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  1. Sounds good Curly! @REDROCK TONIHAWK is planning to do the same thing. He'll be in a lime green Jeep JL. Provided the group is timely, I'd expect us to meet you up at the trailhead around 8:45-ish to air down.
  2. Michelle and I are hell-bent on taking the @Bradywgn71 down this year. Well, provided I don't run Michelle into a tree like she did to me last year.
  3. Pretty nice story on the Jeep brand, heritage, and how Jeep is staving off the competition.
  4. Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend! The long range forecast is looking great at the moment with a low/high of 55/80. Did you know that House Mountain is actually an extinct shield volcano? The mountain last erupted about 13-15 million years ago. The "house" at the top of the mountain is really a 50ft thick lava dome. If you're a super geology nerd, here's in interesting geological map of the mountain. This is another fascinating paper that provides an overview of the Verde Valley volcanic field. The below is a shot I found on the U of A geology site that shows how the volcano flowed to the south away from Sedona with the caldera visible left/center. That's where we're gonna be hanging out!
  5. Thanks for chiming in Obi! I looked at AEV's stuff, but I wasn't really certain about their use of geometry correction brackets as opposed to outright replacing the factory control arms and track bars. Granted I'm the FURTHEST THING from being an expert. 😅 My intent is/was to replace everything over time with beefier components for greater survivability.
  6. Yeah I'm honestly not sure why Clayton doesn't have a bigger "splash" in the JL market. Everywhere I see them mentioned the commentary is glowing. Metalcloak and Teraflex have pretty solid influence with the JL crowd from what I've seen. Nice call on the JScan - I'll have to look into it. It looks like JScan comes out to be about the same price as the Tazer JL Lite once you include all of the cables. Tazer is a singular module that is pretty easy to marry/un-marry. The Tazer JL Mini does all that and has a laundry list of pretty interesting features, such as a hood security alarm, trail camera hack, and the ability to use the rear locker in 2H/4H.
  7. Hi guys and gals! Looking for a little advice / feedback on my upgrade plan. Due to the current financial climate we're keeping our finances lean, so I'm looking at performing my upgrades in 2 phases to avoid dropping a truckload of money up front. For reference, I drive a 2018 JL Unlimited Rubicon. I'm currently planning the following: Phase 1: Lift Clayton's 2.5" Overland Lift (link) Fox 2.0 Shocks front & rear Spidertrax 1.75" Spacers (link) I like the Clayton lift from a reputation and completeness perspective. It's robust and everything is adjustable from the trackbars to the control arms. I've got the wheel spacers on there as the Clayton lift states that approx 4.75" of backspacing is needed to avoid component rubbing. I'm planning to run the factory Rubicon wheels/tires until they wear out sometime next spring, then will replace them with a larger tires and wheels with the appropriate amount of backspacing. Phase 2: Wheels/Tires ICON Vehicle Dynamics' Vector 5 wheel (link) 35x12.5 Cooper STT Pro's Programmer to adjust tire size for the speedo/transmission shift points So whatcha think? I really appreciate your time and expertise! Ryan
  8. Just a suggestion, but I highly recommend "pre-scraping" the guts out of your pumpkins before you come up. Less hassle at camp and reduces the amount of leftover "biological material" sitting around in trash bags baking in the sun and attracting critters.
  9. UGGGGGGH - I wish I could go on this one. I'll be back in Ohio for my sister's wedding. Have fun guys!
  10. Finally got in some new storage bags from Blue Ridge Overland Gear (BROG)! Thanks for the suggestion @theksmith!! I picked up a new Tool Pouch Roll, a medium First Aid IFAK Bag and their large Fire Extinguisher Molle Pouch. The wait was painful (7 weeks is a life age in the time of Amazon) but it was worth it. All of the bags are very well made with heavy duty materials, oversize buckles, and sturdy zippers. These bags really helped me clean up my storage in the back of the Jeep and organize my life a lot better than it was. Originally I had 2 separate medical kits tossed in my tailgate storage area and all of my tools in a big pile in a FrontRunner Flat Pack that fit nicely into my drawer system. Unfortunately this made finding anything a massive pain in the butt and it honestly took up far more space than it should have. Now we're a lot more organized and actually have some space to spare (which I didn't previously have). This is my tool drawer, which contains: Bottle jack TP / folding shovel Impact wrench my BFH (hammer) Work gloves BROG Tool Roll Pouch and an additional tool roll that theksmith kindly gave to me a while back! My secondary drawer mostly consists of recovery and first aid items: BROG First Aid Bag Recovery strap ARB tire repair kit another set of gloves Jump starter Big red bag of recovery items My Tuffy Tailgate Lock Box now contains the majority of my air up/down items: Smittybilt air compressor Orange box holds my air hoses (I won the box at the very first ORP Cinder's Trip we ever attended!) ARB deflator Coyote quick deflators Duct tape and some magnetic socket holders that have some pretty powerful magnets on them. I've got a (mostly) full set of metric and and SAE. I've still got a lot of learning to do on what all fasteners I've got on the Jeep, but for now I'm taking an "all of the above" approach. 😁 Here's a closer look at the bags from BROG. The BROG Fire Extinguisher Molle Pouch fits a medium/large extinguisher. I'm looking to buy a larger overall extinguisher, so I'm going to have to measure to see what it will accept. The unit cinches closed and has molle straps on the back side. The IFAK medium First Aid Bag contains two separate medical kits I combined into a master kit. Each interior pouch is "tear away" with a clear side so you can more easily see what's going on inside of each one. The bag is large enough to allow me to include a C-splint, a trauma bag, and a wilderness medical guide inside. The front has some molle loops to add a 2nd exterior bag, and some velcro for a tear away pouch. The new BROG Tool Pouch Roll is fantastic and can expand in size as I add more items to it over time. Like the first aid bag, it has tear away pouches to allow you to just grab what you need and move on. The buckles are very heavy duty and the bag has some molle loops throughout the outside for additional attachments or sliding in some longer tools. I've also got this tear away pouch mounted to my rear molle panels. It fits nicely between the panel and the soft top window. Haven't figured out what I want to put into it yet. Preferably nothing too valuable since I roll the majority of the winter topless, but might end up moving it to the inside side of the panels for a little more security. I'm considering putting the trauma kit inside of it for even easier access, or maybe some just basic stuff like sunscreen/aloe/hand sanitizer. Might consider just cramming a bunch of bungee cords into it to get them out of my drawers. On the horizon I have plans to modify my survival bag and beef it up a bit more. Right now it's a basic backpack with some water, emergency blankets, MREs, and some other items. So it's not really that robust of a "bug out bag". Ideally I want something I can just grab and go with in the event I get stranded somewhere.
  11. Man that fire activity is insane. Hard to wrap your head around. At my place, it's noon and 87 degrees and "overcast". It was supposed to be sunny and 106 today at my place, but I'm assuming the smoke is blocking some of the heat from the sun.
  12. Gaia GPS added a new map layer today that uses one of NASA's infrared heat detecting satellites, updated throughout the day. Here's the fire near the Rubicon.
  13. OH - one more suggestion. You could poke around on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for some Rubicon take offs. I sold my Rubicon rock rails for $100 to some kid with a JLU Sport. He was happy as hell. I should have just kept them since they're better than what I have today. EDIT: I just saw you have a Rubicon - so ignore what I said! 😅
  14. Sorry - this post is going to be all over the map. I've got Rugged Ridge's boat side "rocker rails" for my JLU. They're absolute trash. Part of the problem was RR and other vendors were all trying to be first to market when the JL launched. I fell into the early adopter trap and bit on what they had to offer since there were very few options for us at the time that were of decent price. They're not tough, and the design is poor. The mounting is accomplished via a 2 piece bracket that is held to the frame with u-bolts on the front mount point. The rear mount point is frame mounted using existing bolts. The front u-bolts are extremely exposed and prone to knocking on rocks. Additionally, every time I take a decent hit to the rails, its puts stress on the u-bolts and warps/bends them. Further, Rugged Ridge will not sell you replacement u-bolts (which are a custom size, BTW). I also couldn't find the appropriate size for purchase anywhere, so I resorted to making my own with some threaded rod. Any time you need to replace the u-bolt, you need to remove the entire slider. My next set will probably be from LOD. Their Signature Series sliders are tough as nails and are frame mounted. I want something I can use a hi-lift on if I need too. Unfortunately they're a little pricey, so I might be waiting til they go on sale at Thanksgiving. I'm also eyeballing the sliders from Rock Hard 4x4. While body mounted, they're also heavy duty and have more mounting points than any others I've seen. It's also my understanding that they're the slider that Barlow's Jeeps Rentals trusts on their entire fleet. If that isn't a shining endorsement, I don't know what is. Some photos of the hot garbage (Rugged Ridges) mounted on my Jeep: This is a photo showing how far down the mounting bracket hangs. Photos of the u-bolts that are jacked up after a single wheeling trip. As for Extreme Terrain. I don't trust them and I'd avoid them as they have no problem selling vaporware. Case-in-point: We pre-ordered the Smittybuilt Atlas rear bumper from them. They were happy to take our money and provide us with a shipping estimate. 4-6 months go by - nothing. Contacted them, they told me Smittybuilt would be producing them in another 2-4 months. Wait some more. Turns out, Smittybuilt cancelled production of the Atlas for the JL and don't even offer it. Period. Still no word from Extreme Terrain on the fact that their supplier wasn't planning to supply the bumper at all. We eventually cancelled the order and got a refund. Personally, I've bought a lot from Quadratec. They have great customer service and very fair prices on MOPAR parts. Shipping is fast. I've also heard really great things about Northridge 4x4 and found great prices through them that beat buying direct from the supplier. I found a Teraflex Apline lift from NorthRidge for $400 cheaper than Teraflex itself was selling it.
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