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  1. I have the 67 designs mount in my 2018 JL, but the mount-base design is totally different. They utilize a rail system for the JL to allow for more adjustability. https://www.67d.com/collections/jl-gladiator-rail-system/products/jeep-jl-rail-mount-gladiator-series-55-rail-mount-pack-options That said, I'm a fan. The carbon fiber arms are well built, the phone clamp is very solid. I also like the various options to add additional arms/accessories. You can also utilize popular RAM mounts with their system, provided you get the right pieces.
  2. AWWWWW MAAAAAAAN! They charged the darn RSVP date on us! It was originally listed as 5/20. I checked a cached version of the site than they made a change sometime after 4/30. I'm sorry guys, I completely missed it. I never thought they'd go in a change the date after the fact... I guess there's always 2021!
  3. ***UPDATE*** USFS changed the RSVP date to 2 days prior after this thread was started. I completely missed the change and never called. Sorry guys! ===========Original Thread============ Hello! Ever since I saw @Bradywgn71 reminiscing about the Casner Mountain Trail on social media, I can't stop thinking about my own trip up the mountain - it was amazing. I'm planning to shoot for a 2020 permit to get a group to go. However, there is no guarantee we'll get one. The USFS only allots 22 permits per year, limited to 10 vehicles per permit - that means Casner is one of the most exclusive trails around! The goal of this post is to get 10 interested vehicles lined up, with a backup list. Due to the nature of the permit process, the run would occur sometime between July 27 and October 11. The USFS has changed the way they do the permit process. Groups with less than 10 vehicles will be asked to merge with other groups to ensure as many people as possible can use the trail. This is the reason I'm soliciting for 9 additional participants up front. From the USFS website: I plan to be first on the phone for the 2nd round of permits. I'm setting like 20 alarms and bells and whistles! I'm sure I won't be the only one calling! Trail Information: Steep inclines, moderate off-camber, shelf roads TrailsOffroad: https://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/1460-casner-mountain-trail USFS: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/coconino/recarea/?recid=55262 A great write up and photos by @theksmith Vehicle Requirements: High clearance, 4 low, A/T or M/T tires. Locker or limited slip recommended. Sign Ups: 1 - 4x4tographer 2 - @Bradywgn71 3 - @johnpa 4 - @JeepUniq 5 - @SlyDawg 6 - @AZRNintheJeep242 7 - @SonoranWanderer 8 - @Eugene 9 - @squinko 10 - Standby List: 1 - @theksmith 2 - @ob1jeeper & @Ladybug
  4. Lol can we include the wine tasting as a side trip on all of the options?
  5. I'd be interested! I'll PM ya!
  6. Hey all! Going to cancel this run from a lack of interest and current climate perspective. I'll keep it on the back burner for a later date! Thanks!
  7. Thanks for joining and the kind words @ob1jeeper and @Ladybug! I always love hanging out with you guys. Hopefully we'll meet back up again soon!
  8. Yeah it sure was! Other than hitting one of the big lakes around here, I've not seen that much water in a long while. The spring was RUSHING and reminded me a little of being back in the Appalachia's. Super cool place.
  9. Thanks for the photos man! Here's a few I grabbed throughout the day. @gearhead @Ladybug & @ob1jeeper followed by @SonoranWanderer as we pull up alongside the Monte Cristo Mine with the moon setting in the background. Here's another with @theksmith An old structure @ the Monte Cristo Mine Back on the trail with @gold digger & Sadie with the Monte Cristo Mine in the distance. This is a very small portion of the Gold Bar Mine. There was a great little overlook and pull off area that gave sweeping views of the area and showed just how expansive the operations were. Behind this outcropping of redrock is the hidden Buckhorn Springs which were FLOOOOOOOWING with water from the recent 4 day spree of rain we had. After we left the springs it was about 2 hours of non-stop water crossings. Here's @gearhead going down the lazy river! The boundaries of the Hells Canyon Wilderness Area.
  10. Home safe! Thanks for coming out everyone! I hope ya’ll had a great time. Photos coming soon!
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