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  1. new oil analysis report from Blackstone Laboratories
  2. just putting this bit of knowledge here for one day when we need a new battery... the diesel WK2 has an L5/H8/Group 49 battery instead of the L4/H7/Group 94R. to upsize to the slightly longer L5, you just need a different hold-down bracket - part number #68039242AA (about $5). why? because the L4 typically has 800CCA/140RC where as most L5 have 850CCA/160RC, and the L5 is only about $10 more. that extra reserve capacity could come in handy if running a fridge, lunchbox, etc.
  3. i was able to get the plastic storage bins back in the spare tire area with just a little trimming. not a huge deal, but nice to have them so things don't get lost under the tire. the inner edge of the plastic was turned down and adding just a little too much thickness as well as making them too stiff to allow the middle to squeeze into place with the bigger tire. here's all i needed to cut off with the jigsaw (still a really tight fit, but they can be shoved down in there now)!
  4. got the front windows and sunroofs tinted today: sittin' pretty with Gadget:
  5. yes, using AlfaOBD - though it took a little trial and error to figure out the exact process... the steps were a little different than what i found on the Ram forums. i'll have to double-check my process and do a little write-up later.
  6. Gadget was feeling a little down-n-dirty compared to her new boujee roomate, so she got a mini-detail at the carwash today!
  7. until
    Join me for an exploratory Arizona winter run in the low desert with 1 night of dispersed (tent) camping and three moderate 4x4 trails around Mammoth, AZ. Club Members: Sign-up & more info here...
  8. great editing @4x4tographer - i love the quick Jeep shots timed to the beat, and that you included the cows!
  9. a V8 diesel!? what sort of fuel efficiency do you typically get?
  10. i double checked that there wasn't any rubbing even with the wheels turned and the suspension in the lowest setting (Park/Exit)... just barely clears the bulge for the pinch seam: front edge clears the plastic fender piece easily: these 265/65R18 tires work out to about 31.5" overall, i think you could clear up to a 32" if you avoided Park/Exit mode (on 8.5" wide +30 offset wheels). here she is at the tallest suspension setting (Offroad 2):
  11. i like a UHF (PL-259) style mount because you can often use a regular CB antenna bracket and just drill the hole a little larger. the Diamond Antenna C213 is both a cable and UHF antenna mount - you'd just need a bracket. i've used the 38" Diamond NR770HB antenna on multiple rigs and it performs great, it's dual-band so would work well with your radio. lately, when i remember to put the antenna on , i've been running a Comet SS-680SB since it's only 27" and fits in my garage. it's also dual-band and works well, but the Diamond definitely picks up from longer distances.
  12. wheels: 18x8.5 Black Rhino Mozambique with a +30 offset in Matte Black tires: Falken Wildpeak A/T3W in 265/65R18 (approximately 31.5") there doesn't seem to be any rubbing with this tire size and wheel width/offset (and having leveled-up the front end already). i've never had Falken brand tires before but Nena at Barlow Jeep Rentals uses them on all her rigs. the A/T3W appear to be "real" all-terrains yet are supposedly very highway friendly and rate well for rain and snow. here's a couple photos showing how much reveal this particular width/offset gives: we had Discount Tire install the same tire on the factory 18" spare steel rim. after airing it down to 20PSI, i was able to still latch the cover on the spare compartment. a small air compressor and hose also fit in with the factory tools and jack, but the plastic storage bins didn't. i think i can get the bins to fit with a little trimming though.
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