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  1. I am ready for 140psi. I built for this one day soon. Switch i have was free and get the job done. Going to order from Amazon soon.
  2. Also put in hydraulic ram assist steering. Tastes som pressure off steering box and trackbar. Also made steering geometry corrections to eliminate bumpsteer and have better rollover Center (improves handling through corners)
  3. It's been awhile. First I am alive. Had a surgical experience to rid myself of cancer. Second we moved. Life's to short. We live in Peachland BC now. Third I have lost track of what I have given here for my jeep upgrades. I talked about OBA and I just have the first phase complete so it is operational. For your viewing pleasure. Idle by superchips, the york used is from a BFI bin found a semi service Center. Free. I just put on a new $80 clutch. Cost less than $500. Things add up quickly when doing this setup. Most expensive cost was kilby bracket but worth it. 2nd and 3rd phase include a tank for capacity, and quick disconnects front and rear. Would like a higher pressure switch but a jeep was not built in a day and neither was Rome!
  4. I have 40,000 KMs on a set on my jk. I have not reset stops and I run a hydraulic ram that gets steering where I want it. I run 37" tires as well. Love these axles. Grease a couple off shots once a month. And zero issues.
  5. I like it great job. Copilot is good value for offline gps road map I have found. Going to look for back country app. Have not heard of that one. Looks like the mount is great. I will read back as to where that came from specifically. May get the same. As I have a co-pilot quite a bit I would like a telescoping floor mount to change the location of the tablet between driver and passenger. Keep us updated. Interested to see how the steering wheel controls work out for you.
  6. Well u must not have kids and I not sure that you have a spouse.....lol or if you do you may not have one now. Great job! Thanks for posting.
  7. Lol that is pretty nice. If you hack all of that in and it works the first time I will be pretty impressed. Even more than I am impressed right now. So the two rows of electrical connection blocks are power and ground? The various colours of wires that run from the harness is for audio? As for the obdII I see in the second picture the adapter and plug that runs to the dlink hub, what I don't see is the cable that plugs into the body obdII port? I am sure it's there I was just curious to see it. Nice work. I have seen a camera setup with an iPad where they had 4 cameras, a converter box and in the end you could switch between the 4. Plan was to mount in jeep to help navigate and self spotting. That was pretty cool too. Not that you need to do it but would that be even possible to add that capability into your setup that u have? Thanks for the update.
  8. Try just filling the holes with foam and then perhaps put down felt or a rubber material to cover the entire spot rather than a plate. Could turn out real well if u find material the right color.
  9. I use copilot live hd for roads. It seems to be good. Offline maps is the key for me. If I travel I don't want the expense of roaming charges just for navigation. I think I tried motions-gps but it didn't seem to have downloadable maps. I will look again. Thanks
  10. Something new. Trail dash! By superchips. Worth it! Hopefully fuel savings it will pay for itself in a year,but not convinced or counting on it. 6 tunes, look up and clear cel's, operate lockers in high and 2wd, monitor any pid you want available from the obII. The jeep doesn't have a voltmeter or transmission temp but now I can monitor it. Also it's had to see behind me with the 37" tire back there. With the trail dash you just plug a camera in and that's it. Comes on when you put it in reverse or if you turn it on manually. Bump the idle up for winching duties or for when i have OBA will also come in handy. For bigger tires and re-gearing you are able to correct the speedo to. The is really to much to list. It looks tall on the dash but I find it does not impede sight lines for me.
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