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  1. @dzJeepChic Thanks! I am bummed because I was looking forward to meeting you and some of the ORP gang. Next time for sure!
  2. Sorry for the late notice, I am under the weather and can't make it. Thought I could kick it by now buy I was wrong.
  3. Thanks for the update on this. I have been too busy to call Joe but I will get to it once work calms down in the next little while. This definitely makes me feel better and I am hoping my issue is the same as yours was.(Or something similar/easy) Thanks again Al!
  4. I saw an article saying a "full size" Jeep Wagoneer is on its way in 2022. I also saw an article yesterday that a diesel model Wrangler is coming next year. If i understood it correctly that one will be available in only 4 door Wranglers. https://www.motortrend.com/news/2022-jeep-grand-wagoneer-renderings/
  5. Good point and thanks! I'm going to give Joe a call this week. This issue is making me bonkers!!
  6. Great video, that dude in the Suzuki cracked me up!
  7. @Ghostrider- Thanks for the tip. I crawled under there earlier today and everything from the gas cap back is snug. I only saw one factory plastic "snap-together" fitting and that was secure too. I read some where to check the lines that run next to the battery for holes/wear and tear or loose connections, those look good to me too. I did recently replace my battery and thought something may have come loose during the swap. The code came up before then so probably not related anyways. @mynr1 I may be making an appointment too pretty soon. Looking forward to hearing the diagnosis you get. I am wondering if its the evap canister or something related to that.
  8. Thank you, I will give him a call.
  9. I keep getting the "Small Leak" engine code on my JK. It pops up every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. I have replaced the gas cap with no change. I used to remove and replace gas cap then clear code and go about my day. Lately I just clear the code and move on. I am not a big wrencher so I am looking for a shop recommendation. I have a feeling taking it to the dealership may cost too much and be a run around but I could be wrong.
  10. Sign me up please. I want to give Bulldog Canyon another go with a group after I was out there a few weeks ago alone. It was a little tore up then so November will be interesting.
  11. If its a somewhat easy run I may be available on Black Friday.
  12. That’s the way I am leaning. They are working fine so I am leaving them alone.
  13. @Number7 That did the trick! I flipped the washer and bushing on the drivers side, added an extra washer on the top for grins and that thing is snug! I can even get a closed end wrench on the nut now. Whoulda thunk. The passenger side is not giving me any trouble yet and I do not have patience at the moment to fight that side. Thanks again for catching and pointing that out.
  14. Sounds good- I may get back out in the garage in a bit, if not later today if it ever cools down. Wait.. It never cools down here.
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