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  1. @4x4tographer, I am going to have to stand down due to changes with work. Please remove me from the list for this trip. /Woody
  2. My opinion of the AntiRock: trying to be everything, it's not really great at anything. Ultimately it's just a really soft (anti)swaybar. You slightly compromise your on road stability without being to go all ultra sexy flexy. And they charge you premium bucks for it. FYI, per the AntiRock installation manual, you have to trim the bumper bracket on a Rubicon. May or may not apply to an aftermarket bumper. The manual also suggests other trimming may be required. See my previously stated opinion above on unnecessary vehicle modifications when other/better options exist. The AutoLYNX costs less, does not compromise on road stability, and may only slightly compromise sexy flexy, or may not even compromise that depending on your suspension setup. And if you want max flex, like @theksmith mentions, you could enhance them with lower (manual) disconnect pins. Disclaimer: I have manual disconnects on the Rubi electronic swaybar on my 2008 JKUR, and (8.5") AutoLYNX on the 2020 JTM. I think my wife might have grumbled something about leaving her 2015 JKUR alone.
  3. For a JL or JT, there is also the consideration of modifying your front axle. Manual sway bar disconnects require you to remove a mounting tab on the passenger side that supports the factory sway bar link. The AutoLynx solution allows you a “disconnect” that keeps your front axle unmolested. I just installed a set on my Mojave Gladiator (JT) this weekend. I actually bought a set of manual disconnects (JKS), but saw the AutoLynx solution before I got around to taking the grinder to the front axle. I will almost always choose a solution that requires the least modification to the vehicle’s factory design. The extra convenience or laziness factor is a bonus!
  4. What were the recently added feature on your must have list? (Enquiring minds want to know)
  5. The RAM plate is plastic and it is bolted to the overhead plastic. The weight support for the overhead plastic beam of a JK is limited. It holds that radio head (FTM 400) great without deformation or deflection, but not so much for my old Garmin Monterra GPS, which is a brick. It would probably support a phone, but not much else.
  6. I’ll raise my hand after the previous event attendees have their say. /Woody
  7. iPhone 12 Pro Max using a 67D dash kit and phone holder with the native iPhone camera app. The stability management is entirely in the iPhone's camera hardware and software.
  8. I finally had some time to process and upload videos. Here are select photos and videos I took.
  9. @CAVU2 running a tight section of Charouleau Gap. Pardon my crappy filmmaking.
  10. Full Video of @theksmith's run on the Step
  11. I didn't take it as a critique. I was agreeing with you and lamenting that what I see is not what I am able to show.
  12. Here are some select pictures I took while on the run. /bad pun Break time after the recently plowed part of the trail. (Plowed for fire access?) Biosphere 2 from the backside (camera was level with the Mojave's dashboard) As we came up to the rescue location Rescue pictures: "Feeling cute, might delete later." Back on the trail Mt Lemmon and the fire damage Back country traffic jam Gadget on the step Mojave crawl through the creek Tire carnage repair Well that would have been nice to know sooner Going around Kissing Rock (camera is level to the Mojave's dashboard)
  13. I have always had an issue trying to get video and pictures to show "reality". Trying to pull real texture out of images and video has me stumped.
  14. I have also scored a permit and would like to sign up. /Woody
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