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  1. 1 hour ago, 4WLNRN said:

    Factory suspension and the tires are 3 years old.  and the good tires that were on the rear were moved to the front and the cupped tires were moved to the rear.


    The track bar was the other thing that came to mind when I was looking up problems.  But the shop said my tires were done and needed replacing.

    Nice! Sounds like you’re on the right track!


    Looking forward to seeing if the new rubber fixes it for you man. Keep us posted!!

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  2. 1 hour ago, 4WLNRN said:

    I am still having my wobble issues after replacing the drag link and tie rods with the Apex Chassis 1 ton steering but it is more pronounced and is occurring more frequently.  So, hoping a new set of tires fixes it, as this is what the techs at HMC attribute it to as there was nothing that stuck out when they were going through the front end of my Jeep.  If not, I am back at square one.  Ugh.

    Factory suspension? Could be trackbar or ball joints. Aren’t your tires pretty new BFG KM3 MTs?


    You could test the theory and move the rear tires to the front and see if the problem still happens under the same conditions.



    I had a similar experience when I installed my Clayton lift. Immediate death wobble. The new stronger components laid bare the underlying issues with my draglink TRE. You could be laying bare the weaknesses of other components.

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  3. Minor update to my Smittybilt 5.56cfm air compressor set up.




    While my compressor was sitting on the floor in the rear the plastic on the air gauge shattered. 




    The gauge and air fitting were hose-clamped on to the end of the original hose the compressor came with. After watching this video on modifying the compressor for a pressure switch, I figured it'd be easy to just ditch the hose all together and with the guage/fitting flopping around.


    To make it work, you have to adapt the Smittybilt metric fittings over to whatever you're using. In my case, I picked up an M12 male to 1/4" male NPT fitting on Amazon and removed the hose entirely from the compressor. 




    I reused my brass t-fitting and added a replacement pressure gauge and relocated the quick connect fitting I've been using. I replaced the broken gauge with another from Winters, however this on is a little better built with a thicker glass face and is filled with glycerine to help prevent vibration damage on the needle. 


    My old gauge was always read a little higher than reality by about 6-7psi. Hopefully this new one is a little more accurate.




    A dash of thread sealant and a few turns of a wrench and this mod took all of 15 minutes to complete.





    And there you go. The solution to a floppy hose! 😁

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  4. For my birthday, @Yodamom gave me a twin 3lb barrel rock tumbler.


    The tumbler is a Chicago Electric dual drum from Harbor Freight. It's belt-driven and comes with a package of 5 extra belts. The unit gets a little warm when running, but not too hot to the touch.




    Seems like a solid unit with a decent capacity. It's quieter than I thought it would be, but too loud for the house. It runs in the garage and I can't hear it in the house at all, so I'll call that a win.


    Decided to bust it out about a week ago and dump in a test batch of rocks I've picked up on our travels around Arizona. I do my best to remember to pick up something interesting on every trip I go on. We've started a collection around our flag pole out in front of our house that is slowly growing larger.


    I scooped up a handful of rocks from the collection, popped them in the barrel, and added some water until it almost covered the stones. 


    To smooth out the rock you need to add in some form of coarse media to help enact 1,000 years of erosion in just a few days. Michelle also picked me up a 4-stage kit of abrasive media that consists of varying grits of silicon carbine in easy to use packets. Just tear open the desired stage and dump it in!


    I was totally too excited and spaced out and forgot to take a photo of the before! 😓


    Here's a shot from after stage 1. The tumbler ran for 7 days for this round.




    Some pretty interesting results. I'm really happy with it - and the change from the initial shapes of the rocks is totally dramatic.


    Notably, when wet and rising off the rocks, the colors and depth of the stones was amazing. Once they dried, they got pretty dull looking. This is why you need to graduate from a coarse media up to a fine grit media. 


    I've got the Stage 2 grit running now. It'll take another 7 days, which is killing me. However, when you stop to think about how much you're advancing the natural erosion process, it's pretty amazing. 


    I did keep this rock out of the mix. I'm no geologist (though I took a semester of geology in college) but this next stone is looking like some sort of quartz or granite in iron. Maybe the lovely @Ladybug would be willing to weigh in on what I've got here!


    I don't think it's sedimentary, but I was worried about it flying apart in the next round of tumbling, so I kept it out.


    Here's a front and rear shot:




    More to come in 7 more days as the next round of tumbling begins!


    Hd Reaction GIF by MOODMAN

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  5. ***UPDATE!***


    All flags have already been placed! (link)








    Join the Offroad Passport family as we volunteer at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona ahead of Memorial Day!


    We will work together to honor those laid to rest by placing American flags at the grave markers. This seemingly minor act has a tremendous positive impact on the families and friends who will visit their loved ones on Memorial Day and the days following while the display is up.



    Saturday & Sunday: May 27-28, 2023

    There is no official time, come out whenever you can and for as long as you wish! Every little bit helps!

    That said, my family plans to be there at 8:00am on Sunday the 28th.


    🇺🇸 Flag supplies are typically dropped off on Friday night. People arrive to begin placing flags on Saturday morning. You're more than welcome to come out which ever day works best for you!



    The National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona


    Some Notes:

    • Note that the main entrance to the Memorial is off of East Pinnacle Peak Road
    • There is a small parking area directly south, once you enter the Memorial. Additionally, you can park off to the side of the roads.
    • In the past, the crates of flags were located directly across from the parking





    Who Can Volunteer?

    ANYONE! This Volunteer event is open to anyone and everyone! Bring your family, children, grandkids, and friends. Many hands make light work.

    Note that pets are not allowed in the National Memorial Cemetery. Please leave them at home


    What to Expect:

    The VA supplies multiple large crates with thousands of American flags. These are small and attached to a wooden dowel. The crates of flags are there for volunteers to use to distribute around the National Memorial.


    We will gather up flags and work on installing them at any grave marker that needs one.


    There is no particular time commitment needed or quotas. Simply offering up your time is extremely helpful and appreciated!



    Additional Considerations:

    • Bring a tool to help you insert the flags into the dirt. The ground can be hard and sandy. I had good luck with a large 10" screwdriver.
    • Work gloves to help prevent blisters/protect your hands
    • A canvas tote bag to stash your flags so you need to make fewer runs to resupply
    • Sunscreen
    • Plenty of water to hydrate! We live in Arizona, don'cha know!
    • A wide brim hat - there is minimal shade on the property



    Obviously since this isn't a run, theres no limits or reason to track participants - however it'll help with knowing how many folks intend to help out!

    Drop your name below and what day you plan to help and we'll get you on the list!


    🇺🇸 Saturday:




    🇺🇸 Sunday:

    @4x4tographer & @Yodamom

    @ob1jeeper & @Ladybug

    @Mick Bowers + Ken


    @theksmith +2

    Kevin Sherwood + 4




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  6. 22 minutes ago, shellback91 said:

    Do you think these could be used as chase lights? What does the bottom look like? Wondering if the have the "bolt" out the bottom like my A pillar lights. I'm looking for something to bolt on my aftermarket tailgate hinges.


    Hey Marty!


    I can totally see these being used as a chase light, depending on what you're mounting them on. The beam pattern is "focused" so it's not a flood pattern that would blind everyone no matter the angle. My "Eye of Sauron" is a driving pattern, so pretty close in light shape, just for reference.


    From a size perspective, the lights are 4 LEDs. My chase light is a twin LED setup.


    For mounting, here are some additional photos of the mount. They can be "reversed" to make the mount more low-profile by flipping the mount in reverse.


    Note my "not overly large man hands" for size perspective.






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  7. Selling my 3" amber-colored cube lights from Rigid Industries!


    I LOVE these lights. Rigid has the most unique and "deep" amber colored lights on the market. The eye-relief at night is fantastic and the light cuts through dust like it is nothing. The beam pattern on these lights are set up in a "hyper spot" pattern, giving you hundreds of feet of columnized light. They work well mounted near your A-pillars, but really shine when bumper mounted, giving you excellent contrast along the trail.


    These aren't cheap-o Chinese lights. Rigid makes quality, water proofed, dust proof, nuke-proof light housings.


    $100 for the pair

    These retail for $300+



    • A pair of lights
    • Mounts for the lights


    The lights use a common Deutsch Connector on each light.



    Used. They're in good shape and were mounted under a bumper behind a screen for approx 40,000 miles.


    Photo time!








  8. Selling my front Quadratec aluminum skid plate (black powder coat). It lived on the Jeep for about 2 days. 

    This skid plate is designed to work with FACTORY OEM Jeep bumpers with no modification.


    I ended up going with a different skid plate that matched my new aftermarket bumper better.



    Selling for $100.

    Currently retails for $270 + $250 for the skid plate (link)


    Comes with:

    1. Front skid plate (6mm thick | approx 1/4" thick)
    2. Mounting hardware


    Condition (like new):

    This was installed on my Jeep for 2 days. 


    • Skid plate is in perfect condition
    • I had to trim a corner off of the mounting bracket to get it to work with my new bumper



    Skid plate is shown in the photo below, mounted just below the front bumper.




    The skid plate is designed to work with the OEM factory bumper (both metal and plastic).






    The brackets have been modified to work with my existing aftermarket bumper. They are still in solid shape and will work with the factory bumper options (and any other option).




  9. Selling my GoRhino front bumper. It will fit any Jeep Wrangler JL 2018+.




    Selling for $300.

    Currently retails for $720 + $250 for the skid plate


    Comes with:

    1. Rockline front stubby bumper
    2. Winch Plate
    3. Go Rhino front skid plate (for swaybar and radiator and covers frame horns)
    4. All install hardware



    • 1" thick recovery tabs
    • 3/16 steel construction
    • Mounting provisions for up to 4 pod lights or one 20" light bar
    • Winch ready
    • Removable mesh and trim ring can be painted


    Condition (photos below):

    This was installed on my Jeep for approx 40,000 miles, garage kept, minimal rain exposure.


    • The bumper and skid are in good shape - needs to be cleaned.
    • Minor chipping in powder coat.
    • Minor scraps here and there with some surface rust
    • Skid plates has taken a few scrapes, but is NOT bent
    • A hit with a rattle can of bed liner will have it back to near perfect.





    Some beauty shots:





  10. 15 hours ago, Stacey and Scott said:

    It's been awhile since we've posted so here's the lastest from the formerly frozen North.

     The grass is turning green and filled with happy meals (mama cow's popped, calf's everywhere) and we able to upgrade to location 2.0. Leaving the bluff behind and stepping into 20 acre's of tree's in the Bitterroot Valley in a few weeks.

    If you look deep into woods you can see the old tennis court, (was told it was put in in the 70s) since the place is lousy with deer and turkey a fenced in greenhouse is a must😂.

    Many more pictures to come once we get settled.




    Looks amazing!!

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