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  1. I stumbled across the latest video by XTLO which showcases the Isuzu V-Cross being driven in its natural environment. As seen in the video below, a group of V-Cross SUVs are making their way around Rajasthan, exploring places which are otherwise not connected with roads or rural paths. This was XTLO’s Tour of Rajasthan and the pick-ups seem to be at home as the participants utilize its potential. Watch the Video-
  2. When ex-motorcross racer and Desert Storm winner Sanjay Gondkar wanted to transition from two to four wheels, he decided to build himself something light and fast that resonated his love for motorcycles was well as his progression into cars. The result was this lightweight buggy that uses a Honda CBR929RR Fireblade engine mated to a custom chassis and carefully selected set of parts and components. Superlite buggies are machines that have a custom made chassis, mated to a motorcycle engine and drivetrain. This results in an extremely light machine that weighs in the range of 400-450kg. For the engine, Sanjay chose a Honda CBR929RR engine that produces about 150 horsepower, which when combined with a lightweight chassis provides optimal power to weight ratio that results in a competition-worthy machine. You can watch the Full Video-
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