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  1. Since I've already ordered one, it had better work on my 33" tires.
  2. Sorry, but you won't see me. I'm staying over at friends and won't be able to drive in the morning. Have fun.
  3. A Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
  4. Have a great birthday, Tim.
  5. When it takes you to that weird page, just click on home on that page, then sign in. I'm not quite as stupid as I look.
  6. Put me on the list. If we end up doing the Cherry Creek Rd, I'll probably camp somewhere for a night.
  7. Great scenery! I wish that I had come along for the Turkey Creek part of the trip. The rest looked pretty gnarly. I'm not geared for crawling.
  8. Have a wonderful Birthday, Cheryl!
  9. I co-worker put a 350 and trans out of a Corvette into his. It took a lot of pounding on the firewall with a sledge hammer but came out beautiful.
  10. Hey, mom. Can I borrow your car to go to the store?
  11. Yea, my schedule is so full that this is a major inconvenience , ha -ha. Now if I could just avoid girls' cooties.
  12. Is this from the trail that you got us lost on, then made up for it with a super dinner?
  13. Diane. Are you going to post your photos? I took very few because the road was not conducive to driving and taking pics at the same time.
  14. I looked it up too and I was kind-of right. Cinnabar veins usually occur in quartz. I think that the shale was just shale.
  15. Beautiful scenery, but what a gnarly looking road. If you work for Marlin Crawler, you'd better have a go-anywhere Toyota. Any videos from the GoPro?
  16. Awesome trip report! Looks like every make and model of vehicle was represented.
  17. I wired mine up to my secondary battery so I don't have to worry about draining the starter battery. I've only used it to re-heat food. A frozen burrito takes forever.
  18. The tactical sling would make a good bug-out bag for your Jeep. I have 2 of the large ammo cans. I keep ammo in them (duh) but that makes them too heavy to lug around.
  19. I like it. I don't know where you find the time for your projects. I've heard from a lot of women that you are a perfectionist.
  20. I look forward to seeing her with a front bumper. I hope that the vehicle came with a complimentary DVD of Napolean Dynamite.
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