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  1. @dzJeepChic, i managed to get those posts moved into the photos thread. however it keeps them in the order they were originally posted - i can't find any way to re-order them, oh well!
  2. yes, we could really use lots of tables and shelter. G & D and i have 2 ez-ups, but that won't fit the entire group. it's pretty common this time of year to get an hour long storm in the afternoons up there. otherwise the forecast looks great at 75 to 80 for highs and around 55 for the low!
  3. I ran across a good article on the Reward Mine and surrounding points of interest. The mine is known for the fact that you can actually drive into it for about half a mile. It is in the middle of nowhere - but I'd love to make this a stop on some other trip eventually. Drivingline.com article: JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH AT REWARD MINE More photos, videos and GPS info for the Reward Mine is available on the Trails Offroad site.
  4. indeed - it's a great way to meet the group! even if you don't want to camp you could drive up Saturday and hang out for the games, contests, and campfire. oh, and welcome to the Club!
  5. thanks @Bradywgn71 (Chris) and @kaspily (Sarah) for leading a good overnighter on Charouleau Gap. the trail is very overgrown and several areas are really washed out, i'd definitely rate this as a "difficult" currently. a good lift with excellent articulation is key - my JK Unlimited was on 2 wheels several times with its 4" short arm lift and 35's. it ended up just being Chris & Sarah, myself and @gearhead - just like 5 or 6 years ago when we did this same run together! since i didn't take any photos, all i can offer you is links to Sarah's videos of myself and Chris on "The Step" obstacle (if you have a Facebook account): Gadget: https://www.facebook.com/sbnale/videos/10156829811653710/ Hope: https://www.facebook.com/sbnale/videos/10156829131113710/
  6. completely agree with @Number7 - for a small budget lift, the factory shocks with spacers are a better way to go than a lot of the cheap shocks out there, same goes for the coils IMO.
  7. so @Curly, it sounds like you might be the first one to claim the site for us - depending on what time you would get there Thursday?
  8. some thoughts and a little more info on how the Easyguard works... note that you can temporarily disable the entire PKE feature by pressing the brake pedal while the engine is running and holding down the lock and unlock buttons on the fob for a second. same procedure to re-enable it. this personally is my biggest complaint as when i do want to disable PKE (like when working on the rig in the garage), i have to start it up for just a second. however, pressing the lock button on the fob also disables PKE until you unlock with the fob button. i just wish there was a way to leave it unlocked and disable PKE without having to start it first. so - there are 3 antennas. one "long range" antenna only responds to the buttons on the fob - so that would be unaffected by your plan and could continue to allow you to lock/unlock/remote-start with the fob buttons. the other 2 "close range" antennas are the ones that sense the fob when nearby. you can plug in just one of these close range antennas and things still work fine, just with limited range. however, even with both plugged in (and properly positioned according to the instructions) - the range is typically only maybe 5 feet with all the radio-frequency noise of an urban environment. out in the wilderness the range extends and sometimes i might come within 15 feet even and the doors unlock. so my thought is, what if you only plugged in one of the close range antennas, and put it inside the driver door panel instead of up high on the window. that would probably limit the range so much that you would need to be standing right next to that door for it to unlock - or sitting in the driver seat for it to stay unlocked and start (more on that in a second). certainly seems worth a try before getting more complicated. and here are the slight kinks in your plan that i see. as soon as you disconnect the close range antenna, the Easyguard re-locks the doors. even worse, you couldn't start the car... see the push-to-start button only works when the close range antenna can see the fob. this is of course what keeps someone from breaking in and driving away. however, depending on a dip switch setting on the Easyguard, you can have it only check for the fob when you first push-to-start and not keep checking once running - so that setting helps with your idea... so your plan could work but i think would require some additional parts beyond a single switch. at the very least i'm thinking your door handle switch would activate a delayed-off timer to reconnect the antenna, giving yourself a few minutes to get in and start the car. also might want to use a relay in such a way that when the car is in Accessory or ON mode (but not running), the antenna stays connected too so that you could then eventually start the car without getting out to push the door handle switch again (i.e. if you were hanging out in the rig for a while with the radio on waiting for someone).
  9. ...and we're still working on the details! tonight's changes included: - improved the layout/styling of the Runs, Trips & Events (Adventures) page, making it easier to read event titles and tell which info goes with which event. - allow more login attempts before automatically locking an account. if you're having a fat-finger or temporary-amnesia moment, you're less likely to get locked out now! - minor fixes to alignment and coloring of several items throughout the Discussions area. - minor styling fixes in the mobile (phone) version of the site.
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