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  1. yes, that's a win for cheap chinese/korean radios like Baofeng. all the big brand ham units (Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom, etc.) will not do GMRS frequencies without being modified. for some it's a hardware mod, others can be setup for GMRS just by programming though.
  2. a ham radio and license can still be an asset. however, most folks aren't willing to invest the time into studying-for and then taking the test to get that license. GMRS radios are common, inexpensive, don't require a test for the license, yet have comparable clarity to most 2m ham communications - so they've pretty much replaced CB in all but a few clubs. so yes, we're slowly moving to GMRS capable radios as a "standard" for the club. an external antenna would not be required, but is beneficial when the group gets really spread out
  3. FYI, the 1 night Red Creek adventure is now taking standby sign-ups. There's still room on tomorrow's Cherry Creek day run for a few last minute folks to join though!
  4. Offroad Passport did a week adventuring around the Sand Hollow area back in 2019 (see link below). we hit mostly easy to moderate stuff, including that stunning Toquerville Falls trail. however, the actual Sand Hollow OHV area is better known for it's difficult to extreme level rock crawling. i'd like to go back now that Gadget has grown up and do more of that.
  5. though the red-rock looks similar, this was at Sand Hollow near Hurricane, UT - over 300 miles from Moab.
  6. Thanks for asking! You've got the clearance, but... Unfortunately the current state of the obstacles on both of these trails require a smaller truck/suv (FJ Cruiser, Wrangler, maybe an older Tacoma, etc.). Red Creek has always been a tight fit in places even for a Jeep. Cherry Creek used to be fine for full-size rigs, but there are a few washouts now that your track-width might not make it through. I think the upcoming KOFA trip would be OK for a large pickup, but the sign-up list is currently full (with 1 person on standby). I'll look over the list of upcoming Club adventures and see what else might be suitable for a full-size rig.
  7. mine expires in December every year and so it's easy to remember when to renew, but i also appreciate the email reminder from the state!
  8. Join us! Our Cherry Creek day run (this weekend) and Red Creek overnight run (in 2 weeks) have a few spots still open! If you're on the fence about joining the club or which trips to take time for, let me assure you these are worth it! They're both unique and epic photo-worthy destinations here in central Arizona, and this is likely one of your last chances to run these trails with a group. Both trails are permanently closed by the new Tonto Travel Management Plan that's already been approved. We've been informed by the National Forest Service that the closures will be enforced later this year when new Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) are published. Please note these are Offroad Passport Club members-only events. The club is a bunch of helpful folks with 4x4 rigs of all types and it's a safe, responsible way to hit the trails. Click here to upgrade your membership! If you have any questions at all about the club, or these trips - just ask!
  9. me too! he's got a packed school schedule and a part-time job, so finding time to work on it with him is difficult, but he seems to love it when we do.
  10. not personally. though in my research the brand Boyo has come up a few times as having inexpensive but decent cameras/screens - a few steps above the random generic brands on Amazon. i usually trust the reviews and details provided on Crutchfield.com when shopping for audio/video. something like this for a Jeep or car might work well and be a clean install: https://www.crutchfield.com/p_707VT1743M/Boyo-VTC1743M-Bundle.html?tp=83 or, if you have an RV or trailer you want to put a camera on, then you're probably looking for a quality wireless system with a bigger screen? i would be hesitant to get a wireless system for a daily driver though. my concern would be the startup/switching time for all that extra technology. i find even the very minor initial delay on my Pioneer head-unit to be annoying... after cranking, it shows a "warning" screen briefly before it can do anything, including switching to the backup camera. once it's up and running, then it switches nearly instantly if shifted to reverse though. Brady has a BOSS head unit, and it's the same overall experience.
  11. theksmith

    Grunt's 93 YJ

    how's the rig doin @GRUNT? you ever gonna have time to wheel with us again? we miss ya!
  12. sounds like a great question for @Curly and @ob1jeeper... i'd guess at least mixing in a few gallons of fresh gas couldn't hurt.
  13. he has an aftermarket stereo with a dedicated backup camera input, so the generic camera just plugged right in (RCA style plug). then we tapped the reverse lights for power to the camera, so when you put it in reverse the camera comes alive and the head unit then sees a signal so it switches the screen to that input automatically.
  14. a few more minor updates... forgot to mention previously that B installed these locking hood hinges over the holidays: he also wanted to move the license plate to the spare tire and install a backup camera he got for Christmas, so we re-used my previous 3rd brake light LED strip along with a several new items: - Rear Spare Tire Mount License Plate Relocator Bracket - Custom Dynamics red (smoked lense) Truflex led strip - Super Bright Motorcycle License Plate Light - Aluminum Alloy License Plate Frames - AUTO-VOX Cam 6 Rear Reverse Backup Camera - Jeep Wrangler Rear License Plate Deletion Panel - JST SM Male and Female Plugs - wire, crimp connectors, heat-shrink, acrylic plates, and misc fasteners that i already had this weekend we also installed a set of Geometry Correction Drop Brackets. these correct caster after a lift which improves tracking and can also help prevent death wobble. a set of adjustable lower control arms could also be use to adjust caster without the small loss in clearance that these brackets cost. however, for the type of trails B will likely be doing in the near future, these are an inexpensive way to solve the problem and also help reduce the harshness of minor bumps since they lower the angle of the arms.
  15. have a great birthday D!
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