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  1. i'll take these items please: Bag of common trail repair 3.8L engine parts (hose, belt, tensioner, idle pulley) 3.8L fan control module thanks Woody!
  2. after sounds better for sure, IMO anyway by the time i sold Lafawnduh, i was getting tired of the volume from the Flowmaster Delta Flow 50 with the immediate turn-down.
  3. i got the front axle rotation dialed in. my only limiting factor for caster now (thanks to the locking hubs preventing highway vibes) is the operating angle on the front-most drive shaft u-joint. specifically the Neapco 1350 slip-yoke side of that joint claims a max of 20*. my first guess on length for the lower control arms put that joint about 21* at full axle droop (pinion was down ~3* and DS was at ~18*). it actually seemed to rotate without binding, but that didn't allow any room for bushings to compress, etc. ...so i shortened the lower arms a full turn to reduce that angle just a bit and called it good. i ended up with somewhere around 8.5* of caster at ride height, which really improved tracking on the freeway. i love how she drives now - without the vibration i keep going faster than i realize though!
  4. privacy codes are useful - but we have a lot of members that aren't even comfortable with how to set the correct frequency!
  5. i made B a good deal on my old wheels and so after several trips to Discount tire to swap rims/tires around on both our rigs, here's Fiona's snazzy new look:
  6. the new lower control arm is installed and i adjusted the caster quite a bit, still dialing it in though. the custom brake lines finally shipped out yesterday and are supposed to arrive Monday.
  7. check this out, appears to be a "civilized" dry-cut chop saw without need for aftermarket or DIY table/clamp setups. i have no personal experience with it, but a quick search comes up with mostly positive reviews. https://store.evolutionpowertools.com/products/evolution-s355mcs-mitre-chop-saw-heavy-duty-metal-cutting
  8. lol, my jeep needs to go on a diet. that's not enough lighter than my current front-runner shelf to bother with changing everything though. thanks for checking - good luck with the sale!
  9. 10.9 is hard to find locally sometimers, and Jeep also likes to use non-common thread pitches on some of their larger bolts that make those a PITA to source. FYI, the Paradise Valley Ace Hardware has one of the better fastener selections of any nearby.
  10. never had one even feel remotely loose when removing them. it could be the additional contact area of the countersunk head helping hold them in, or maybe i'm using one too many ugga duggas? i've never had one of the factory bolts down there back out either though (i don't use anti-seize on them)...
  11. thanks! the lines and colors in the photo made me think of this:
  12. thanks Jim, I had not seen that drag link socket before!
  13. "The only way you can predict the future is to build it." ~ Alan Kay Everyone please join me in wishing George and Diane well on their next adventure! I'm going to miss having you two as partners immensely, but am happy to know you'll be fulfilling a new dream. We've worked together so well over these past 13+ years to foster a great community. Thank you so much for all the love and hard work you've put into Offroad Passport. I will continue to look after the website and club with the same dedication you've always shown. I want to assure all our members, who are the life-blood of Offroad Passport, that nothing else is changing. The site will still look the same for the foreseeable future. We'll still have the Gala, the Holiday Party, and all the other exciting adventures that we're known for.
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