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  1. Maybe I'm becoming senile, but didn't there used to be a photo gallery on here where you could upload photos directly from your computer? I remember that when I first joined that I uploaded a couple of photos here and it wasn't from Photobucket et. al ( my work computer won't allow it). Maybe I uploaded it from another forum that does have a photo gallery? P.S. Is anybody old enough or been in AZ long enough to know who that is in my avatar?
  2. I think that this is one of those "churchs" where they will eventually drink the poison Kool-Aid. These people disgust me.
  3. Also, srpnet.com lists daily lake levels and releases on their site.
  4. Can you get me an autographed picture of the Pope?
  5. So, do I detect a birthday party in the middle of this trip? Rumcake? Or maybe just cake with a bottle of rum?
  6. Hey Modelbuilder. I came over from EXPO myself.
  7. Maybe the transvestite garb is why they call it "Sleeping Princess". I doubt that I could have tackled that trail without major carnage. Keep the pics coming.
  8. I think that my vehicle is ok. '08 FJC, 2 1/2" OME lift, 33" MT, manual tranny, rear locker, ATRAC in front, and sliders. It's my inexperience that I was wondering about. I don't want to hold up the rest of you by having to stop and change my underwear every 10 minutes. The most experience that I have with the truck is the rolls/coves at Saguaro lake. But if you don't care, who am I to argue?
  9. Been doing a little research on these trails in the Well's book and other off-road sites. I'm a little concerned that these may be a bit much for my experience level, especially the really off-camber spots. Then again, it may be a good place to gain some more experience. Thoughts?
  10. Well, put me down as 90% probably. This looks too good to pass up. Plus, I should meet some of you to find out if I'm worthy! I will try to get off early Thursday to make it up before dark. Also, I may have to cut out early Sunday after the mine trip, depending on if I am forced to work Monday. I take it that we make a base camp for the weekend and wheel from there? I want to try out my new OZtent. Marcus P.S. Are adult beverages allowed after wheeling?
  11. How would these trails be for a lifted FJC? Some of the pics look pretty rocky and with IFS, I don't have the articulation that you folks do.
  12. It's a 2 1/5" OME lift with 285/75/16 ProComp tires.
  13. I found this site from Number 7's posts on EXPO. My name is Marcus and have lived in the Valley since 1958. I'm no spring chicken. Anyway, this seems to be a good place with good trips. I am especially interested in the Mojave Rd. trip. I currently drive a 1997 Tacoma 4x4 and a 2008 FJC. Let's see if I can post pics or not.
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