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  1. Thanks, Tim. Unfortunately, I don't have any Apple devices. Will it work with an Android phone? It was great to see you and Devon again.
  2. Thank you Kristoffer and Ryan for a great day! It was to great to see some old faces that I hadn't seen in so long (like Al, John, and Dan). Lots of great new faces too. I'm still trying to figure out what one of the presents I got is.
  3. Presents are bought, I'm just not sure what side dish to bring (I'm not much of a cook). Any suggestions? Potato salad? Macaroni salad?
  4. I guess I need to go on-line more often. Put me down for the trail-ride (unless you think it's not FJC friendly). I'm not sure what else is needed, so maybe I'll make a side dish. Just me.
  5. I'm interested. I've been wanting to do this one for years.
  6. My last trip down was in '97 and have been dying to go back. Unfortunately, I would need a total spine transplant to do that much driving. I'd be happy to ride in the back of a RV! Warning: Loreto is not the quiet little beach town that it used to be. It's becoming a mini-Cabo.
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