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  1. Free to good home My wife just completed her Technician License and no longer needs her dead tree edition of Craig "Buck" K4IA's "Pass Your AMATEUR RADIO Technician Class Test the Easy Way". The book is good for Technician License tests taken prior to July 1st 2022. It does show the wear of good (successful!) use. It is (in my opinion) an easy read and tells you exactly what you need to know to pass the exam and not one bit more. It is written on Craig's philosophy that you should only ever study the correct answers and never have ever seen the wrong ones (the test is 100% multiple choice). The first part of the book is all the questions with correct answers only in story form written as his journey into and through HAM Radio. The second part of the book is just the questions and correct answers only as review. I tell most people that you need only read this book cover to cover once and go immediately take the test. You will pass. I used an older version of this same book to pass my Technician test and also an older version of his General License the Easy Way book to pass my general. Parting note, the wonderful guys from the Thunderbird Amateur Radio Club (W7TBC) offer the tests for free on a monthly basis.
  2. January 2022: Having acquired a drone (DJI Air 2s) and spinning up through all the legally required steps, you now not only required to have your drone registered with the FAA (registration number on the drone's shell, and a copy of your registration on your person) but you now are required to carry on your person a copy of your TRUST certificate which shows that you learned, or at least clicked through, all those part 107 exception rules and requirements that @4x4tographer listed above.
  3. Let's plan such a trip? I'm interested. A personal goal this year is to test and expand my personal skills, screw comfort zones. And I too have (in theory) a more capable vehicle...
  4. Looking to the far future, the El Camino del Diablo run on 11/11/2022 (through 11/13) is suitable for full-size rigs. The signup list is full, but standby can take as many people who are interested. People on the "in list" drop out all the time for all sorts of reasons. Your biggest challenges on ECdD, because of the stock height, will be: the playa section of the route may be difficult if the rutting on the trail is deep (trying to ride above the ruts is "fun") the section of loose rocks leading into the mine area near the end of the run is probably going to scratch up your underbelly good Outside of those two challenges, and having off-road tires that will withstand driving on tire-shredding lava rock, it's really a 3-day "Sunday drive"*. I have done it in my Jeep Gladiator which is still stock height other than having the factory M/T 33s ("C" load range) replaced with M/T 35s ("D" load range). It really depends on your risk tolerance level and driving skill. * If the the trail is wet, all of this is out the window and the driving level will get more intense (those ruts in the playa got there for a reason). If it's too wet we will reschedule.
  5. Maricopa County gas has a number of additives that have a very short self life, mainly ethanol. These additives, when stale, like to plug carburetor jets. I had this problem with my motorcycles. My Honda Shadow carb was more resistant (not immune) to plugging, but my Yamaha TW200 carb would plug on three month old gas. I found mixing in fresh gas was not sufficient to save the Yamaha, only draining the tank and starting completely fresh. With the Honda, I could usually but not always mix in fresh gas and deal with a grumpy carb for a while until enough fresh gas flow dissolved the gunk. I tried a number of additives, both in arrears and preventive, and found nothing worked for my Yamaha carb. Having the experience of dropping a fuel tank on an old Chrysler K car, I feel for the pain that may lie ahead of you. In my experience, you can safely (properly?) dispose of the stale gas by mixing it in any fuel injected vehicle in small batches. In small doses, in a pressure fed fuel nozzle, it does not create plug problems.
  6. Shelley took a video of the top crane in action and sent it to our nephew, his response is priceless.
  7. Cleaned the Jeep today to remove all the Cherry Creek mud. Discovered that I have sufficiently broken in the paint job with lots of pinstripe. After cleaning, I Installed the next “mod”, a soft top. Picked one up this morning from an online discussion. Got to put the top crane Shelley bought me for the JK to use on the JL. Signed up for the Red Creek run. I’m a happy camper.
  8. Edit: Marking as SOLD Sailcloth, clear windows. Has all required hardware for installation. Includes roll cage brackets so it will install on any year JKU (2007 - 2018) Has a light embedded Sedona red dust coating for a unique color. Asking $100 on FB Marketplace, I’ll let it go for $50 to an ORP member.
  9. Mapping setup with the Garmin 700i inReach and an iPad Mini with Gaia. The phone mount is raised up and turned sideways for quick landscape photos and videos while driving. Normally it sits upright slightly in front of the AC vent to stay cool in the Arizona sun.
  10. A new toy I got, in December actually, but will finally get to play with this weekend, a Garmin Montana 700i (inReach). It comes with Garmin’s standard City Navigator maps and with Open Street Maps along with Garmin’s topography maps. Being an inReach device, it has satellite communications and SOS functionality, with a subscription fee of course. But it is peace of mind for communication in a remote emergency. You can share your location with everyone while also sharing messaging or restricting messaging to a limited set of contacts. You can follow along with me at https://share.garmin.com/SonoranWanderer. I am still learning how to get it to show my location and past path on that map. I mounted it using the D67 Series 55 rail and the Garmin “motorcycle” mount for the 700i. The motorcycle mount has bare wires for power. And I tied those into the Jeep’s auxiliary wiring/switches via a powerwerx quick disconnect plug. The 700i turns on and off with the Jeep’s ignition.
  11. Having lived temporarily out of a vehicle in colder weather, it was then and still is now my policy that I run the vehicle, get it nice and toasty (hot as I can really), turn it off, sleep until the cold wakes me up, rinse lather, repeat. The sleep isn't great, but it beats permanent sleep. I have this policy regardless of new or old vehicle. I do just cannot bring myself to trust being anywhere near emissions and an enclosed space. It is really worth noting that we drive vehicle we abuse to put it nicely. So aside from any potential manufacturer defects in the exhaust pipeline, consider leaks we put in that pipeline with the rocks we drive our vehicles over. I know the resonator approximately under the back seat of my 1yo 2020 gladiator has the ever living crap beat out of it from the last ledge on the Backway to Crown King.
  12. My guess would be the Engine Run Time timer on the EVIC. On the JKs with the advanced EVIC, it's part of the normal data rotation and can be reset by a long press of the Enter/OK button. On the older JKs, with the basic dash, it's in the RPM display rotation and can be reset by holding the rotation button down for an extended press. On the JL and JT, engine run time is part of the A/B trip counters.
  13. If I was going to go with a pure, part 95E certified GMRS 50w radio, the Wouxun KG-1000G GMRS for $369 would be my pick (a serious GMRS power-user radio). Although when you factor in the programming cable and an antenna, it's not actually cheaper than the Midland MXT500. I also like the detachable head. I really don't want a radio body anywhere in the front of my cab. But I am not going to, because I have other 50w radios that can also do GMRS https://www.buytwowayradios.com/wouxun-kg-1000g.html
  14. That's why I put LoD Armor Lite sliders with detachable drop steps, otherwise my wife will never ride in my JL or the Gladiator. Her JL has Amp Research steps.
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