicle safety inspection once a year for stock vehicles, and a second, much stricter inspection for ANY vehicle modification. Anything down to installing WalMart brand aux lights or OEM replica light housings from eBay/Amazon. No vehicle can have a front or rear bumper height of more than 33 inches high or lower than 20 inches (my numbers might be a little off). And if you manage to pass their inspection after doing one modification and decide you want to do another one later on, you have to go through the inspection process all over again.
  14. Seriously diggin' the exploration and group trip pictures! Kind of makes me wish I lived further south.
  15. Thank you for the insight. I didn't even think about rust being a factor, but there's a pretty damn good chance that she'll be crustier than week old french bread. I will definitely be sliding under her the next chance I get to assess everything you've mentioned and start lubing up those nuts & bolts.
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