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  1. Happy Holidays you guys - the tree looks great! jealous of the Rebel, nice custom plate too. stay warm my friends!
  2. Welcome again! The website itself is open to anyone, and there are even a few international members! We strive to keep the community low-drama and mostly PG-13. Discussions should stay focused on our common interests of outdoors and 4x4's and so we ask people to leave the politics, religion, and other divisive topics elsewhere. We are based here in Phoenix, so typical day runs are near central AZ, but the club does overland style trips all over the southwest and four corners areas. We have a few club members scattered in other states, though most are in AZ. There are no official club "chapters" in other states, yet! I think you'll find a lot of like minded outdoor/4x4 enthusiasts here. A few of us also enjoy more difficult trails and are willing to occasionally risk body damage, but the majority of our trips are over mild trails and focused on scenic or historical points of interest. For a lot of us, laughing with a small group around the campfire holding a glass of whisky after a nice day exploring some seldom-traveled route is just the perfect scenario. Here's more info on the Club: https://offroadpassport.com/membership/offroadpassport-club-info.html/ Also, we have our annual holiday party coming up, it's open to anyone and a great way to meet some of the regulars!
  3. trail ride? and i think the only thing left to sign up for are more sides - up to you exactly what (potato salad or similar maybe?). welcome and sounds good! do you have a full-size spare and are your tires in good shape? if so i think you'd be fine on the trail ride. oh, it doesn't have low hanging side-steps does it?
  4. Merry Christmas Steve & to all my crazy 4x4 friends!
  5. welcome @GTGallop! i looked at that TYT briefly but ended up getting just a MARS/CAP modded iCom dual band instead somewhat recently. have you had any issues with the TYT? do you still need a General level ham license to use 6M? in the past that was the reason no-one in the U.S. offroad community was on there - too much work for the average person who isn't necessarily an electronics or communications geek, but just wants to good trail comms. i've heard 6M is popular with the Australian overlanders though - which makes sense considering the distances they'd need to transmit in the outback to potentially reach civilization.
  6. welcome! i'll add ya'll to the list! if you have a cooler, we could use someone to bring half of the sodas - coordinate with @gearhead if that works for you (he's bringing the other half). awesome! trash duty works sounds good! you guys coming on the little trail ride?
  7. it sounds like the studs have stretched. as far as why, it could be repeated over-tightening of the lug nuts, or the initial 150ft-lb might be over-spec'd, or maybe Teraflex needs to up the grade of metal for the real-world weight of the spare tire. i'm with Mike, i'd ask Teraflex for some replacements to be safe - and confirm they are still recommending 150ft-lb on that initial insertion. one last thing, a deep-well 22mm socket *might* work better than a wrench.
  8. are you just trying to get splined studs to seat properly in new holes?
  9. We have some awesome new "mini" business cards for Offroad Passport! The front has our eye-catching bright orange color and the back includes a few bullet points describing the club/website along with the offroadpassport.com web address. They were designed to hand-out to potential new members in person, or place on a neat rig you see in parking lot, at a meetup, etc. - better than a duck, IMO! ;) If you'd like a handful of these to help spread the word, just let me know the next time we're on a run together!
  10. yes, there should definitely be a boot attached at the red arrow. and the part number you listed is what it should look like. i can't say for certain that is the right one as they would all look the same, only differing by the internal diameter (depending on the joint size). EDIT: this listing is for that same part number you mentioned and does say it's for a 1310, so that looks correct.
  11. i have no frame of reference but that does indeed just feel a little high... give @OnPointOffroad a call, Joe will give you an honest price. https://www.facebook.com/onpointperformanceandoffroad
  12. i upped the recommended cost on the gift exchange to $25 this year - friggin inflation has made it hard to find anything useful for $20 anymore! don't forget it can be 4x4 or outdoor/travel related, or just something fun! just please bring something you'd actually love to win (no junk/gag gifts). also, a gift is only required if you want to participate in the exchange. you're welcome to attend just for the trail ride, BBQ and socializing!
  13. i'll put you down for 2 (it's just so we can get a count for the burgers, dogs, sodas, etc.) and the moderate trail ride for now. it's a short ride and your rig is more than adequate. if you decide to skip the trail ride and go direct to party, just let us know!
  14. i went to tighten up the winch line last week and found wireless control no longer working. the winch still worked in wired mode. i replaced the battery and bypassed the switch on the solenoid box, but the wireless remote still did nothing. i read that you have to replace both the remote and the receiver as they are paired permanently at the factory. i did find that the set sells for $55, but no-one had them in stock. then i realized that i'm just barely still within the "5 year limited warranty on electronics" for the winch. i have to give props to Smittybilt customer service, it only took me one email and they had a replacement remote/receiver shipped the next day. the new set arrived in under a week via UPS. the new receiver module looks to be potted better than the old one, so maybe it will last more than 4+ years (assuming it was the problem). replacement was easy. take apart the solenoid box with 4 screws, add some new double-sided tape and plug in the 4 terminal connectors. i also added fresh dielectric grease on all the connections. and i did one mod... the remote is just a little too big to fit in a pocket but i never liked laying it on the ground while pulling line or adjusting the rigging. adding this belt clip solved that issue! i screwed it to the battery door where i could easily see that there were no electronics behind it.
  15. @gearhead, FYI, i put a second sign-up for Soda as it has gotten really expensive lately and i didn't want one person to have to pay for all of that. please coordinate with whoever else signs up so you guys can get a few different things (diets, cokes, light drinks, etc.). anyone who didn't sign-up for a potluck item yet, please read the first post and let us know what you're bringing! thanks!
  16. the pictures of the beam pattern and cut-off for those that i've seen weren't very good. however, the "Quadratec Premium LED Projector Beam Headlights" version are really J.W. Speakers and pretty nice. i've been running the Pro Comp led headlights. good cut-off on low and really bright on high. their early ones had some issues but they replaced 2 sets under the lifetime warranty for me and the last set has been good going on 4 years now. EDIT: i guess they aren't selling them anymore. i recently saw these on Amazon and they look really good for the price. check out the photos in the reviews - one guy put up actual shots of low and high beams on a country road. no idea if they would last, but for the price they might be worth trying.
  17. thanks @Bradywgn71 (Sarah) for these shots of Gadget doin wok on our Smasher canyon run! i also really liked this artsy shot from @4x4tographer:
  18. welcome back - you'll have to update that profile pic with a photo of Chewy!
  19. and it just keeps getting better... @OffroadFun has already added a couple more day trips to the calendar - thank you Jack!
  20. That's one hell of a calendar line-up! Huge props to @4x4tographer, @shellback91, and @gearhead for taking the initiative to plan and lead so many wonderful adventures. I think @Ladybug might have a trip or two up her sleeve still as well. Everyone be sure to thank these guys when you attend one of their trips! Just FYI, last minute runs are OK too. I know a lot of us randomly get the urge to do a day or night run on an upcoming weekend. If anyone ever needs help posting to the calendar or forum, just PM me. We'd love for you to share a run on this site! It coudl be "open to anyone" or for "club members only", it's totally up to you as the leader who can attend and what rig limit you are comfortable with. I look forward to seeing all of you on a trail sometime in 2024!
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