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  1. Is anyone bringing kids/grandkids? We’re bringing some activities and games for our girls, but weren’t sure if we should bring any extra!
  2. Hello! Coordinating my first ever ORP run! The intent of this run is to be a sunset run/star gazing/night run. We’ll be exploring beautiful Harquahala Mountain, the tallest peak in SW Arizona. With this trail, you can drive all the way to the summit (3,360ft climb, summit at 5,600ft)! Trail length is 11mi up, 11mi back. The goal of this trip is to: - Hit the top about 1 hour prior to sunset - Explore an amazing historical site dating back to 1880 - Get blown away by sunset and the views - Freak out over naked-eye views of the Milky Way - Have a fun night ride back down to the staging area Meet-up: 3:30 PM in the staging area 33.729548,-113.297282 https://goo.gl/maps/6hZr7crjDrqPk8t86 GPX Track There is a vault toilet located at the staging area, but no other services. Itinerary: 3:30pm - Meet at Staging Area 4:00pm - Depart - En route we’ll stop a few times for photos/pit stops 5:45pm - Arrive at Summit - This should be Golden Hour with some gorgeous directional light from the sun for photos 6:18pm - Sunset 7:15pm - we’ll be in astronomical twilight and begin to see glorious, naked-eye views of the Milky Way by 7:35pm 10:30pm - Begin to make our way back down the mountain Midnight - Approx staging area return time Additional Info: This trip is subject to cancellation or postponement due to rain or inclement weather. For those that like to camp, there are a handful of suitable dry camping RV sites at the base of the mountain. There are also sites along the trail in several places in addition to space at the summit of the mountain. NO water, no trash, no power. ***Please note that we will technically still be in monsoon season - overnighting at the summit brings wind and lightning risk. Other Considerations: - Water & Food (pack a sunset picnic dinner!) - Dress in layers (its 20 degrees cooler at the summit and can be windy) - Folding chairs - Camera with a tripod (try your hand at some astrophotography) - Flashlights/Lanterns (we will have them off during star gazing to preserve our night vision) - Telescope (got one? Bring it out! I plan to bring one of mine) - Emergency supplies / Med Kit - No facilities, plan accordingly Driver Requirement: This trail is suitable for beginner for 4x4 enthusiasts. Be advised there are a few steep climbs with loose rock and some mild off-camber areas. Our descent will be back long the same trail where engine compression and well-maintained brakes will come in handy. Vehicle Minimums: * All vehicles are required to meet state legal requirements, (i.e.: current registration and insurance) * Have functional seat-belts for each occupant * Must have suitable recovery points front and rear * Each vehicle must have a CB Radio or a Ham Radio in good working order * High-clearance 4x4's with low-range * 30"+ aggressive all-terrain or mud-terrain tires ***I also highly recommend auxiliary lighting on your rig for the night run portion of this ride. Vehicle Recommendations: Skid plates on important areas such as transfer-case & gas-tank, rock-rails, aftermarket differential covers, high-clearance metal bumpers, trimmed wheel wells, low axle gearing, upgraded axle shafts, 4:1 transfer case, 33"+ tires, custom roll-cage. CB Channel: 4 Ham Frequency: 146.46 MHz Rig Limit: Due to parking constraints at the site, this trip is limited to 11 total rigs. Once the limit is reached, anyone asking to sign-up will be placed on the standby list. Please don't hesitate to sign-up as a standby because people often do drop-out so you may get to still go. Post a reply in this thread saying you'd like to go and we'll put you on the roster! Trail Leaders: 1. 4x4tographer Attending: 2. theksmith 3. CAVU2 4. Johnpa 5. shellback91 6. MzPriss & ChersDad 7. Ghostrider 8. DGR61 9. K2man56 10. Bradywgn71 11. gearhead Standby 12. 13. 14. harquahalamountainsummitroad_arizonagpx.gpx
  3. 85 and sunny at about 1pm. Hoping for slightly cooler but I won’t cross my fingers. Saw the 10 day forecast and they’re calling for 84 highs and 60 lows.
  4. Whoa! Those guys are awesome. I missed your post or I would have gone that direction. If the one I ordered doesn’t fit I’ll try there. Thanks!!
  5. Got in touch with Rugged Ridge - they told me they “don’t sell individual pieces” since it “doesn’t have its own part number” - whatever that means. They directed me to McMaster-Carr. I placed a test order and we’ll see how it goes. They don’t have the exact size, but the frame holes and the mount holes on the rock rails are oval, so fingers crossed. https://www.mcmaster.com/u-bolts
  6. Stopped by Choice #2 when I was visiting Pine last week. Little nervous about towing a trailer my first time so wanted to drive the route myself. Unbelievably gorgeous, I’m really looking forward to this!
  7. Hi guys, hoping someone might know where I can go to buy this ubolt. My Rugged Ridge rocker guards are held on in the front with a pair of ubolts. The ubolts are a very unique size (as far as I can tell): 1 5/16” wide, 1 1/4” tall (measured from the inside). Unfortunately, the overall design of the rails is pretty much garbage - came down on some rock and screwed up both bolt ends of the ubolt pretty badly. Pretty big weakness in something that is supposedly designed to take abuse. I’ve looked at every hardware store and automotive store local to me, no luck. Online searches are hit or miss - Appreciate any advise you guys might have!
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