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  1. happy birthday @stockjeep Wayne!!!!
  2. Gadget did good on the Elvis run this weekend with no new carnage! trip report here... thanks to Sarah (@kaspily) these great photos, especially this one of Gadget twerking: and thanks to @dzJeepChic for this one too:
  3. glad it's covered at least!
  4. those new extended front brake lines turned into their own little project... i put a slight twist in them when installing in order to direct them in a way that was clear from getting caught in the coil springs and shocks, but they ended up rubbing the tires at full lock. so i ordered these handy dandy Teraflex brake line anchors for JK's. note they also have a longer universal version. to install those i had to loosen the lines to rotate the twist back out, which meant i needed to bleed them again (yay for the speed bleeders)! next i drove out to a wash to do a flex test and found that my new routing with the Teraflex anchors was causing the lines to be pulled a little tight on full droop. i needed to rotate the anchors to point upwards more. i finally ended up installing them on the outside of the existing nut and adding a second nut just to hold the anchors on. this allowed them to be angled up high enough, but not hit the shock body on full compression.
  5. i'd say 30-40% are "recreation miles", i.e. trails, going to/from a trail, or otherwise on some sort of overland/exploratory trip!
  6. ran across this old thing in a wash, i think it was a car at one time! hilariously, the bumper sticker is holding out pretty well... @Curly or anyone else, can you identify it from just the handle? or maybe from these body lines? ok, final hint is these weird steps coming off the back bumper on each side: it can't be too awfully old, there's lots of modern plastic and wiring in that pile.
  7. continuing to address some small cosmetic issues, i tinted the sides of the factory rear tail-light housings. before: after: i hadn't found any aftermarket tails that i'm excited about, so i'm sticking with OEM for now but i just wanted to clean up their look a bit. from any distance at all, that red side panel now just blends into the rest of the black housing. i upgraded to some rather bright LED bulbs in the rear a while back, so the sides still light up decently even with the tint. here's just the running lights on after tinting: the process i used was: taped off everything but the side lens and then lightly sanded with a 400 grit sponge cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol sprayed 3 medium to heavy coats of VHT Nightshades to tint, letting it dry a few hours between each coat lightly sanded the final coat with #0000 steel wool cleaned with rubbing alcohol again finished with one heavy coat of Dupli-Color clear coat (gloss topcoat) i ended up with just a tiny bit of orange-peel, but i think it's fine considering there's going to be desert pinstriping soon as i go wheeling again! to get a perfectly smooth gloss finish with the Nightshades i've heard you need to wet-sand between coats with something around 4,000 grit then do a couple clear coats and buff/polish those. i'm using these high wattage red 3157 LED bulbs for the brake and running lights. LED bulbs here do require standard load resistors in the JK - both to prevent a fast turn signal and to fix the bulb-out warning. the resistors get extremely hot when used on a constantly-lit circuit like this (versus an intermittent turn signal-only bulb). i didn't want to mount them directly to the housings and risk melting the plastic. so, i riveted the resistors to little aluminum plates and then riveted those plates onto existing tabs at the back of the housings. i also installed very bright JDM 50w 3156 LED bulbs some time ago for backup lights. FYI, that circuit does not not require load resistors.
  8. very nice job on those seat brackets!
  9. This is a "difficult" rated rock crawling trail, though there are bypasses for the most extreme stuff. Club members: Sign-up & more info here...
  10. Gadget led the run to the Offroad Passport Holiday Party spot yesterday... (photo from Kaspily) then got up early to go play out by the lake this morning...
  11. a few reminders... be sure you know when & where to meet (i.e. NOT Fountain Hills this year!) don't forget: your potluck item(s) wrapped gift exchange gift(s) your chairs cookies if you're entering the contest if you have a printer, please print & sign a waiver and bring it to help things go faster at the meetup looking forward to seeing you all!
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