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  1. Parked Next to a Jeep Wk With what looks like a 4in lift. unable to find owner but i did snap a couple pics.
  2. Added a Reciver Hitch this week. Going to Finish up Wire Harness in the morning. Idk how well the pics will look but ill try and post them.
  3. Looks like I missed out on the deal. 399 now gunna pick one up in 2 weeks.
  4. Im hoping for the second since this will be the first event ill be home for. Lol. If it turns out to be the 2nd u can count me in!
  5. Done!! Need to start my offroad kit and that would be awesome to start it.
  6. Yeah I learned the same way. No more downloads for me either. Glad to have you back #7
  7. I could use that to get out of doing chores.
  8. I'm gunna have to back out on another trip work denied my vacation time. Maybe ill be able to catch the next one. Good luck and have fun
  9. stuckey

    WK 3" lift

    Glad to know someone in phx has them and installs them ill run down there when I'm home at the. End of october.
  10. stuckey

    WK 3" lift

    Sorry its a 3.5" lift from topguncustomz.com may have web site wrong. And ome has a lift 1.25" I belive with new front springs.
  11. stuckey

    WK 3" lift

    I've read around on a couple of forums about people going with this size lift and not updating anything else. Coil spacers is all the kit comes with but a few of the have broken drive shafts. I have yet to find anything that is sold by itself to drop the t case, or an upgrade for that matter. Have called a few companies about this and most don't know much about the products for the wk or places to get the info. Anybody know a good shop that would not screw me over? Might need custom brackets or new drive shafts made. Or if someone knows what I could swap out of an old one into mine. Thank you for your repley in advance.
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