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  1. Lichen

    Jeep Photos

    I deleted my Facebook account.
  2. I once bought a breaker bar from HF. The first lug nut I tried it on, it broke! They do make a decent bird bath though.
  3. Installed some spacers to lift up my driver's seat. Hugh difference!
  4. It's a really nice lake. If they still rent boats, you should get one. The fishing from shore isn't great. The last time I camped there, a bear destroyed my ice-chest just for hot dogs.
  5. I just discovered that I don't have to add images to my gallery to post a picture. When did this begin?
  6. I found this on an FJC page and thought, "what a cool mod".
  7. I can't remember the name, but is it the trail that parallels Camp Creek from the Bartlett Rd. to the Verde at Castle (Needle) Rock?
  8. I replaced both hood struts and finally replaced a rear bumper wing. It looked so easy on Youtube. Plastic bumper is a POS.
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