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  1. over the weekend i took nearly everything out of the rear cargo area trying to isolate a new noise... i know, shocker! i haven't found the culprit yet - but i did inadvertently find and fix: a loose shock bolt a spot where the evap canister relocation bracket was rubbing a rattle in the tailgate a squeak in the Front Runner shelf
  2. not going to make it again this year after all - just too much going on and too close to our Dirt Gala to deal with possible carnage. have a great time and can't wait to see the photos!
  3. thanks @gearhead for organizing and leading a great night run. we had a good turn-out, including @scottL's nephew Drew in his brand spankin' new pimp-mobile (an all black Gladiator on 37's)! hard to photograph night runs, only managed to get one shot that wasn't just a blur:
  4. who all is bringing kids and what ages? my Brady will be there, but 15 hardly qualifies as a kid anymore i guess - his friend with a JKU (16yo) is supposed to be attending as well. don't forget to bring pumpkins and something to carve them with if you want to enter the contest! (details are in the first post of this thread)
  5. welcome! this is a perfect first-event where you all can meet some regulars and see what Offroad Passport's all about. if you have any questions about what to bring or expect, just ask!
  6. add @scottL too please (he's having issues using the site on his phone)
  7. I had not heard this! know any details? ...their Google business/maps entry and their website both just say "temporarily closed".
  8. that's what i said! if you park near each other it's like a little dessert tray!
  9. if it rains too much we'll have to change the campsite location again, so i'm actually hoping it doesn't! i'm fine with the propane fire-pits.
  10. sign me up please! ...i'll try not to drive into a hole this time!
  11. very interested, but really depends on how long of a day that turns out to be
  12. i think the @Bradywgn71s are coming up that that afternoon as well. i plan to be up there crack-o-dawn on Thursday to lay claim for us. there are 2 to 3 large flat-ish areas within the first 1/2 mile before the road gets rough, so we should be ok.
  13. ...i mean even more than now!
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