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  1. Appreciate the company fellas. This was definitely the hardest I’ve ever seen the road! Stoked we all made it up the Escalator!!!
  2. @Curly I’ll see you at the trailhead off Beaverhead around 8:45 CANT WAIT TO MEET THE REST OF THE GROUP THERE!! Thanks @4x4tographer for arranging the ride!
  3. Had a blast yesterday! Thanks all for a wonderful day. min putting together a video of the trip. Send me any pics/video you want included. radoccias@msn.com 928-300-9338
  4. Question from a newby: is this group ok with the Shovel instead of Bucket thing for #2s? I'm usually not with a large group like this, so not sure what protocol is there...
  5. I did see the hike, would like to. Gonna bring the dog so have to make sure we aren’t going to be anyone’s way with her.
  6. Please sign up both my wife and I and our pup. We will be there Saturday morning and tent camping. Stoked to meet the group! Thanks for putting it together!!
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