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  1. I used CB when I was an over the road truck driver so I do not have experience with it on the trails, it worked somewhat okay then. I started out with HAM when I started wheeling a few years ago. I have a basic understanding of it and found the testing processing daunting. That said I have my HAM license and may renew it when the time comes.(As long as no test is involved) I have a handheld GMRS radio that works fine for the the runs I have been on and lead. Because of that I am not running out to spend more money on an external antenna just yet. I do not necessarily get geeked out on antennas and range because I have had no issues yet. That may be looked down on but money does not grow on trees for me so I work with what I have, it has not failed me or the groups I have lead yet. Overall GMRS is a lot easier to use and understand for me and it seems to have worked just fine so far. There's no testing, the license is good for 10 years and the reapeater capability is handy.(I need to dig deeper into the repeaters when I get some time) I keep a HAM radio as a spare and have programmed it for a mix of HAM and GMRS just in case I or someone else needs a radio. Just my two cents on this, things always change regarding preferences and opinions.
  2. until
    Picture courtesy of OnX Offroad. Join me for a few days of exploration in Southern Nevada in and around the Towns of Alamo & Pioche to name a couple. We will be exploring the Silver State Trail system and Delamar Ghost Town. Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options → Details coming soon, I am still ironing out a few things.
  3. until
    Camp Verde To Mogollon Rim Overland Style Run Saturday May 6th & Sunday May 7th Primitive Tent Camping | No Facilities Join me for 2 days and approximately 105 miles of exploration on this overland style run. This route will take us from Camp Verde to the Mogollon Rim where we will camp. I have pieced this together using various trails in the area. Most of these trails are easy to moderate based on my research, nothing too technical is involved. There some rocky two track sections mixed for good measure. Extra fuel is not necessarily required, however, if you have the ability to bring some it is worth considering doing so. Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options → Details coming soon.
  4. Based on what I read there are a whole lot of roadside graves from one end of the road to the other. I am willing to bet there are a lot of other unmarked graves everywhere out there too.
  5. Great write up @Curly ! I read somewhere last night that the Nameer was probably a fella that could have been part of a group of middle Eastern camel ranchers that worked with the military back in the day. The information available is sketchy at best. I am doing some research myself because I'm curious about that whole deal. At Tinijas(Spelling is shown a few ways) Altas the flat mesa on top is referred to as "Mesa De Muerte". Per TrailsOffroad there are over 40 graves up there, kinda creepy. Do you still want to camp there again @Ken Ford ?
  6. shellback91

    KOFA 2023

    Come explore KOFA Wildlife Refuge for 3 days, 2 nights and approximately 125 miles(Actual Mileage TBD) of exploration on this overland style run. This run will take us through some amazing parts of the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge. We'll wind up at the Hovatter homestead Saturday night then head north to the I-10 on Sunday. This scenic area is known for wildlife and old mines & cabins from the mining glory days. Details and signups can be found here. Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
  7. I ordered a JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge back in July to replace another brand gauge I had that was acting up. This past Friday it got boogered up, the needle wound up on the wrong side of the brass stopper after I dropped it. It was not dropped from a high distance, I was crouched, and I have dropped it before without issue. I opened a support ticket with JACO Friday afternoon to see what could be done under warranty. That afternoon they processed a replacement and by Sunday the new one arrived. This day and age customer service can be lacking so it was good to see this handled well and quickly. It may be a one off experience but they have earned my business going forward.
  8. My wife going full on Lion King with Grogru at Thelma & Louise point cracked me up in the moment, seeing that picture made me laugh out loud! Epic!
  9. You know of the coolness of that rig then D!
  10. Friday 10-7 The Trails we ran today were easy end of the week scenic run. The trails were: Shafer Trail- This was an easy trail that starts just inside Canyon Lands National Park. If you have an "America The Beautiful" pass or some other park pass , I heard the phrase "Geezer Pass" from someone in the group , you do not have to pay to get into the park. The switchbacks on the way down are not bad at all. There are a few spots to pull over and let uphill traffic pass if you can. We had the place almost to ourselves again and had no problems going down. Epic trail and a must do in my humble opinion. Potash Road- Easy to low moderate trail.Nothing to challenging here, some bumpy sections and small rock shelf's. Nothing this group could not handle. We had to rescue another driver where we turned off for Thelma & Louise point. He was driving a duely and drove into a washed out section of the road and got all boogered up. His drivers side wheels went into a hole which caused his trailer hitch to hit the trail and stop him dead because those wheels where not making contact with the road. We got him winched out and back on his way. Towards the end of this trail you run along side the Potash mine and ponds. Grogru saying hi to the park ranger at Canyonlands National Park. A look at where we were heading. Looking down at the valley below. Down below you can see where the White Rim trail goes straight, Potash Rd. goes off to the left. Stopping to catch our breath at the bottom of the switchbacks before heading off to Potash Road. Views from Shafer campsite on Potash Road. Group Poser shot looking out to Thelma & Louise Point. This was about as far forward as we wanted to get to the edge. This where they filmed the Grand Canyon scene for "Thelma & Louise". This is balanced rock that is towards the end of Potash Rd. It looks like it could fall over at at any moment.
  11. Thursday 10-6- Part 2 The third trail we completed was Long Canyon. This trail is about 2.5 miles south from of the end of Gemini Bridges off of Hwy 313. This trail has no signs indicating it is there so following a navigation app is a good idea. This trail is listed as Easy but it is in pretty bad shape from Pucker Pass(We had lunch at the top of Pucker Pass) into the canyon. Slow and steady is the best way to get down, especially through the rock tunnel. The trail is washed out on both sides in various places in the tunnel so careful tire placement is a must. Through and out of the tunnel the trail is just wide enough for Jeeps and washed out on both sides, careful tire placement through here is also a must. The rock ledge coming out of the tunnel is also tricky, slow and steady was the name of the game again. Awesome trail overall. We did see a grader as we came down so I think they were starting to clean up the trail up to the tunnel. Looking out to the La Salle mountain range before we drop down towards Pucker Pass. On top at Pucker Pass. Looking down at the start of the trail down. Grogru hanging out with us. Looking down into the canyon where we were heading from the outlook at Pucker Pass. The rock tunnel. Me coming out of the tunnel. @Dennis Szymanski coming out of the tunnel. @OffroadFun 's turn through. @Murphy on the tail gun position coming through. End of the trail looking up at Jug Handle Arch.
  12. Thursday 10-6- Part 1 We ran three & half trails today, this write up covers the first 1 1/2. Gemini Bridges - This was a an overall easy trail. The climb up and over was a bit rutted and narrow but there were no real challenges. The section past Bull Canyon was also relatively easy as was the section to the end. The hike to the Gemini Bridges from the trail was easy and well worth it. Bull Canyon - We tried to run this 3 miles in but only made it about 2. This was rated easy but it has seen a lot of damage from the rains in my best estimation. There was a "Sandy Wash" at the bottom that has turned into a rock garden of sorts. The trail was torn up at the section to the bottom of Gemini Bridges and we decided not to chance it and turned around and headed back up. Those in attendance were @Murphy @Dennis Szymanski @OffroadFun Airing down Looking down on US 191 back towards Moab. Gooney Bird rock, the tradition is to run over the base to ward off bad luck on on the trail. The group did just that. The group just past Gooney Bird Rock. Bull Canyon rough section. Where we turned around. Gemini Bridges Looking out to Bull Canyon from the Gemini Bridges.
  13. Tuesday 10-4 We ran these trails, they were out and back trails: Hurrah Pass- TrailsOffroad has this trail listed as easy. However, as with other trails the recent rains have changed this trail from recent reports. I would rate it as a Moderate trail with nothing too challenging. It has enough of of everything to keep you engaged. Ruts, ledges, rocky sections and amazing views made this short trail fun in both directions. Cowboys used to run livestock, (Sheep, Cows etc) down Shafer Trail , across the Colorado River over Hurrah Pass and into Moab. A job I do not envy. Chicken Corners- This trail was a strong Moderate trail, it too has been damaged in sections due to recent rains. There was a good mix of ruts, small rock shelves and rocky sections to keep you from getting bored. There were some "smoother" sections mixed in for good measure. The trail is hard to follow/find in some places due to erosion and washouts though so a good navigation app is a must. This trail had some amazing views of the surrounding area on both sides of the Colorado River as well as the river itself. The last section, aka Chicken Corners was definitely the best. The first section is narrow and the river is about 400 feet below you on the passenger side. The payoff is some amazing views at the end. Those in attendance were @Murphy and @OffroadFun. The gang airing down in the morning. Views from Hurrah Pass trail. Views from the Chicken Corners trail. Grogru enjoying the scenery. Entrance to the last section of Chicken Corners trail. View from the end of the trail. Random rock formation. We stopped by a formation named Catacomb Rocks on the way back out. This is a big pile of sandstone rocks that has caves and catacombs throughout, hence the name. This is a pretty cool formation and worth checking out. We did not get a picture of it from the road unfortunately, the formation is huge and hard to miss though. Looking out from inside.
  14. Found this beauty today. It's a killer offroad rig for a metal head like me.
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