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  1. Noises & rattle can drive me nuts at times so I can relate to the frustration of the hunt and not finding it. When I drove truck hunting those down was always an adventure.
  2. Replaced all my lug nuts today, actually a tire shop did it for me. I do not own an impact wrench and none of my tools could get them loose. They are pretty chewed up and I did not want to round them off and make matters worse. Nothing glamorous but I do not want to have issues should I get a flat somewhere. I ordered an extra bag of 5 accidentally so I have some extras should they be needed. Maybe I will throw some on the spare so they all match up. They were expensive, need to be used & I can be OCD that way. Now I have to noodle through tire rotations because I want to avoid going through this again. I see a couple of jack stands in my future. (Don't tell the boss)
  3. Gathering up my recovery gear. I bought an ARB 30' Snatch Strap last year so this is a little delayed. Added a couple of soft shackles to the mix recently. I also added a Rhino Shackle Hitch Receiver as an added rear recovery point.
  4. I see what you did there...
  5. Thanks @theksmith and well put about the type of wheeling I enjoy most. I am not a brave soul just yet and extreme trails and rock crawling will have to wait until I can afford to break stuff! The Smittybilt's not having a center mount point could be an issue. I am looking for a step/slider combo because my wife is 5' tall and has a hard time climbing in. I do not want them sticking out too far but do want some protection while making it easier for her to get in. Thanks @4x4tographer. I went through the same thing with ET. Ordered something and waited 2 months and nothing. I cancelled my order and ordered through Quadratech, had them within a week. It is disappointing when a vendor has what what you want or need then does that and earns that reputation. I plan on keeping the Rubi Rails should I trash a set of steps or just hate them. I will be checking out the vendors you guys mention to see what I can find.
  6. I have been researching steps/sliders for a little while now. As with most things Jeep related there are varying opinions that need to further elaboration. I figured I'd ask here as part of my research because the feedback here is civilized and respectful. At any rate I found some I like from Extreme Terrain, Barricade Extreme HD Rocker Steps. I had a bad experience with ET previously so I am a little hesitant to give them another go. I have read not so nice things about that brand that I will not repeat. I also found these by Smittybilt that seem to be a good fit. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with these brands or if there are any recommendations that are similar.
  7. I took my Jeep in to see Dr. Joe at On Point Performance for an inspection, diff and transfer case fluid swap a couple of weeks ago. He checked the fluids before draining them and found they were good to go, no need to swap. That was a first for me, most places would just swap them out to make a buck. I was impressed to say the least. They only thing he found was my front drive shaft was in need of replacement within the next 1500 miles or so. He suggested since I am under warranty have the dealership swap it out. All in all he only charged me for the inspection. I got a shiny new front drive shaft installed about a week later so I should be set there. Thanks @theksmith for recommending him when I was looking for a local mechanic earlier this year for another issue I was having.
  8. Sign me up please. This noob needs some trail time/experience and this looks like a good one!
  9. Sounds reasonable to me. I'm not experienced enough to lead a run so I thought I'd inquire.
  10. Is anyone considering doing any easy/moderate wheeling on the 7th?
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