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  1. I follow the method described in the classic Johnny Cash song "One Piece At A Time". Easier on the wallet and less questions from my better half AKA My CFO.
  2. I am starting to get interested in over-landing and want to head down that path in the next year or so. To say I am clueless is an accurate statement, but hey everyone has to start somewhere, right? I am interested in 2-3 day trips to start but need to do a few mods(Extra Fuel carrier to start) and whatnot. I stumbled across an overland website that is free to join and has a variety of pre-built over-land routes. The routes have a Google map and GPX files available based on what see. Some are free and some you have to pay for. I only looked at a few on a high level and they seem very detailed. This may be something I use in the future in conjunction with other tools. I thought to pass it along should anyone be interested in it. https://www.overlandtrailguides.com/
  3. Awesome pics and a great write up. I too am diggin' that trailer and am thinking I may need one at some point. What kind is it and where can one find start looking at similar ones?
  4. Yes sir, his Spam Filter was eating legit emails he said. It happens where I work too and we have to chase the emails down for users so I get it. That's the good news, bad news is they don't make a rail tall enough for my radio. I may have a solution but have to noodle it through a little. The solution, if it works, may be ghetto/hoke so we shall see.
  5. I a redoing my set up for Jeep sleeping/camping. I am selling a WELLAX UltraThick FlexFoam Sleeping Pad that has only been used for two nights. I will take $65 for it.(Paid $105 last year)
  6. Sign me up please. I know enough to be dangerous but not proficient.
  7. When @4x4tographer and I were doing my suspension work we found that my front drivers side sway bar link was loose. We also noticed the upper threads were a little jacked up. Overall the links and their bushings were old and tired. So today I replaced both front of my sway bar links which are actually the rears that get moved to the front when Jeeps get lifted. I also went with all new hardware for good measure. I ordered my parts from Mopar Wholesale Parts in Avondale. Here's what I needed. I went with a torque setting of "Good & Tight" because I could not get my torque wrench where everything is. 2 Sway Bar Link Upper Nuts- Part #6512602AA 2 Rear Sway Bar Links- Part #52060011AB 2 Lower Nuts- Part #6104718AA 2 Lower Bolts- Part #6104242AA Old vs New.Nice and shiny, for now. Ready to roll.
  8. That is pretty epic Kris! Necessity is the mother of invention they say and this proves it true.
  9. I am glad for the rain too, we need it pretty bad. Last years Monsoon season was not a good one.
  10. I decided to buy GMRS radio and bit the bullet on the $70 license fee that we have to pay our overlords to use free airwaves. I went with a Wouxun KG-905G from Buy Two Way Radios. It is probably overkill for my use but go big or go home right? It was only about $20 more than the KG-805G so I figured why not get the latest and greatest. I am not in a spot where I want a mounted radio so I went with a HT. I also bought a Nagoya NA-701G antenna to use instead of the one that comes with it. The radio has 5 watts of TX power and a superheterodyne receiver instead of the radio on a chip that some radios have. It is dust proof and water resistant and feels like a solid radio. It has 8 preprogrammed repeater channels along with the 22 GMRS channels. It has all kinds of other features that can be found at the link I added.(Too many to list and some I will not use yet) I am going through settings & features to see what I need or do not need to have enabled. I am going to get another external microphone/speaker for it because the one I have for my Baofeng is kinda jacked up. The next thing I need to do is to find a mounting solution. I am having a heck of a time getting a hold of @JeepUniq for some assistance to make sure I buy the right one. Researching this part of the equation now.
  11. That's very interesting, thanks for posting. People in the past did some weird stuff for reasons we may never know.
  12. Congrats guys, I am sure you will enjoy Gandalf! Oki is just big boned, not hefty. What kind of mods did you have to do to flat tow her behind Gandalf?
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