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  1. I used a small boat trailer I found on Craigslist. I built the frame on my teardrop and it was a pain to get a title on...
  2. Were hoping to go through death valley in June,,,, Hope it's in better shape by then.
  3. jonb8

    JK D44 swap

    Thanks, I'm off on a suburban overlander project. I'm ditching all the trailers and sleeping in the back of it... Were going to spend 2 weeks this summer in NV and CA.
  4. I put a RTT on my xj but after 2 weeks out west I decided I'm too old to crawl around on my jeep getting the cover on. So I built a little trailer to put it on.. Works much better now...
  5. jonb8

    JK D44 swap

    This is a year old and I did finish up.. I spent 2 weeks on a Colorado/Moab trip with a couple friends, jeep did great.
  6. jonb8

    JK D44 swap

    There finally under the jeep, I still have trackbar/draglink geometry issue's to deal with. All the dirty works done though and now it's the fun stuff....
  7. jonb8

    JK D44 swap

    Well this was a month an a half ago and I still dont' have them in.... life keeps getting in the way
  8. I had one some years back, it was a great jeep except I kept having transmission and rear axle problems.. The rear is a D44 but it has an aluminum housing...
  9. jonb8

    Storage box

    Thanks guy's, I'm going to start the axle swap this weekend... Wish me luck
  10. jonb8

    JK D44 swap

    I think I'm ready to swap the D44 axles under my xj, these are out of a 2016 Rubicon that my buddy has. He swapped over to Rock Jock 70's. Artec trusses are on and all that's left is swapping out the yokes, then I can get them under there and start working through all the steering and brake problems..
  11. jonb8

    Storage box

    Something else on my to do list this winter was a storage box/dresser for me and the wife.. 53in deep, I used box tubing and skate board bearings for slides... I think they turned out pretty good...
  12. Welcome, My wife comes down your way every year to Clearwater Beach, with her friends...
  13. Yea very common, I've bought alot of xj's were people thought the motor was knocking but was either loose torque converter bolts or cracked flexplate..
  14. Got em in, hopefully getting some paint on them and I'll be done with the welding and grinding for awhile...
  15. Great pics, I love looking at everyone's trip pics...
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