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  1. Awesome! Good to know of a company that produces solid remanned engines
  2. The 4.6 is ready to get dropped in! I am hoping to have it running by this weekend. Has certainly been a long process but I am hoping it will be worth it! Once everything is hooked up and running I will post a thorough breakdown
  3. The XJ is approaching the final stages of the engine swap! I had some trouble originally with my RaceTec pistons. The oil groove was originally not machined deep enough, so once the rings were on they wouldn’t seat properly in the block. This set me back quite a bit time wise with the build. I also got to tearing down the original engine. Every single main bearing was spun within its cap. In some places it got so hot that it completely scarred the crankshaft. The only possible explanation to this is the high mileage it had. The original engine failed at 270 354 miles which isn’t too bad! For now, lots of engine bay cleaning and tidying up to be done before the 4.6 gets dropped in! Really impressed with the build quality and construction of this Mishimoto aluminum 3 core radiator. I am hoping this will keep the Stroker cool as they do tend to run on the hotter side at lower idle speeds
  4. Thanks George! Yes I definitely think it was a step in the right direction, thanks for your advise earlier! I was thinking that since it was mandrel bent stainless steel it wasn’t necessary, but I might reconsider my thoughts!
  5. The engine rebuild has started to take some shape! I was hoping to have everything buttoned up before months end but unfortunately I was waiting for my 258 crankshaft which was difficult to find! I eventually got a custom one from Scat and it was balanced and micro polished by Russ Pottenger. Once I get back from my travels, it should be a straight forward assembly! I was originally planning on doing a 4.2 Stroker, which utilized a 232 crankshaft and boring the cylinder .060”, but since I was upgrading to forged piston rods it made sense to run the 258 crankshaft and a .030” bore which puts it at 4.6
  6. Epic man, styling hard! Glad it all worked out well
  7. Thanks all! Just got the donor engine from a 1998 with 160 000 miles on it. Getting ready to strip it and send of some of the cosmetic stuff to get media blasted and ceramic coated. Once I get the final word from Russ the sub assembly will be off to the machine shop to get cleaned and honed
  8. Thanks man! Was bound to happen with the high milage, but excited to take this as a learning opportunity. Building engines is always fun:D
  9. The XJ's 4.0 has been defeated! After clocking 270 000 miles, the 4.0 failed on my way to EJS in Moab. I was traveling up the i17 N when I had a sudden loss of power. Pulled over and shut off, and I when I started it up again I had very hard knock coming from my top end. I creeped my way back to Sedona and rented a UHaul to tow it back to Phoenix. My first step was a compression test, which yielded no obvious signs. All cylinders were within spec (between 120-150 Psi) and the oil looked fairly normal. I am assuming I have a bent push rod from a collapsed lifter. I picked up a donor 1998 engine with 160 000 miles on it and will start a full teardown of it. I contacted Russ Pottenger from Bishop Beuhl Racing engines and he is putting together a full kit for me. Will be a pretty mild 'mini stroker'. The specs will be something along the lines of this: AMC 232 3.500" stroke crank Jeep 4.0L 6.125" rods Silvolite UEM-2229 +0.060" bore pistons 10.1:1 CR CompCams #68-235-4 210/218 degree camshaft Custom Ported HO 1.91"/1.50" cylinder head Mopar 0.043" head gasket 0.040" quench height Ford 24lb/hr injectors for '96-'04 engines Hesco High Flow Thermostat Housing Flowkooler High Flow water pump Banks Revolver header 62mm Throttle Body 270hp @ 5300rpm, 306lbft @ 4000rpm Pretty excited to be getting this project under way! I did manage to get one night of camping in though which made it a little more worthwhile!
  10. Thanks Kris! Yes that’s exactly the kit I got, also through Amazon. Here’s a better shot of the Cerakote. This is the “titanium”. They offer black and silver too
  11. The XJ has had a cracked header for a while now, and finally got to replacing the whole exhaust system. Whilst at it, I decided to do the 99-01 horseshoe intake swap. I got the intake manifold from DeadJeeps on eBay and then got it media blasted and Cerakoted by AZ Pro Strip in Mesa. It turned out real nice. I added the DEI insulation kit over the fuel rail and and intake shield to prevent any heatsoak issues. Full exhaust replacement with a Magnaflow high flow cat and muffler. I decided to have everything welded in by a guy close by, called Wicked Wrench. The 4.0 is breathing a lot happier now!
  12. I have been busy with a number of smaller projects on the XJ over the last few weeks. The biggest upgrade which was done is that I finally regeared to 4.56 Yukon gears and swapped in my Chrysler 8.25 rear. Andrew at LetzRoll Offroad did a great job of regearing my axles and installing a SYE in the NP242 with a new Adam's driveshaft. I finished the break in period and of course had to go try it out! Headed up to Broken Arrow trail over the weekend and I am very pleased with the performance. A quick comparison; on the 3.55's I was at 2850 rpm at 65 mph, with the 4.56 I am cruising at 2050 rpm at 65 mph. The biggest difference for me is the off road performance... 4 Low is totally in proportion now and I hardly have to give throttle over an obstacle which is great! Everything is smooth as butter! The factory LSD also made a major improvement traction wise off road. I will still eventually like to upgrade to ARB selectable lockers front and rear I recently bought the Engel MR-040 fridge freezer. I have always been loyal to Engel as they make a great product and are well known in the industry. I needed a quick way to mount it, so I bought the Engel transit-lock slide along with it. Its quite a neat setup which allows you to slide the fridge into place and it keeps it nice and secure. Of course, I needed a platform to mount this too so I made a rear platform out of 1/2 inch Birchwood ply. It turned out great and serves a good job of keeping the fridge secure. I added some tie down points to secure my Wolfpack boxes to. I like that I still have easy access to my Hi-Lift and compressor on the driver side. I will eventually upgrade to a more complete system such as the ARB drawer system and drop down fridge slide, but this serves my needs for now! Another major replacement was my timing chain, rear main seal, oil pump and oil pan gasket. This was quite a big job but I am relieved it was done. The XJ was leaking pretty badly from the RMS and oil pan gasket. My timing chain was so stretched that it had completely destroyed the rubber isolator in the timing chain cover. Luckily all went well and I have not run into any major issues yet!
  13. The XJ has been working hard the last 2 weeks! I will add a full write up soon of the little additions made, but the added rack has been a nice addition in terms of added storage options.
  14. Thanks Scotty, much appreciated! I was very skeptical too, but the look is starting to grow on me quite a bit. I’m hoping that it doesn’t look too “bulged” once it’s loaded up. Luckily it is reasonably light and not too difficult to take stuff on and off. I just mounted my ARB 2000 awning today and it still looks fairly sleek. Still waiting for my RotoPax and tire mount...
  15. The XJ is rocking a new look! I took advantage of some of the holiday savings various manufacturers are having. Most notably is the JCR front Crusader bumper. I opted for the non winch version as I wanted the sleek look of the Crusader bumper. In future, I will get the Boostwerks Engineering comp winch mount which will allow me to run a winch with this bumper, and I will only have to make a cutout for the fairlead. I also got the JCR Base Utility Rack. I’ve been wanting to run a rack for a while but was having difficulty in finding a low profile rack with multi functionality. The JCR Rack is pretty neat due to the modularity of it. You can get an adventure basket or a prerunner type hoop which goes around it. I ordered a tire mount and RotoPax mount for the rack but they haven’t arrived yet. The Front Runner racks are also very nice but cost almost $1100 which was hard to justify. I also got a set of “Chinese” headlights, which are remarkably better than stock! I will post night pictures soon, but the cutoff is really good on these lights. I tested it at night coming in an opposite car and the lights weren’t disturbing at all. Aditionally, I am running Rigid D Series pods in the JCR bumper which are real neat as well as a set of KC Lazr Pods on the rack. Collectively, I have substantial amount of lighting which I’m really happy about it. The aestethics were kept fairly simple, but yet functional. The 4.0 is also running a 62mm bored throttle body partnered with an AFE Stage 5 Cold Air Intake. The throttle responsiveness and crispness has definitely improved. Whilst under the hood, I went ahead and put in a new Accel coil and distributor. To my surprise, my stock ignition coil was completely cracked in half. Luckily we don’t get a lot of moisture here, but I’m certain if I went through a water crossing the engine would of cut out!
  16. CavFab 20% off steering, long arms, short arms, armor, bumpers Coupon Code: Holiday18 JCR Off Road has a $19.95 powdercoat special going on too which is pretty good. For their XJ front bumper, powder coating is an additional $150, so you’re saving about $130!
  17. Warn has a 10% off sale going from 11/19 until 11/26 http://www.warn.com
  18. I will be on the hunt too! So far I have seen K Suspension and Fab has a 15% off promotion going on with the code “TURKEY”. I just ordered a 63mm bored throttle body for the XJ. I ordered their 4 hole injector upgrade a few weeks ago. Just waiting on a new fuel pump and then I will be installing everything
  19. Made advantage of Veterans day weekend as we had Monday off to go explore a bit North. We left Saturday morning around 05H00 and headed for Grand Canyon National Park. The Canyon had perfect conditions, and pretty as always. From there we headed North on the 89 towards Horseshoe bend, which was busy as usual. They have been doing quite a bit of construction, and it seems like they are creating a whole new pathway and railing around the bend. Our plans changed a bit, as we were originally going to disperse camp near Zion for 2 nights. The detour via Horseshoe Bend left us with fading light (arrived in Page around 16H30), so I decided it will be best to camp at Lone Rock campground. The campground is pretty cool, and gives you lots of variety to pitch tent along the "beach". There was a horrible wind which came around 03H00 in the morning, making packing up not too much fun! An early start on Sunday to Zion with a quick stop in Kanab. We knew it was going to be cold, so we stocked up on 5 bundles of wood in Kanab. It's important to note that there isn't wood for sale in the park, nor are you allowed to gather any wood. All the campgrounds in the park were full when I phoned 2 weeks prior, but I had coordinates for a dispersed camping area (37.221119, -113.162578). Whilst passing through, I stopped at South Campground and they had a site available for that night! It is a nice campground, but I can imagine it can get a little crowded. The night was cold with temps dropping down to mid 20's. The nearby Watchman hiking trail was walking distance from the site. All in all it was an enjoyable trip, next time I will like to spend more time in the park, as there are lots of different trails ti hike and explore on. Grand Canyon Horseshoe Bend Lone Rock Campground Zion Entering Utah More of Zion South Campground
  20. Has anyone else been following SEMA closely? Some very nice new products have come out from the looks of it. Two things that caught my eyes were Mopar's new "performance axle series." And AEV's new bumper series for the JL. I like the way they incorporated the factory flares into the aesthetics
  21. Picked up a 2018 JL in Bright White from Tempe Jeep earlier this week. Since relocating from South Africa we have always wanted to replace the Wrangler we sold there. We actually went to go view a different JL, but after asking the salesman to run the VIN it came up for the recall that will be rolled out soon... We ended up with the Sport but had the optional S package, which includes power doors and windows, UConnect interface and some smaller additions. It is a soft top though. Mission: The goal is for the JL to be a family orientated rig. It will be used to go on camping trips, longer trips out of state where the XJ/ZJ would be somewhat uncomfortable. It will be a relatively "mild build", and right now thinking of a Mopar 2" lift and a 33" All Terrain (Possibly Cooper STT Pro's, BFG KM3). I am going to try and keep a factory look on the JL where possible. There will also be smaller useful mods done, like sliding fridge in the cargo area etc... First Off Impressions: So far everything is awesome! It has a very comfortable ride, and the automatic 8 speed transmission is as smooth as butter. The UConnect multimedia system is pretty neat, and when you connect a phone via USB it mirrors your phone screen on the vehicles screen essentially. It becomes quite useful when you are running maps and music apps. All in all I am very happy with it. Feels quite odd driving a brand new JL that came off the floor with 2 miles when compared to the 265 000 mile XJ! First official mod installed! JLUR factory rock rail take offs. Picked them up online from a gentleman in Tempe who took them off his Rubicon
  22. Very pleased with the XJ's performance on the most recent trip. A regear to 4.56 gears will definitely have to be done soon. With a cargo in the back I struggled a little bit up the mountain grades. I am also going to be exploring roofrack options too... Latest trip report under the "Trip Reports & Photos" section
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