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  1. installed some jack stand holders on the wall this morning to help tidy up the garage. i'd seen ads for these before for like $100, but then ran across these on Amazon for under $30 for a pair (holds 4 stands). i can't make anything that cheap, so i bought 'em! they work with 2 or 3 ton stands, maybe 4 ton if anyone makes that size - but my 6 ton ones did have to stay on the floor. UPDATE: here are some that fit 5 & 6 ton jack stands...
  2. I have a bunch of JK/JKU parts for sale and a 12v hard-mount Air Compressor. It's all on Craigslist (click here)... All prices are negotiable - make an offer! You do have to come get it though (North Phoenix).
  3. Join us Saturday (after your turkey and credit cards have settled!) for a close-to-town moderate rated 4x4 trail. After navigating some sandy whoops, we'll climb up on a plateau with great views of North Phoenix. The trail then descends into a large wash we follow until eventually emerging on Carefree Highway. The wash offers several minor rock-crawl obstacles that are just enough challenge to be fun for a mildly modified high-clearance 4x4 rig. This run has nice low desert scenery, really neat rock formations, and wildlife sightings (burros, javelina, fox). Click here for details & to RSVP... Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
  4. i was up early doing some solo exploring before meeting everyone for the recent Mogollon Rim Overland trip. i ended up on a new-to-me section of the rim. here's a map link to where that was taken, at the end of a very bumpy and overgrown trail. also thanks @4x4tographer for these shots of Gadget and myself during the trip:
  5. wow @Ladybug - that's a TON of info! thanks for putting that together (and thank you @Bradywgn71 for scanning it).
  6. normally yes, but it is closed in winter (unsure of exact dates). i'm not seeing the seasonal closure order listed yet on the NF page though and it's not been a wet year, so my guess is that it's still open currently: https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/coconino/alerts-notices EDIT - found a better page that specifically lists it as open all the way through: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/coconino/alerts-notices/?cid=stelprdb5341633 p.s. hope you and your family are doing good Rey, haven't seen you in a while!
  7. Baofeng makes a decent handheld that's very inexpensive: click here... or this Radioddity is popular as well: click here... if you are looking for a mobile unit (i.e. hard-wired with external antenna), Midland makes several nice ones at various price-points. the external antenna (and higher wattage) will get you better range, but a hand-held radio will work just fine for many of our trail runs.
  8. like one of those aluminum table looking things that sits over the fire?
  9. i built my own propane powered campfire-in-a-box using an old toolbox @Number7 got from a yard-sale. i've had this a while but didn't get to test it out for an extended period until the recent UT Annular Eclipse Trip. since it didn't explode or anything, i figured i could finally do a short write-up on it! ;) DISCLAIMER: this is just something i did - i'm not suggesting anyone else try it. you might blow yourself up, i suppose! the finished product: the box itself appears to be a SpeeCo 75015 "Tractor mounted toolbox". it was just barely wide enough to fit an 18x6 "H" shaped burner. on the end of the burner, i added a 1/2" air mix valve, then a 1/2" female to 3/8" male elbow, and finally a 3/8" propane quick connect fitting. the mix valve helps reduce soot by adding air in to make the burn leaner. i used teflon tape on all the joints. the burner was secured using one-hole EMT mounting straps and recessed about a third of the way down into the box. i had to make a hole of course on one end of the box for the fittings to stick out. i then cut a rectangle of expanded steel mesh to fit over the burner. i drilled several air holes around the box below the burner, and also cut a large hole in one end of the box so that i could store the hose inside. everything starting to come together: i purchased an 8ft steel braided hose with adjustable 20psi regulator and added the other half of the quick-connect fitting to it. a 10psi regulator would be more appropriate, but the 20psi was all i could find in that style/length hose. here's the hose and a lighter sliding into the box for storage. i made a door out of aluminum to keep that stuff in the box. i used a little brass hinge i had laying around and pop-rivets. the door is held closed just with tension. i drilled a couple holes in the wrap-around edge to line up with 2 pop-rivets to provide a positive snap-in location. to help spread the flames out for a more natural/interesting appearance, i added these super light-weight ceramic fiber fire pebbles. i was going to add some small latches on top, but it turned out the fake pebbles sit high enough to put tension on the lid when closed so the existing hasp holds it shut nicely. testing it out: note that the air holes all around the box below the burner turned out to be critical! before i drilled those, when i turned it off most of the flame would go out right away and so as the hose emptied, a small bit of propane would slowly fill the box up - then that would suddenly ignite from the last bit of dying flame and make a surprising little boom! it's easily adjustable with the regulator from a small "ambience" setting to full on "i'm cold, make some heat!". i made this specifically for a larger group to sit around when there is a wood fire ban. i think it came out fairly compact considering it's intended use. it fits nicely in my rear footwell and weighs next to nothing. the final step after the recent successful campout test was to cover it with some Rust-Oleum High Heat flat black spray paint. we used almost my entire 10lb tank of propane in one evening while in UT, so it's definitely best suited to campouts where i could bring along a full-size 20lb tank. we did have it up high enough to actually feel some heat though! on a very low setting i might could get 2 nights out of the little half-size tank.
  10. had a great time with you all this weekend - it was a nice relaxing trip. thanks to @4x4tographer for organizing and leading!
  11. last week i finally got that bearing block and nut for the Synergy sector shaft brace to work with the PSC Big Bore steering gear. then Amazon brought me the 42mm socket i needed to install it yesterday. 185 ft-lbs later, it's in!
  12. Freya did a great job towing another little travel trailer (rental) from the valley up to the Mogollon rim this weekend.
  13. on the way to the eclipse, i stopped at a big tunnel to play around with some photos...
  14. had a great time in UT for the eclipse last weekend, trip report & photos here...
  15. passing through monument valley: arrived in Mexican hat early Thursday and explored a few nearby trails, including previewing a short section of John's Canyon. later in the afternoon i met up with @johnpa and @J2DXPLR to check out the Moki Dugway and Muley Point East. @J2DXPLR and myself camped right next to the San Juan that evening. everyone patiently watching the ball of fire in the sky: i got a few photos of the eclipse with my little Canon S110 point-n-shoot camera and just holding the solar glasses in front of the lens. this is what happens when you don't use the tripod: it was neat to see how the eclipse affected shadows, the color temperature of the ambient light, and the lens flares in some of the photos. this was a shot during "full annularity" - check out the lens flare near the bottom right of the photo: thanks to everyone for coming and especially @4x4tographer for organizing and leading this adventure - i had a great time staring at the sun with you all!
  16. thanks for sharing! why does Kevin's rig have a unicorn horn?
  17. until
    Due to popular demand, the 15th annual Dirt Gala will be back at the Cinders! Come spend the weekend camping with us at the O'Leary group site near Sunset Crater in your tent, trailer, or RV. Friday afternoon we'll do a short moderate trail ride into the Cinders OHV area, then on Saturday we'll take an easy trail behind the San Francisco Peaks over to a short hike in the Lava River Caves. Both trail rides are optional - you could also just hang out at camp, go into Flagstaff and play tourist, or explore on your own! Chock full of friends, family, games, prizes, laughter and dirt – there’s fun for everyone! So grab the whole family and join us. Don't be that person hearing about all the awesome stuff you missed for the next whole year! Save the date! Sign-up link & full details coming soon. Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
  18. Smasher Canyon is a rock crawl trail hidden in a deep wash near Clarkdale. This very difficult trail is for experienced drivers and well equipped vehicles only. Smasher offers rocky ledges, off-camber obstacles, and tight squeezes - plenty of chances to push you and your vehicle to its limits. Click here for details & to RSVP... Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
  19. my takeaway from this post: Steve has a tubing bender! ;)
  20. Join us for a short trail ride and big time fun with your Offroad Passport friends at our annual Holiday Party! We bring the burgers & dogs for a potluck lunch, plus there's the infamous cut-throat white elephant gift game, and the delicious cookie contest! Note that we have a new location (near Lake Pleasant) and that the optional trail ride is rated moderate this year. The ride is doable by a stock high-clearance 4wd rig with aggressive A/T or M/T tires, such as a Wrangler or Tacoma. Click here for details & to RSVP... Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
  21. a while back i changed one end of my trackbar from a Synergy DDB that kept wearing out too fast, to a custom Johnny Joint end. i needed a 12* offset stud on the joint which no-one seemed to sell, so i had to make one by cutting, bending and re-welding a joint with a straight stud. @ob1jeeper saw my post and let me know that welding on that forged joint wasn't ideal because it would likely cause the forged steel to become brittle and then this rather important joint could fail completely. the correct weld-ready Johnny Joint to fit a track bar bracket was readily available. and after a little searching, i found a stud with the correct 7/8-14 LH threads in regular mild steel. i've had those 2 parts sitting on my workbench for months... today i finally got around to die grinding the end of the new stud to mate to the joint at the required 12* angle and welding it up: here's the final part with the Johny Joint assembled: thankfully my previous custom end based on the forged part had not yet failed. regardless, i'm much more confident in this one knowing everything is made of mild steel that was intended to be welded. thanks for looking out for me Steve!
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