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  1. thank you @4x4tographer for letting Gadget be part of your photoshoot - these look badass! i made some tweaks to this one, so if anything is off then that's all my fault - no reflection on Ryan's abilities!
  2. Joe replaced all of the rockers and lifters on the passenger side with new Mopar parts. i had one rocker that was completely toast, and a couple more that were just starting to get loose. the bearings in the rocker arms just seem to disintegrate over time, then you get a sloppy roller on the arm that is smacking around and you hear a ticking sound. you also get poor performance or even a misfire DTC since a valve isn't opening completely. the bearing failure lets the edges of the rocker arm eat grooves into the edges of the cam lobe, but the camshaft is still usually salvageable in that case. however, eventually the roller will freeze up and then it wears away the entire width of the cam lobe and you need a new camshaft. the problem can occur any time, though it seems to happen more often on high mileage vehicles from my casual research. i think it happened to me the first time at under 20k miles, and Joe has also seen it on rigs in the 20k mile range. i don't know if it's still happening on the 3rd Gen 3.6L that's in the JL/JT platform or not, but apparently that engine has quite a few design differences. no-one has offered any theories as to why it happens to some people's engines more often than others. the current Mopar part number for the rockers ends with "AH" - meaning they've revised the design or changed manufactures 8 times! no-one seems to have a proven long-term solution. there's no aftermarket rockers that claim a better or even different design, no add-ons to direct oil onto them differently, just nothing really. Joe suggests that it may help to do 3k mile oil changes using a thinner 0w20 weight synthetic oil along with Mopar filters and overfilling a 1/4 to 1/2 quart. i've been doing all of that for a while and still had the problem... though mine could have started wearing out before i switched to his recommendations. i always had the dealer do the oil changes at 5k mile intervals beforehand. i've never missed or prolonged any service interval. i think this was my 4th time needing one or more rocker arms replaced. the first time Jeep gave me an entire new head assembly on one side. after that i think they only replaced the actual worn-out rocker arms and lifters each time under warranty. Joe always replaces all of the arms and lifters on whichever head he has to get into. i don't remember which times were in which head previously, but this time it was the passenger side. sorry for the long response, hopefully it helps other people that might be looking for answers.
  3. Gadget's back home and my wallet's a little lighter! but for realz, Joe at @OnPointOffroad is always honest and more than fair with his prices. he finished ahead of schedule, and took great care of Gadget. she's got all new rocker arms and lifters on the passenger side. we fortunately caught the issue early enough to escape needing new cams. in other news... this morning @4x4tographer let me tag along on a little photo-shoot of his rig, "Oki". i think he wanted to document it looking badass with the new lift and wheels/tires before he gets any more trail rash from drunk side-by-side drivers! Ryan brought out his professional photo equipment and also did some test video using his new DJI gimbal. i grabbed this exclusive behind-the-scenes shot of the artist at work: he also took several shots of Gadget. here's a teaser photo from my phone of one of the locations - i can't wait to see all his finished pro-level photos!
  4. please add me to standby for now - need to check my calendar before i can commit
  5. this was bought for long road trips and occasional forest roads, so no. besides, Freya is the goddess of Beauty as well, so any battle scars would immediately be buffed out!
  6. @aimee finally chose a name for this pavement princess: "Freya" Freya is the norse goddess of love, war, beauty, and magic. she leads the Valkyries in to battle, and fittingly, rides a chariot pulled by two cats.
  7. photo update from Joe during Gadget's surgery: btw, i blame @mynr1 - Gadget was fine till she hung out with his cursed rig at camping a few weekends ago!
  8. #vanlife was so 2019. now we're #cardening: article here... big city life and a long commute got you down? what better way to re-connect with nature than by growing your own carden!
  9. Aimee let me drive it some since Gadget isn't feeling well, so of course i stop and take random photos
  10. theksmith

    2001 tj

    sounds promising, looking forward to your real-world test results!
  11. finally had a moment to watch this video - GREAT job @4x4tographer!!!
  12. i doubt they'd ever abandon IFS, but maybe they will bring it back if the Bronco does well. that would be awesome, more competition in the 4wd trail-worthy category is a win for all consumers.
  13. @TrashPanda - i'm the aforementioned other big white guy that wheels in shorts & flops - oh and i spell Kristoffer with a K as well!
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