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  1. On 8/17/2021 at 6:03 PM, theksmith said:

    They seem to run pretty true to size, and are a very light-weight cotton, supposedly pre-shrunk.

    Heads up....Ryan brought ours to us yesterday. We did not request/pay for shipping, but i just received notice of shipping. Uh so if we receive them will hand them off to you. Not sure if someone's order got mixed up with ours or what. 

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  2. 16 minutes ago, Curly said:

    Some more suggestions: Alamo lake-either at the campground for the RR, or along the shore.  There is a pretty cool slot canyon that you can drive thru and a different one you can hike into.


    6 mile crossing in the Burro creek area, east side of the highway.  I can't find any of my pics of it, but the area where the actual crossing is, is large enough for the group, and water for kids and dogs to play.

    Some pics from a camp trip to Alamo lake and the slot canyon.



    slot canyon swansea trip 2013.jpg

    Love the photos.....looks like a good setting for a big group. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, theksmith said:

    the party's Saturday January 8th, location TBD.


    D & I talked briefly and I think we're leaning towards our standard holiday party routine, just in a new location. i.e. a day run with bbq & gift exchange out in the desert rather than any sort of campout.



    Yay! On calendar! 🎄 All suggestions sound pretty good. Drawing straws next?😉

    If in a good camp area and not freezing we MIGHT camp anyway, and others wanting to camp are welcome to join us. 

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  4. 11 hours ago, 4x4tographer said:


    Down for anything, but diggin' the Wickenburg area. Anderson Mill and those side trails are all pretty neat!


    There are also a TON of nice wide-open shady spots off of Camp Wood Road in Prescott just south and west of Hyde Mountain. Not real sure on the temps there that time of year.

    Prescott average temperature in January is a high of 51° and lows of 22°. A little chilly. 

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  5. Heads up all....just received this text from @Bradywgn71, they got their rig up there but cell signal is weak....asked we post this info:


    "....we are in spot 2 (35.13290, -112.11122)  Some neighbors but good space still.  Need people to block lower area to our right. Open area, lots of space." 


    As for us, some last minute wrenching tonight and then we will be headed up in the morning. See you there. 

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  6. 37 minutes ago, Trail Toy said:

    @Bradywgn71, were you at the spot for a while and outside walking around?  We're concerned with the mosquito situation, it's really bad this year with the very active monsoon AZ is having.  A couple of people have died recently from West Nile virus and those of us with dogs need to be concerned as well.

    We are using Vets Best Mosquito Repellent on our dogs. It works in lower mosquito population, but up in the Bighorns they were so thick we ended up inside our tent. Hoping AZ doesn't get that bad after all the rains. Anyway, I believe Petco carries. 




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  7. 17 minutes ago, Bradywgn71 said:

    No bugs at noon. Not a single mosquito seen but at dusk ya never know.  In our spot in Camp Verde no mosquitos but have midges that bite.  I'd bring bug spray to be safe but even when we camped in that Willams 2 weeks ago didn't notice much for bugs.

    Good to know, meant to ask you to check glad you did. Skeeters are bad here in Prescott in the pines. Expecting them...going with a deet can in each holster. 🦟🤠🦟

  8. 6 minutes ago, theksmith said:


    thanks for asking!


    we're almost out of stock on everything currently, so we'll only have a few shirts, hats and the large banners available in person.


    after the Gala we had already planned to post an interest check thread about what styles/colors of shirts/hats/hoodies/etc. people are most interested in and then we'll be replenishing our stock using money from the Gala donations! (i know you guys mentioned wanting camo options.)


    FYI - banners are cut and then drop-ship directly to you for free, so go ahead and place an order in the Shop if you'd a small one and i'll get that order in ASAP to the vendor.




    Sounds good will do! Thinking our ZJ roof rack needs a banner. T-Shirts are always needed too.

    Yes, when in Williams the appropriate attire seems to be camo don't cha'know. 😉

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  9. Has anyone been to Chaco Culture National Historical Park area? Recently watched a documentary (partially) about the ruins (Robert Redford narrated, honestly his voice put me to sleep). Thinking the better known parks might be packed like the last big eclipse. Just another possibility to check out. 🤗




    It's in the Centerline path and eclipse will last 4 mins approximately.


    We haven't been, but looks like a fascinating place to explore. As far as Jeep trails go...more research needed, quick look at OnX maps and there aren't any trails listed. 😑


    If we can camp there, it's designated as a 'dark sky' park, so sky gazing/photography overnight would also be cool.





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  10. 14 minutes ago, Curly said:

    Thanks to Ryan for a fun trip.  The washout and the wildflowers were incredible.   Looking at everyone's pictures, the road looks pretty rough, but I still say it felt better than last time.  Maybe disconnecting the sway bar is a good idea. LOL


    Our first time disconnecting too, not sure our brain cavities would of handled it otherwise. Next time we might even airdown. (JK has older tires and we weren't sure it was a good idea). It was nice meeting you and look forward to future runs together.

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  11. 35 minutes ago, Bradywgn71 said:

    We had an awesome time.  Pups and us are so exhausted but what an amazing trip!!  Link to our photos.  Trip photos


    On the way home Marty was kind enough to follow us for a bit as we were spewing out smoke.  Turns out the output shaft seal on the transfer case popped out and sent fluid back over the exhaust. It smoked like crazy and coated the underside and rear tire with oil.  Thankfully we didn't catch on fire.  So we are fixing that issue too.  She sure was a cranky XJ this trip!!

    Beautiful photos Sarah.....thanks for sharing. So glad you made it home safe. Longer list now. 

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