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  1. got on Metalcloak's CTI trailer at a local shop yesterday. only scored a 770, which is a bit disappointing... with the current level of mods i expected to at least break 800. still better than the last time though! in 2018 Gadget had just a baby lift and tires and scored a 600. i did find it interesting that the JL's consistently out-flexed the JK's (comparing similar tire size and overall rig height, all short-arm lifts).
  2. i've used RockAuto in the past and it is nice that they offer several manufacturers for a lot of parts. i try to stick with OEM most of the time, or Napa as a second choice - unless it's a part that would benefit from an aftermarket upgrade. i looked briefly at some "performance" full aluminum radiators. Mishimoto seemed to be the best rated, but even they had mixed reviews on fitment. i also saw Cold Case offers a heavy duty extruded core version. but since the original factory radiator lasted so long, and i know OEM will fit correctly, i decided to just go with Mopar. do you think the chassis flex from wheeling more difficult trails, coupled with the fact that the body mounts have sagged some, would contribute to a radiator failing?
  3. 4th time's the charm, right? the original radiator lasted like 5 years. then 2 Autozone radiators only lasted 6 months each - their lifetime warranty is only useful if your time has no value! back to OEM this time. at least i've got it down to just over 2 hours now!
  4. come on the run this weekend: or maybe our holiday party the first weekend in Jan:
  5. welcome to the club - i look forward to meeting you and your wife! there's no camping for this event, it's just a day run / party. we're usually done by somewhere around 3pm to 5pm (depending on the turnout) and this year the trailhead is less than 30 minutes from I-17 & Carefree Highway.
  6. until
    Join us for an epic overland trip in Utah for the Hole in the Rock Trail. This adventure follows a portion of the historic Mormon Pioneer route on the south side of Lake Powell (note this is different than the easy rated "Hole in the Rock Road" section to the north). Several remnants from the 1879 expedition are still visible, carved into the rugged terrain. Incredibly scenic views will delight any photographer and the Moab-esque slickrock offers plenty of 4x4 wheeling challenges as well. This is truly an overland trifecta! FYI, we'll be visiting the impressive "giant washout" on the original trail before continuing to the end of current 4x4 route (and back out). Note: The first and last days' itineraries do allow for travel to/from Utah but would make for very long days (coming from Central AZ). If you have the time, you may want to add and extra day on each end of the trip for the highway travel. There is a nice first-come, first-serve campground at Hall's Crossing with showers, tables, and fire rings/grills. An RV park with full hookups is situated across the street (those spots can be booked ahead of time). There's also a ton of BLM land in the general area for free primitive camping. Save the date! Sign-up link & full details coming soon. Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
  7. actually the 10 plate turned out to get plenty hot. originally i had it plumbed into the heater core lines and later found out those don't flow coolant until the thermostat opens at 190* (and on cold start it actually takes a while to reach that temp if you're just idling). it's now plumbed inline with the oil cooler instead, which always flows coolant. so now even when the engine is just starting to warm up the exchanger works and everything is fine. the only problem i still have is that the water in the tank itself gets hot, especially on a slow crawl type trail in the summer - just from the exhaust and transfer case and everything else shedding heat underneath the rig. so even with the thermostatic mixing valve the water can be a little too hot sometimes. i have only insulated one side of the tank (next to the exhaust), but one day i may get around to trying to insulate the entire tank and see if that helps.
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