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  1. You’ve got competition in the “Trail Limo” segment, @SonoranWanderer
  2. Youch! Glad you're OK. You're right that its "just a set back". Hopefully they get you sorted quickly. It always amazes me when I see these sports cars that run in to Wranglers. Outwardly they always look OK.
  3. 42,000 miles. Performed a diff gear oil change front and rear. The oil in the front was surprisingly dirty, probably a testament to how often it gets used (the JL has a front axle disconnect, so the front differential isn't churning during normal road driving). Replaced the Royal Purple from my previous change with MasterPro 75w90 (front) 75w140 (rear), mostly because it was available in the right weights at the local auto store. Photo unrelated, but a fun "Then & Now" Both on Crown King about 3 years apart.
  4. +1 on Adventure Medical. My current kit is a combo of their Sportsman and Mountain kits. It's more comprehensive than what we have in the house!
  5. Big thanks to @Bradywgn71 (@kaspily) for the photos at Turkey Creek!
  6. That's good. I was worried you ate through too much clear coat and diminished the offroad handling.
  7. Same here - back on the grind until Christmas!
  8. Wow that looks like an awesome ride! Great photos!
  9. Michelle and I took the Jeep with us on our recent "Parents-only Camping Trip" just off of Schnebly Road near Munds Park over the weekend. Got to test out a new 4-tire inflator that @theksmith graciously helped me put together! Worked great and should help save some time when airing up. We took a short jaunt to see the Schnebly Hill vista. Spent a little time in the woods with my Fuji as well.
  10. Pretty major update on this. BLM cancelled the TMP for the Black Canyon Corridor. Big ups to @Large_Marge for sharing the news via AZBCE on the ORP Facebook page! Updates project status can be found here: https://eplanning.blm.gov/eplanning-ui/project/78300/510
  11. Had a chance to get away with just my wife to the woods the past few days! We found a really great site just off of Schnebly Road that was extremely quiet. Not a soul around! We had a good time hiking, took a brief trail ride out to the Schnebly Hill Vista, did some day drinking, and did some reading. Michelle got to flex her painter's muscles and I did a little photography off in the nearby woods. All in all, a pretty nice few days out of pocket. Here are a few iPhone snaps: We also had the chance to test out a few upgrades, as exciting as they were A new skylight over the shower, recently replaced. Our previous dome was OEM and lasted 16 years before needing replacement. We had a bit of roof leakage on the factory skylight where there were some cracks in the fixture. It rained a bit while we were out and we didn't notice any leakage, so thats a win! Secondly, we put our new bank of 6 Interstate 6 volt batteries to the test. Our previous battery bank was 11 years old and finally kicked the bucket during the 2021 Dirt Formal Gala. The Interstates worked flawlessly, with a TON of power. They're wired up in series-parallel and were capable of running our furnace all night (gas/forced air set to a comfortable 70 degrees) with our usual usage of the cabin lighting, water pumps, etc. In the morning, they powered our 2,000 watt inverter to push out some delicious coffee from our coffeemaker and ran our toaster, lights, radio, etc. When checking the power reserves, we'd only gone through about 1/3 of their capacity in spite of our pretty liberal usage of the power.
  12. I love the fact that it lets you download an entire state at a time. I keep forgetting to send them feedback, but: I think if they added their web-based "Push to GAIA" functionality into the app, it'd be absolutely baller. I'd like to see the ability for a reviewer to post a review straight from the app. Might help get more frequent trail condition updates via the reviews out there since the Trails Offroad "trail owner" only updates periodically Offline mode could allow the user to wait to upload the review until they have signal Take geotagged photos along the way that could be queued into a bulk upload with their review App doesn't currently pull down the section from each trail's page where details on permit requirements live
  13. Oh Mylanta! Glad you’re (mostly) alright Scott! Hope you get to feeling better soon!.
  14. 4x4tographer

    Walnut Canyon

    Led by ORP member CAVU2! Walnut Canyon is both scenic and a chance to wheel down to the Gila River. This is Fun Trek's 2nd edition run #58 page 140, 3rd Edition its #54 page 136. . The plan is to run the first half of the Fun Trek to waypoint #7 area for lunch. If the Gila river is low we may at the group leaders discretion ford the Gila and egress southwest to Florence out of the mountains and over the open desert. If the Gila doesn't look like a safe fording, we will continue the run northward and egress where we started, about 9.5 miles south of Superior on Battle Axe Rd. Since there are 2 outcomes, I am posting this run as EXPLORATORY. Details & RSVP Here!
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