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  1. I found this on an FJC page and thought, "what a cool mod".
  2. Lichen


    From the album: Lichen

  3. Lichen


    From the album: Lichen

  4. I can't remember the name, but is it the trail that parallels Camp Creek from the Bartlett Rd. to the Verde at Castle (Needle) Rock?
  5. I replaced both hood struts and finally replaced a rear bumper wing. It looked so easy on Youtube. Plastic bumper is a POS.
  6. Lichen


    From the album: Lichen

  7. Lichen


    From the album: Lichen

  8. I'm still alive. I gave up Facebook for Lent. The yellowish lichen is Acarospora contigua. It will be on the next quiz.
  9. The permit was a total hassle. I had to create a stupid Google account to access it. What's with that?
  10. Yes. I had a grant from the NPS for my graduate work.
  11. I used instep crampons to hike the Grandview in the winter.
  12. Lichen


    From the album: Lichen

  13. You're going to need a time machine to run this (check the year you posted).
  14. Har-har! I later thought of that possible mistake.
  15. Super cool. That first photo is my desktop picture.
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