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  1. I finally installed the duel voltage gauge that has been sitting around for a good year. It's the one that K-Smith installed. It probably took him 10 minutes, but I stretched it out to a week. It works! (sometimes I amaze myself). I'll let it sit a day and see how much the voltage drops. If it does, I can just pull it out and unhook the ground wire.
  2. I began ripping out the National Luna Duel Battery system today. Gremlins had invaded it leading to battery discharge. I just throw the charger on the 11 year old yellow top when it gets low.
  3. I hiked it so much back in the '90s for school, that I actually got tired of it
  4. I found this at Autozone. All you need is a hand drill and a spray bottle.
  5. I'm just trying to figure out how overlanding is even remotely similar to Burning Man.
  6. I finally removed that little gizmo that is responsible for day time running lights. I also tried out some of that headlight restoration stuff. It worked pretty good.
  7. You think? Most of those miles were with ORP. I walk a lot. I've lost 25 lbs. since May!
  8. I have a question. Since there will be children around, should we wear masks and try to socially distance? I assume that French-kissing is prohibited.
  9. After 12 years, it was finally time for my 30,000 mile maintenance. It's amazing what happens to all rubber parts after 12 years in the Arizona heat. Belt, hoses, all fluids flushed and filled. The biggest expense was two new front half-shafts. Still, I can't complain. Only $1,800 spent after 12 years!!
  10. I'm 99% sure that I'll be there. I've never carved a pumpkin, so don't be surprised if mine looks like Nancy Pelosi. A lot of people may be up there hunting/scouting.
  11. Lichen

    Jeep Photos

    I deleted my Facebook account.
  12. I once bought a breaker bar from HF. The first lug nut I tried it on, it broke! They do make a decent bird bath though.
  13. Installed some spacers to lift up my driver's seat. Hugh difference!
  14. It's a really nice lake. If they still rent boats, you should get one. The fishing from shore isn't great. The last time I camped there, a bear destroyed my ice-chest just for hot dogs.
  15. I just discovered that I don't have to add images to my gallery to post a picture. When did this begin?
  16. I found this on an FJC page and thought, "what a cool mod".
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    From the album: Lichen

  18. Lichen


    From the album: Lichen

  19. I can't remember the name, but is it the trail that parallels Camp Creek from the Bartlett Rd. to the Verde at Castle (Needle) Rock?
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