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  1. Lucky everyone! Most of u r all home by now! I'm jealous! Half way home to Kansas :) just wanted to thank everyone for letting my dad and I come hang out! Great time! Sorry the dogs weren't nice :( it was their 1st at time out and ours for a trip like this. Trial and error I guess? Now I now how and what to bring next time! Haha. Next time leavin the dogs and packing real stuff to cook out next!


    Again thanx to everyone! Thanks to ?Project510? ( hope that's right?) for the decal!


    Well... Another 10+ hrs to go... Also, I've got a ton o pix to share when I get home! Never used photo bucket before? But I'll be sure to find something for everyone to grab their photo :)


    Till next time...


    Anyone who has a dog named Bear is cool in my book. Great to have met you and your father!

  2. You guys didnt make the run across the road? What happened?


    We ended up deciding to bug out yesterday afternoon. Kristy was not feeling motivated after the lack of sleep due to the wind Friday (After further inspection, the tent fabric had holes in it from where the wind forced sand through it!) and wasn't ready for another night of possibly the same. being as how we only live an hour and a half from the Mojave Preserve, we thought we'd hit the eastern half of the trail when the weather is better (and we have a new tent).


    We both really enjoyed meeting you! Sorry you had to head home too.

  3. I'm either coming from Vegas or Barstow? I was looking on google maps. Is there a gas station close by the exit? Coming from Vegas I saw one that was closer? Just wanted to double check?


    I will be coming in from Barstow and could anyone tell me where would be the best place to fill up before the campground?


    Gentleman, as the "Local," let me help out here. Baker is 25 miles northeast of Afton Canyon road on I15, it's got a slew of gas stations, all running about $3.75 a gallon. There is another gas station on Rasor rd, about 12 miles NE of Afton Canyon rd. and I wouldn't want to know the fuel price there, but it is a Shell. Your other closest spot on I15 is Ghosttown road in Yermo (or, if you're coming in on I40, take the Daggett exit and head north, it turns into Ghosttown road when it hits I15), 47 miles Southwest (Barstow is another 7 miles, with plenty of fuel stops). Unless you're being brand specific, I recommend the AM PM (debit or cash for those not in the know), as it is competetively priced, the 76 and Chevron north of the I15 freeway charge about $.35 to $0.40 over the local average. If you're planning on cutting across the preserve, Needles is about 150 miles away using Kelbaker Road, and you'll go through Baker on the way in most likely anyway. Other than that, the only other reliable fuel I remember on the I40 is the Ludlow exit, at the southwest corner of the preserve, 55 miles from Afton Canyon Rd (using I40 W to Newberry road to Harvard road to I15 N) and it's also on the pricy side as I remember.


    I hope that helps for those of you curious about the fuel availability.

  4. i say we all start filling in the back and work our way towards the entrance, and it would be great if people could share "spots" depending on the size of their party and parking needs, as i don't think there's enough completely individual areas for every vehicle (see here): http://maps.google.com/maps?q=afton+canyon+campground&ie=UTF8&hl=en&hq=Afton+Canyon+Campground&hnear=Afton+Canyon+Campground,+Newberry+Springs,+San+Bernardino,+California&ll=35.039067,-116.38298&spn=0.003878,0.004206&t=h&z=18.


    We'd be glad to share a campsite.


    i'll probably not be there till 5pm-ish friday.


    Probably about the same time for us, maybe a litle earlier if I get Friday off.

  5. This is my basic route so far.. I am thinking I will try and find somewhere to explore on teh way down since I will be so early. Suggestions are deff welcome!




    The Shell on Ghosttown road in Yermo (Barstow) is quite overpriced (about 40 cents over the average local price) so you might want to think of getting gas earlier and just topping off there. There is a new Love's truck stop in Tehachapi (Summit/E. tehachapi Blvd) and I want to say it's a Shell (at a great price) but I'm not sure, can someone verify?

  6. I get the 'must have a small penis' look every now and then in Clifford, and then they look closer and realize it's a girl. Ha! I love that! Can't wait to see your Jeep on 35s. d


    Heh! MY wife apparently keeps getting flirted with by teenage boys and young men since we got the Libby lifted!


    You have to think... If he drives a 7 series Bimmer, he obviously hates the environment and that Prius!

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