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  1. They can be manually tuned by frequency or programmed with memory bank channels to work, yes. Depending on when the radios were manufactured, they may need to be unlocked in order to transmit on GMRS frequencies. GMRS is what most trail leaders prefer to use for caravan communications as more people have GMRS radios than have ham and ham licenses. If you want the F8HP radios programed for easy channel switching, you want this cable and CHIRP to program them, or know someone who has that setup and can program for you. You can program the radio from the radio's keypad, but it is a mild PITA. (See "Programming a Basic Simplex Channel" at the bottom of the page.) Here are the proper settings for the F8HP or any UV-5* radio in CHIRP, or for manual programming use, for all 22 GMRS channels:
  2. Hi @GTGallop, long time no see! Hopefully see you on a trail soon. My thoughts on adding in 6m is yet another antenna. Running GMRS off a dual band is already pushing against a little mismatch although it's yet to damage any of my Yaesu radios (that I've noticed). It'd be interesting to see how 6m "bends" in the narrow canyons. That's usually the only areas where I find that UHF/GMRS can start to drop coverage for any of our runs. /Woody
  3. Poking @theksmith and @gmookher did either of you have a fluid leak on the trail? Notice the rock just behind me, that appears fresh from the photo's perspective, but it isn't from me, I just double checked my entire underside.
  4. Got the Gopro footage processed and uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy! The video is 25 minutes long.
  5. Here the photos and videos I took as a Google Photos album. Select videos and images below. I am still working on the Gopro footage from my front bumper although a few of the stills below were extracted from that footage.
  6. Here are all of the picture of people and vehicles and few select scenery pictures. I took tons of scenery photos and I'm not sure any of them truly captures the beauty of the area. Some select images:
  7. Apparently I took a LOT of photos and it will take me time to sort them all out. I'll start with just he Redfield Canyon Cliff House itself. Here is a link to all of the photos of the house I took: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1BVCkzfSaHM9mjUAA Some selected photos... How challenging it is right now to see the house if you did not have an idea where it should be or were not looking for it Once you climb up The kitchen wing Bedroom wing The main room and to give you an impressions of how cavernous it is inside Really nice woodwork Nice sunroof ;) and view Kitchen Looking out the front door
  8. I have experienced relatedly similar issues modifying fire tables. If you want to use fire glass in a fire table bowl that came with lava rocks, you need to leave the lava rocks below the glass and up to the propane fire ring to allow for adequate free airflow. (You also need to keep the ignition chamber and sensor completely surrounded with lava rocks and not covered with glass.)
  9. Unfortunately the concept is not unique for the purposes of a patent. However, as one would expect of @theksmith the implementation is superb, and less expensive if you are a DYI type.
  10. It's a 360 camera. The waterfall from that perspective (note the video rotation). Note also that it fell as he started to climb.
  11. Quick Saturday run of Box Canyon (Florence) and Mineral Mountain Road to US 60. It was totally dry but still scenic. Recorded in 4k (GoPro) from the front bumper point of view.
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