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  1. I would also go with a moderate lift and 31" or 33" tires or something like that, then put the armor on. That's a nice looking Grand... And I also drove a pumpking truck for 3 1/2 years before coming back in the Army.
  2. That is offically SEXY! I've been trying to convince my wife to get a GC... Now I have inspiration to try harder!
  3. I want to put myself (and, of course, my wife and dog) down as tentative as I won't know what's exactly going on at work until a few weeks prior (the US Army, putting your tax dollars to work by having us work holiday weekends with no overtime pay!). I really want to do this trip before I head of to a new duty station next summer!
  4. Welcome from another newbie!
  5. Thank you all for the warm greeting. I will definitely be taking some photos of the Jeep and trailer when I get back. We are already planning Anza Borrego for Christmas and New Year's above Big Sur on Prewitt Ridge. I have really wanted to do the Mojave Road, and that fits right in my schedule. Thank you for the invite Diane!
  6. Hey there, I'm just finishing up a 12 month tour in the Middle East with the US Army then heading back to Fort Irwin, 35 miles north (literally. Straight north into the desert!) of the B.E.A. utiful metropolis of Barstow, CA in the Mojave desert. I drive a Barbie Rubicon ('07 Jeep Liberty lifted, with rear locker) and will be buying a small off-road trailer when I get "home." Pics to come later. My beautiful Canadian wife and I love to take our 100 lb. lap dog out into the wilderness as much as we can (strangely , I haven't had much time this summer.). From my browsing around here, I really think I'm going to enjoy this forum!
  7. I came over from Expedition Portal.... I guess now that I posted here I'd better go to the intro thread!
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