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  1. Jk just threw po405. 91975 miles. Figure it's time for an egr. Did it fix yours?
  2. Another member here from OV... Welcome...
  3. Here's what I was driving when I moved out here from Washington in 2004.
  4. Used cat back exhaust system, 2dr jk with 3.8 aftermarket exhaust, rear bumper dump, mid mounted resonator no actual muffler. 100.00 Modified factory air box. Hole cut in one side for improved breathing 20.00 or free with exhaust. 4 16 inch wheels steel, jk bolt pattern, 40.00 great for winter tires. And like everyone else, 1 jk rear bumper usual wear 25.00 1. Garmin E trek hand held gps, great for geo caching or using as trip tracker/ speedometer. Will take 40.00 or make an offer.
  5. Add me please.. Would be nice to finally get to run Cinders with people who know where there going..
  6. Does one of the windshield banners come automatically with premium membership?
  7. Jeep is installing free tranny coolers on Jks. Certain years with auto trannies due to issues arising from tranny fluid getting to hot. Anyone smell smoke?
  8. Calm down, calm down, Roy your a great guy, and friend even though I don't see you much.. So sorry if the statement sounded really harsh, was not trying to offend anyone just giving an old friend a hard time. To, anyone including Roy if I offended you I'm sorry. Was not meant to be mean, it was meant to be the exact opposite. So speaking of not seeing you in a while I'm wheeling flagstaff and Sedona areas 1st week on July if your interested in coming up and hitting some trails.
  9. Roy I'm interested but I don't get my bonus at work until July. Would you be willing to work something out? Rex
  10. I'm going to be in Flagstaff for a few days. I'll have my wife, my Jeep and my mountain bike. I really don't want to set plans in stone, but looking for someone to wheel and bike with while I'm up there as I'm really against doing either by myself. As of right now we really don't have any plans set other than being there and having a great little vacation.
  11. 4x4NDAD


    Google 4X4NDAD or search it on Facebook. I can't figure out how to get more than 1 image to post at a time. Looking forward to doing some runs.
  12. 4x4NDAD


    Well my old rig. Now driving a 08 Jk 2dr.
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