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  1. I cannot make it due to that date being my wife's birthday. However Funtreks has updated that trail in their new book (3rd edition). It now starts from the staging area in the Table Mesa area (Little Pan) avoiding the gas pipeline route. /Woody 037-Black-Canyon-City-Overlook.gpx
  2. I am really sad that MBRP gave up on their Off Camber line of products. I have their rock rails on my 2008 JKUR and I like them because, they are good profile (no loss of clearance), frame mounted and body attached, offer side/body protection, and have bolt-on/off removable steps (my wife wants steps when she uses that Jeep). They also have a fairly clean look. I, not unlike @theksmith, like a non-flashy look to my vehicle. Although I give him the tip of the hat to having maybe a bit more OCD than I do about it.
  3. As an aside on where to purchase from... I just discovered that https://azwholesalemopar.com is an online front-end to Larry H Miller. You can order your parts on their site and save on shipping by choosing local pick-up at their Peoria location off west Bell/101. The prices on that site are as good as any have found online for OEM part ordering. Far cheaper than Quadratec for OEM parts.
  4. Picked up a Jeep Gladiator Mojave in August while out on vacation in southern Utah. Did some basic tinkering this weekend... Stock: Added wheels and tires earlier this month... Then this weekend added in-bed cargo management rails, Hi-Lift mount and Hi-Lift, hard tonneau cover, and (Rubicon) bed rock rails/sliders... The rock sliders were a "fun" install. I had to carve up the plastic bumper and remove a corner reinforcement part to make room for the slider bar and its bumper attachment bracket welds. The Rubicon's steal rear bumper apparently does not curve under as much as the plastic variants. And for those keeping score at home, yes I have a bad habit... Immediate ToDo's include: Replacing the factory AM/FM antenna with a AM/FM/CB using the Rugged Ridge mount bracket and signal splitter Running the Ham mag mount antenna wire in the cab for handheld radio; true mobile and hard mount antenna will come later Testing Bed-tent setup with tonneau cover
  5. Both @CAVU2 and I made it home safe. Thanks for a fun trip and help with the tire!
  6. Continuing where I left off on the hike.... Looking back as we finished the hike After many tries, finally got a shot with @theksmith in it in motion to complete the collection This could have been about the route behind or still in front of us If you have not picked up on the theme of the trip, here's a hint, water. Lots of water. Castle Hot Springs Resort. Looked pretty empty. View of Lake Pleasant as we neared the end of this wonderful adventure. Thanks to @4x4tographer for a great day!
  7. @4x4tographer put together an awesome run through the Wickenburg Mountains Saturday. The weather cooperated both before and during to make for a mostly conformable ride in some fun mildly challenging conditions. The clouds helped to create some dramatic landscape photos. Also in attendance: @ob1jeeper, @gold digger, @Ladybug, @gearhead, @theksmith Above and below, out first trail stop at one of the many Constellation mine sites. I never get tired of the Arizona views Our second stop was near this mine. As we approached the stopping point, there was some radio chatter about the Winnebago becoming @4x4tographer's next project. Dramatic cloud effects Also photographed from the second stop, Seal Mountain. Show above in context, left of center. Stamp mill remains of the second stop/mine. As we moved on, there were some race fans watching the jeeps pass. Here begins the theme of the trip, water Third stop. A break before the the first "real" water fording The water was still running high from the week's rain and, in particular, Friday's storms. This wash is the trail. Although nothing we drove through was more than two feet deep. But deep enough that if you stopped it would rock your vehicle. Pictures to probably not show your insurance agent Tower Mountain (Crown King) is the dark far away peak left of center Mountain view during lunch After lunch we drove by Buckhorn Springs where we stopped for a short hike More pictures to come in a comment to this post. I have about filled the 48.3MB limit.
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