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  1. it's Tonto NF land - i can't find any current fire restriction in effect: https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/tonto/alerts-notices anyone know for sure?
  2. yes, i've always had a decent blob of black gooey powder on the magnetic plugs
  3. glad to have you - FYI, i don't think there's room for the RV right where i'm thinking. there are some larger spots within a quarter mile, but they've thinned the forest so much recently that there's no real shade.
  4. making fast progress it looks like!
  5. until
    @KtroubleA got a new offroad camping trailer and wants to test it out - so we're going camping near Payson for the weekend and running Pyeatt Draw trail on Saturday. join us for camping, the trail run, or both! Click here for more info or to sign-up...
  6. (photo credit @kaspily) @KtroubleA got a new offroad camping trailer and wants to test it out - so we're going camping near Payson for the weekend and running a trail on Saturday. join us for camping, the trail run, or both! CAMPING: meetup: - at Home depot parking lot in Payson, AZ (map...) - on Friday 4/16 at 10am - or join us anytime using the directions below. directions to camp: - go north-east on Houston Mesa road (across-from & just past the Home Depot) till there's a large "Y" with a gravel road on the right. - take that right fork which is Payette Draw Rd / NF-198. the gravel road has some rocky/washed-out sections and ruts, high-clearance vehicle recommended (2wd OK). - we'll camp somewhere along that gravel road (we'll put up an ORP sign you can look for). we're shooting for the area near where Pyeatt Draw crosses the road (map...). - if you get to a large "T" with a stop sign (Control Rd), you went too far. TRAIL RUN: trail: - Pyeatt Draw - moderate to difficult, choose your own adventure style wash - about 3 hrs long - Previous trip report here... meetup: - at our campsite (see directions above) - on Saturday 4/17 at 11am ATTENDING: @theksmith (with @aimee & Brady) - camping & trail @KtroubleA - camping & trail @Curly - camping @mynr1 - camping @r.barraza - camping please just let us know if you're coming for camping or the trail run or both!
  7. more used car treats... when we had the center console out, i noticed some cut wires. the 2 black here should go to the backlight for the gear selector, and the 2 white should go to the "O/D OFF" button. another broken wire, on the other side of that same connector: the white wires were cut so close to the connector that i had to temporarily de-pin it to get them stripped and crimped onto new ones. then i spliced a new section into the broken wire on the other side of the connector. i couldn't easily reuse the OEM mini backlight because of how close the wire break was. so i took apart a white LED bulb i had and added some leads. that fit nicely back where the other bulb housing had been. i added a drop of glue to ensure it stays put. the backlight and the "O/D OFF" button seem to work just fine now! while i was in wiring mode, i ditched this previously disabled alarm system that was still connected. it didn't have any brand name or logo, so it wasn't like we could just buy a remote and still use it. i had to re-splice a couple of the factory wires after removing this so the rig would still start. i think it's better to have it out though - if something inside the little box ever died, figuring out how to bypass it while on the trail would have been a PITA.
  8. this morning we changed the air filter, fluid in both diffs, the t-case, engine oil andfilter. Fiona is only at 41,300 miles but i change all the fluids right away after getting a used vehicle since you usually can't be certain of its maintenance history. the diff fluid actually looked fresh still, the engine oil seemed really black - but it's pretty hard to tell anything by just looking. the diffs and t-case went smoothly, the engine was a giant PITA.... someone installed the filter waaaaay too tight and so it ripped open trying to unscrew it. getting both arms suddenly coated in engine oil was a treat! the drain plug was effed up AND also ridiculously tight. it's supposed to be a 13mm, but the wrench wouldn't bite the mangled head, instead rounding it off even further. we ended up hammering a 6-point 1/2" socket on (just slightly smaller than a 13mm), crossing our fingers, and backing it out with an impact wrench. i was pretty relieved when it finally started to budge! Autozone had a shiny new plug, and so this mess got chucked in the trash. in a couple weeks we'll also flush coolant, brakes, power steering and install a trans pan with a drain while doing the trans filter.
  9. beautiful! but be careful out there Jim!
  10. those rear hard lines have a ton of slack - at least that was my experience with several rigs. they aren't mounted super secure near where you are installing the brackets. you barely have to bend them at all, certainly not to the point of needing a specific tool. it's ok if they have some tension on them still. just FYI, in case yours need more adjustment than i'm thinking - it's better to bend them slightly in several places to get them to where you need rather than risk over-bending in a single spot and kinking them.
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