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  1. I have a 2dr JK and have been trying to find a way to organize and carry everything in the back cargo area while still being able to use the rear seats. I’ve measured, bought and returned several tool boxes, bags, and storage cases, and just can’t find a great way to fit everything. Ideally, I want to keep trail tools, recovery gear, and a small cooler for water/snacks. It’s a lot to fit in that small spot, but those with a smaller Jeep (YJ, TJ or 2dr JK), what’s the best storage solution you have come up with?
  2. **Gone** I have a Hi-Lift extreme that I just took off of my JK. It was mounted outside when I lived in Illinois so it’s pretty rusted but still functional. I was going to scrap it but would rather someone take it that could use it, plus, I need room in the garage for other projects. You just need to come pick it up from Queen Creek
  3. Sweet. Thanks for the info. I’ll check out those tie rods you were talking about. Haven’t had issues yet but that would be a bad one to have break on the trail. I was looking into the drag link flip but not sure I need it/want it now. Maybe I’ll just replace it with something beefier.
  4. So I went and did Box Canyon again today, and rather than take the bypass, I took the more challenging route. All went well but the steering wheel is off by about 2 inches now. Easy fix, but I want to upgrade some of the steering components now. I’m just not entirely sure what to go with to beef it up more in the front. Drag link and tie rod? And has anyone used the drag link flip kits on the JK? I like the idea of less bump steer but not if it means sacrificing strength where the drag link mounts.
  5. ***Gone*** I’m selling my Poison Spyder Crusher flares that were recently removed from my 2 door JK. They had to endure a tough Chicago winter before coming here so the powder coating didn’t hold up all that well on the outer tubes and there is some rust present. They were rusted in place so the hardware had to be drilled out. Included are the flares and support brackets for the front, you’ll have to source your own hardware which shouldn’t be too hard. Asking $300 obo
  6. ***Gone*** I just removed these AEV Geometry Correction Brackets from my 17 JK to go with some adjustable control arms. They work very well, come with the hardware and spacers you need to install them. Asking $50
  7. Thank you all for the replies. I’m going to go out this weekend with just the iPad and see how well it does without LTE/WiFi and take it from there.
  8. Do the tablets with GPS work pretty well without WiFi or LTE? I have an iPad with cell service, I’ve just never tried it in a dead zone for only GPS functionality. And if so, do you happen to know of any iPad equivalent apps?
  9. I’ve been looking for a GPS unit for the Jeep for a little bit now. Being that I’m new here, the biggest thing I want is breadcrumbs for when I get turned around on a trail. SOS functionality would be nice and I’m just learning about Geocaching which sounds like a lot of fun, so if someone can recommend something good for all of the above it would be much appreciated.
  10. And yes, 4 Peaks. Went and checked it out a couple weeks ago. I want to get back and check out more of the side trails, but the top was beautiful.
  11. Thanks. We did Box Canyon last year when we were visiting. I tried to get there again a couple weeks ago and took a wrong turn somewhere because I never did make it. Thanks for the suggestions though. I’ve been meaning to check out the Queen Valley area.
  12. Hello everyone! I just moved to the Phoenix area from Illinois. Besides the weather, one of my big reasons for moving was to have some places to actually use my 2017 Wrangler. I’ve done a couple trails since I’ve been here but really want to meet some other “pavement is lame” kind of people. I’ve been trying to explore a bit on my weekends but having just started a new job with low seniority, my weekends currently are Tuesday Wednesday. If anyone ever wants to go wheeling those days, let me know! I’m really looking forward to seeing what this group has to offer.
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