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  1. I need the big screen because my eye balls are failing me lately. Getting old is hell! My phone screen is too small for the detail I'd like to see so I went this route. I am hoping it holds up. If it's too loose I can get a "tether" AKA a big ass rubber band from RAM Mount that tightens the grip. I do know my phone mount arm tends to drop down some when I'm wheeling. Because of that finding a spot for this where it won't move on washboards/bumps in general and stay outta the way will be fun.
  2. I purchased a Samsung Tab A 8.4 (2020) with cellular capabilities to use for navigation among other things. I do not intend to put it on my cell plan because I do not need that to navigate. For mounting I purchased a RAM Mount from OC Mounts . I would have bought directly from RAM Mounts but the shipping was almost as much as the mount. I also bought an AMPS Plate and a medium Carbon Fiber Arm from 67 Designs. I planned ahead when I bought my base a while ago and purchased the dual ball mount for something like this. Now its a matter of finding the right spot by some trial and error so I can see it and so it's out of the way of my HAM radio. Now it's time to get out out on a trail and see how good it holds in place.
  3. I had the same issue on the passenger side last year. It is an obnoxious noise at best and does in fact sound like the Jeep is possessed or something.
  4. No worries on the response time. I am in no hurry, just planning out my maintenance for later this year. I am about 7k miles from plugs needing replaced so I am thinking of getting the PCV valve done then since it will already be taken apart. Do you have the PCV part number available? The oil cooler is brand new so I am good there but will save the part number just in case.
  5. Thank you sir, next time i have to take it apart I will do that too. I tried this time but couldn't get my fat fingers to work enough to complete the task. Also I was in a hurry so I just taped it, which probably why I couldn't get it to work. @Stacey and Scott I will give your suggestion of Di-electric grease as shot as well next time I take it apart.
  6. I have to ad pics in two posts so here's some party time pics. Pile o' gifts. @Number7 cooking away. Thanks again G! Cookie Time. The kiddos.
  7. Today was a blast for sure. Great trail in and definitely interesting drop down the hill. Thanks @dzJeepChic @Number7 for cooking and @theksmith for getting us there. @4x4tographer and @Yodamom here's one for you.
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