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  1. interesting! is the J8 not used by our own military?
  2. well the 2 Liter kit of Raptor Liner i got didn't got as far as i had thought ! i only got a little over half done, so i ordered a couple more bottles. i was able to coat 1 side and the edges of everything plus the second sides on a couple boards. i'm pretty happy with how it came out, especially considering i only bought the $17 standard spray gun. i cranked the pressure up to 70 PSI, which is a little higher than recommended - but i'd read it would give a finer texture and it did. you can't go too high or it blows out so much material so fast that you lose the texture again. apparently you can get an even finer grain if you spring for the $75 adjustable gun, or mix with reducer and use an HVLP gun. at the 70PSI, i ended up needing to hold it a good 12+ inches from the surface and move pretty fast to keep it from getting "muddy". i still ended up with that smooth look in some corners where i overlapped too many times: i used 3M 18mm automotive refinish masking tape over any screw heads that need to come back out still. each piece of tape was removed with a pick tool about 30 minutes after spraying. this whole strip will be covered with a piano hinge: yesterday i also spray painted several areas black where i needed to tape over a screw head but was worried that the uncoated edge might not be fully covered up by a hinge or whatnot. here's one more photo showing the overall texture and sheen. now i'm super anxious as i've got this nearly ready-to-assemble project but the rest of the Raptor Liner isn't going to be here till Thursday!
  3. hopefully it makes a durable final surface. i'd read somewhere that you aren't supposed to use the Raptor liner directly on bare metal or wood. Killz primer can be top coated with oil-based, latex, or pretty much any other sort of paint you can think of so i think it will be ok for the Raptor.
  4. fridge slide done! i used a couple sections of 1-1/2" x 1/8" thick angle aluminum and more 1/2" plywood to create the tray. the right slide bolts to the drawer case, and the left slide attaches to a 2" x 1/8" thick piece of angle aluminum (which then bolts down to the base). the slides attach to the aluminum with a copious number of rivet nuts thanks to the Tacklife Rivet Nut tool i bought a while back. IMO, rivnuts just make things easier to assemble than having to use a bunch of actual nuts and washers. that middle section of plywood was left out for weight savings. 2 short vertical sections of plywood are there for strength near where the fridge will eventually tie down to 4 footman loops. a ton of pocket hole screws were used again to tie the wood pieces together. then i countersunk flat-head screws into bottom of the aluminum rails to hold them to the wood. the little section of tray at the end is for an old laptop bag that holds most of my recovery gear. i've kept the bag there for a long time as it's the perfect pyramid shape for that space and i can easily get to it by flipping down the back seat. having it on the slide just gives me another way to access it.
  5. glad you posted a build thread - you've got a really clean rig! i never even realized your LED fender marker lights weren't factory, nice upgrade. IMO the incandescent ones look out of place on the modern Jeep body. you might check out Maxpedition, Blue Ridge Overland Gear, and 511 Tactical
  6. i have a few minor maintenance/fix items i need to take care of soon but i've been very busy lately working on a new rear storage, fridge slide & sleep platform... also recently did a sunset run to Harquahala Mountain thanks to @4x4tographer
  7. i re-used the same thin magnetic catches from my previous platform to keep the sleep platform sections together when folded up. recessed 1/8" x 1" aluminum strips rest against a couple rubber stops that i screwed to the FrontRunner shelf. i used 1" round furniture leg glides for these. the whole platform wedges pretty securely between the seat-back and the shelf. however, after a test drive on a good washboard road, i did find that it could still slide to one side and loosen up on the take-apart hinges just enough to make a slight rattle. to prevent that i added these small black right-angle brackets to each stop. and with that, the sleep platform is all done except for final painting. i also started making the fridge slide last night - the end to this whole project is finally in sight!
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