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  1. RIP Sam I will miss you very much!
  2. Big Bummer we have both come down with the flu so have decided to stay home and not share the bug with you all, will miss you all but hoping you have a great time! Thanks, Mark
  3. Yes but every time Grunt uses a real tent he just packs his keys up in it and takes hours to find them LOL
  4. OK I got the housing now I need the guts, looking for some take outs from someones upgrade. I need axles, 4:10 gears, locker, and carrier. Thanks, Mark
  5. Dang I just drove back from Anaheim today and pulled this up when I got home, go figure? Thanks, Mike
  6. Looking for a D 44 front end that I can bolt into my 07 JK, I currently have 4/10's but could change gears if necessary, a stock Rubicon JK front end would work fine for me. Thanks, Mark 602-469-0006
  7. Diane, George, and Kristofer - thank you so much for welcoming me/us on the trip- you did such a wonderful job w/the preparation.....but reconnecting w/you all was THE BEST.
  8. For the HAM's on the trip I will be running with APRS (http://aprs.fi/#!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FK7MRE-2&timerange=10800) Call sign K7MRE-2 See you in the morning Mark and Sue
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