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  1. Nice overview video. I like how it can convert into a "basket" to keep things in one place. Pretty slick However the mesh as the table "surface" is a deal killer for me as I typically cook on mine. I'd hate to melt it. It's also pretty bulky compared to a lot of tables on the market. Looks like you're loosing 3-4 inches of interior space which I'm sure will cramp you. Also at $270, I'd rather have the Rock Slide Engineering option. I stumbled across this thread that has a list of "every JK table" which might have some useful information. It's a little dated though. I'm thinking of attempting to build my own, shamelessly stealing a few ideas from theksmith.
  2. Had a great time seeing everyone yesterday! It was cool seeing total strangers checking out everyones rigs. I've never seen so many freshly washed and buffed ORP rigs in one place! We even attracted over a few new comers and ran into some other members that just happened to be out for the day.
  3. Hey man! I highly recommend Pixel Decals. They can design something for you and also have the "original" Jeep fonts, if you're interested in that. They print on 3M or Avery Dennison air release vinyl for a smooth install. In terms of installing it, I'd be happy to help if you want! A heat gun and your finger nails are pretty much the only removal tool you need. I used some alcohol to help clean up the surface of any remaining adhesive. Installing can be pretty simple with some painters tape (for alignment) and a credit card (for smoothing the vinyl down).
  4. Check out this post by ob1jeeper relating to the AEV lift/geometry correction brackets. He know's a thing or two about suspensions. The overall thread is pretty good as well. I agree with @theksmith about getting some good skids and rails and riding it for a while. That was the path I took with a full skid plate system and rock rails. I rolled with that on a stock Rubicon on 33's for 3 years before I finally lifted and was able to do a LOT of different trails, all around AZ. Even stock it's an amazing machine - the skids will just give you peace of mind and up your durability.
  5. Welcome to the ORP fam Al! If you're around this weekend (and since you're on the East-side), you should consider dropping by the Meet & Greet at the Pavilions car show this Saturday!
  6. Hey Kev! I seem to remember you being prior service. If so, you could look in to Fort Tuthill (an Air Force resort) that is right next door to the expo. https://forttuthill.com We've camped there before and it would be a super short walk for you to the event. It's NOT a very large campground though - loads of retirees and their Class A's - but it's super conveniently located.
  7. Yeah I don’t really understand the concept of open carry from a tactical perspective. You’re showing your cards. I see it pretty often at the grocery of all places. To each their own! However, when Jeeping, I will occasionally open carry on some very long trips since it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable than a 7 hour trail ride with an IWB holster and a 1911
  8. While AZ is a constitutional carry state, a CCW provides 3 benefits you otherwise don’t have under constitutional carry: Reciprocity with other states - important if you wish to carry outside of Arizona The ability to carry in restaurants where alcohol is served (you can’t imbibe) The ability to carry in schools zone (for when you are dropping off or picking up your children from school) Reciprocity is the major benefit, along with the additional training and knowledge you gain in the process on your rights, the law, and safety responsibilities.
  9. Great write up, as usual, Woody! Loads of information to digest on some specific equipment suggestions. Love it!
  10. Another great post by @SonoranWanderer on how to GMRS on a Budget. Speaking of BUDGET! The new $35 GMRS license fee is now live on the FCC website! This is a 50% reduction from the $70 it used to cost. The new fee went into effect 19 April 2022.
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