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  1. Hey all! Going to cancel this run from a lack of interest and current climate perspective. I'll keep it on the back burner for a later date! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for joining and the kind words @ob1jeeper and @Ladybug! I always love hanging out with you guys. Hopefully we'll meet back up again soon!
  3. Yeah it sure was! Other than hitting one of the big lakes around here, I've not seen that much water in a long while. The spring was RUSHING and reminded me a little of being back in the Appalachia's. Super cool place.
  4. Thanks for the photos man! Here's a few I grabbed throughout the day. @gearhead @Ladybug & @ob1jeeper followed by @SonoranWanderer as we pull up alongside the Monte Cristo Mine with the moon setting in the background. Here's another with @theksmith An old structure @ the Monte Cristo Mine Back on the trail with @gold digger & Sadie with the Monte Cristo Mine in the distance. This is a very small portion of the Gold Bar Mine. There was a great little overlook and pull off area that gave sweeping views of the area and showed just how expansive the operations were. Behind this outcropping of redrock is the hidden Buckhorn Springs which were FLOOOOOOOWING with water from the recent 4 day spree of rain we had. After we left the springs it was about 2 hours of non-stop water crossings. Here's @gearhead going down the lazy river! The boundaries of the Hells Canyon Wilderness Area.
  5. Home safe! Thanks for coming out everyone! I hope ya’ll had a great time. Photos coming soon!
  6. Sorry for the delay. Yup! I’m on a 100% stock Rubicon suspension and factory A/T tires. I am skidded up though with a decent plate system. I’m not one to take unnecessary risk, and my Jeep is my daily driver. That said, please don’t feel pressured! That said, there are a lot of veteran trail riders that will be with us on this run, so that makes me feel better. I’ve never run this trail system, so I can’t form an opinion on difficulty/wet challenges. We’ll all be experts on this trail tomorrow though! If we come across anything impassable or dangerous, we’ll turn around for sure. If we find the trail is too tough, we can certainly opt for an alternative route. I’m not the biggest fan of splitting up for safety reasons.
  7. Fell into the "lightbars before lift kits" trap - but I already had a 40" Black Oak LED from my previous Jeep KL, so I still maintain my cool points, right? I mean, the JLUR has lockers and a 1" factory lift. The bracket is low profile and made by Rugged Ridge, and with the single row LED it sits low enough to not block the spray from my windshield sprayer nozzles. Also tried my hand at installing a custom blackout panel on the hood. Hand shaped/cut with some 3M knife-tape and 3M deep matte black vinyl film. Really interesting experience, and I learned a LOT about vinyl wrap work. My daily commute is 1 hour into the sun, both ways, and I'm half blind by the time I get home. Original plan was to have it follow the contours of the hood, outside of the hood vents. The JL hood is very shapely and, unfortunately, I applied a little too much heat when apply the vinyl around the left-hand vent and tore a small hole in it. I ended up falling back to just covering the "power bulge" in the center of the hood so as not to waste material. I might try again someday. This 3M vinyl is VERY forgiving and I highly recommend it.
  8. Here's a video of the "crown jewel" I hope to see this weekend: Buckhorn Springs. Pot O' Gold at 4:10 into the video.
  9. Hello my friends! I'm excited to see/meet you all this weekend! TRIP UPDATE: So I'm keeping an eye on the weather for this Saturday. Looking like we'll have a nice day with some hopefully dramatic clouds for beautiful scenery. CURRENTLY I'm still planning to move forward with this run - subject to change with weather. That said, we'll be dealing with obviously wet trails. If we come across a flooded wash or anything dangerous, we'll turn around. I'm not risk tolerant. The majority of the trails are rated easy, based on what I've read. Robert's Camp (below in blue), is supposed to be notably more interesting in the wet. I've notated the planned route with the black arrow. Should we run into problems, we can simply backtrack down Constellation Road and take Buckhorn Springs, a notably easy trail. For detailed information and videos from all of these trails, please see below: Constellation Road: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/3260-constellation-road Corner Spring: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/3261-corner-spring-trail Roberts Camp: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/3262-roberts-camp Buckhorn Springs: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/3367-buckhorn-springs Castle Hot Springs Road: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/26-castle-hot-springs
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