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  1. finally got most of the mud cleaned off from our Woodchute Trail run - there really wasn't a lot, but i swear it seemed like it was Elmer's Glue based!
  2. finished with that little project! here's the original bracket i made back in 2018 to mount a Geri container on the Teraflex Alpha Tire Carrier Hinge: and now, extended upwards: so my fuel or water tank can still site about the same place as before, or i can quickly move it up a notch if i'm on a difficult run and worried about dragging the tail. normal: high-clearance mode: i also drilled one of the Geri latches to fit a small lock so as to discourage the can from just up and walking away! the Geri water/fuel cans and latches are made by Expedition One.
  3. For many years we did the Gala at the Cinders OHV area in September and there was almost always a daily afternoon shower, but they typically only lasted an hour or two. I'd expect similar weather for the Williams area. We'll have several pop-ups and awnings for the group to hang-out under. As long as you have a decent tent with a rain-fly, I wouldn't be concerned. Typically there's more tent campers than RV's, and we've always been in a tent for this event ourselves.
  4. maps for those still using a traditional GPS device or the Garmin Basecamp software: https://www.gpsfiledepot.com/
  5. nice Colorado resource: https://staythetrail.org/map/ https://staythetrail.org/mvum/
  6. this trail was already on my "someday" list, thanks for sharing your experience with it! i understand there are a lot of side-trips you can take off the main route too.
  7. were you able to get a hold of @JeepUniq?
  8. couple of neat moody photos of Gadget from @4x4tographer taken on our Woodchute Trail run...
  9. glad you all came out, it was a good run - too bad we didn't get any water to play in though! also thank you for sharing your photos Sarah @Bradywgn71 & Sue @We Just Go - and thanks to @4x4tographer for handling tailgun!
  10. prolly a high of 65 and rainy off and on all day - don't forget your jackets! see you all in a few hours.
  11. been working on extending my custom spare water/fuel bracket to be able to mount the can a little higher if i'm on a difficult trail (so the bottom corner doesn't catch on any boulders or ledges):
  12. unfortunately i didn't save my inners when i had those upgraded... but, i'm upgrading the stubs next month while re-gearing. i'll save them for you and if you can't find a complete set somewhere else then you can have these stub-shafts plus u-joints and only need to buy some inners. i still have my stock Rubicon rear shafts if you want them.
  13. just to have for spares or did you break something!?
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