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    From the album: Red Creek 2017

  2. Lichen


    From the album: Red Creek 2017

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    From the album: Red Creek 2017

  4. Lichen


    From the album: Red Creek 2017

  5. Lichen


    From the album: Red Creek 2017

  6. Hey, Paul. The FJ is fine now I run a Luna duel battery set-up, but there are probably some better options out there.
  7. I bought the parts that Curbjumper suggested for $250. I just dropped it off at the shop where labor will be about $1000. I figured that I should get it done before The Cinders, just in case.
  8. Nice write-up. A made a fold-up sleeping platform when I first bought my FJC. Then I added that stupid big Tuffy box in the rear which is way too high for sleeping.
  9. Thanks, Curbjumper. I think this is the route that I'm going to take.
  10. Thanks, guys. I was figuring at least $1000. It seems to be a common problem in FJCs.
  11. The throw-out bearing in my FJC has been doing some squealing for a couple of months now. How long can I safely keep driving it before having it replaced? I've never had a Toyota part wear out with so few miles on it (25,000). Have any of you Toyota people had one replaced and how much money am I looking at?
  12. Lichen

    seat covers

    Google SuperHides. Mine are digital camo.
  13. They're pretty bland. When ripe, you can roast them.
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    From the album: Lichen

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    From the album: Lichen

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    From the album: Lichen

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    From the album: Lichen

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    From the album: Lichen

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    From the album: Lichen

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