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  1. George and I are probably the last two people on Earth that still use flip-phones and I'm thinking that it may be time to upgrade. My carrier is Consumer Cellular (the cheap old farts carrier). They've always piggybacked off of AT&T but I think they've recently switched to T-Mobile. I'm a total idiot on these new-fangled contraptions. My choices are iPhone, Samsung, or Motorola. I would buy an older model one. HELP!
  2. Remember when we used to call that a "rake"?
  3. I have a couple of firebox stoves. They are so small and light that could carry one as a back-up. I wouldn't use it as my main camping stove, but they work.
  4. I used to camp up there in the '70s, but I never saw the cabin. I was so young. Plenty of hair and no pot-belly.
  5. In the '70s, I did this trail a few times in my International Travelall. If the lake was low, you could just drive up the wash. If it was fuller, there was a numbered FS road that would drop you down into the wash. After the fire in the 90s(?), the road was closed off. Hiking up the wash, we ran into some hikers that had started at 7-Springs and somehow ended up here. P.S. Yes, the road would be numbered 1530 now. P.P.S. If you hike up the wash a bit, there is an old mine tunnel on your left hand side. We couldn't go very far in because it was full of water.
  6. Another vote for you having another 101 class. It sure helped me out!
  7. Very cool! I like the sound effects. Makes it sound like an old logging truck.
  8. I finally drilled out and replaced a broken skid plate bolt (from Red Creek). New wiper blades!
  9. Great looking tires! I wonder how many of us discovered that our wipers needed replacing yesterday?
  10. Thanks for the link to the voltmeter. I just ordered one. My LED display on the Luna system always looks like my batteries are almost dead when they're actually just fine. If they get low enough for the lights to start flashing, I'll put in on a slow overnight charge.
  11. I've been running the National Luna system for 8 years without a hiccup. However, it doesn't meet at least one of your requirements. There is no way to totally isolate it from charging when the engine runs.
  12. I didn't know about this method. I've been re-sizing them and uploading to my gallery and going from there.
  13. I have the flu pretty bad, so I'm iffy on being able to attend. Someone else may have to furnish the hamburger buns.
  14. I can bring buns again. Last late spring, Mesquite Wash was kind of messed up from flooding. Hopefully it's better now.
  15. Watching Gary eat those branches was a hoot.
  16. The road was too rough for me to take any pictures while driving.
  17. Lichen


    From the album: Red Creek 2017

  18. Lichen


    From the album: Red Creek 2017

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