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  1. Thank you @ob1jeeper. I was not in a position to rip my door apart last night unfortunately so I thought I would get some ideas on where to start, other than with my obvious thought.
  2. Howdy gang! I want to run something by you to maybe validate my thinking. I rolled down my back windows tonight and I heard a loud cracking and grinding noise on the passenger side. That window stopped rolling down and would not roll back up. I had to pull it back up, it took a few tries but I got it pushed all the way back up. When I hit the window switch nothing happens just a bunch of grinding and crunching. I am thinking this may be the window regulator? Has anyone else heard this god awful noise?
  3. I am looking at, and leaning heavily towards, the R-Pod 180 Hood River Edition. I believe they are prepped for solar which would be good. It has the slide out and a dry bath(My better half's only request) and is in the best weight range. I don't need a ton of space, it is just the wife and I and our Dachshunds, they will sleep anywhere! I love the Geo & E Pro's too but they are pushing it weight wise. I also found the Jayco Hummingbird 17RD which is Jayco's version, a rip off some say because it's the same layout, of the R-Pod 180. Mostly the same weight ratings, tongue weight is a little less though. Forest River's lines seem to be well built based everything I have read. Still researching Jayco's a little more.
  4. @ob1jeeper Thanks for the information I appreciate a ton. I have been leaning towards the lighter for a lot of reasons, mainly because it is lighter and within specs. The other is a bunch of Jeppers pull them safely. I am safety conscious and could not agree more about the inspections. They are a must. Thanks again!
  5. I will try not to add to the fits here Ryan but I am also having brain lock on this on certain points. Figuring this out was easier when I was a truck driver I swear! This and a few other weight related things are making my head hurt. I think I have figure those out, I think. As long as I stay around 2900 lbs. Dry Weight and around 900-1000 lbs., of which 350 lbs. or so is the hitch weight, I should be good to go. That would leave about 600 lbs. Cargo Carrying Capacity which should work. I doubt i would ever put that much weight in there. If I am not boondocking there would be no need to load up fresh water tank, that saves about 300 or pounds. I am down to looking at 2 Forest River models. One model I like has a hitch weight of 390 lbs the other is around 332 lbs. Any thoughts from anyone on either of those, yay or nay or good to go? Maybe a new hitch receiver? I am sure it has been said but in Europe these are rated for higher weights which is a little frustrating too.
  6. That is my favorite part of this group. Everyone is helpful all while not being flaming wise asses!
  7. The KZ Classic's are definitely good for a family. Thanks for the links for the rentals sites I will check them out. I like the KZ's & the R Pods, R Pods are moving to the top of the list. I am considering renting one for the dirt gala, not sure yet. I checked my Rubi's factory build and I have the Max Tow Package on mine. Unfortunately I only have the 4 Pin power adapter, so a 4 to 7 pin adapter /pig tail would be on my list. That list is starting to grow!
  8. Thanks Ryan, I appreciate the feedback and the puns. Ball size definitely matters I have been told. The information is thorough and will help me start looking and deciding on what to do. I may go the rental route too if I proceed. I used to be a truck driver for many years, that said towing with anything smaller than a Freightliner makes me nervous too. I have read good things about the R-Pod in my searches. I did come across a the KZ Sportsman Classic line that are about the same weight and some models have bunks. Most all models have a slide out and a "permanent" bed. I also found the Airstream models and like you only in my wildest dreams would I see one parked on my property. Just a little too rich for my blood.
  9. I am not sure if this is the right spot but here goes. I am considering getting a travel travel trailer, nothing serious yet, just investigating. I know my '12 Rubicon is rated at 3500 lbs. I am looking at some trailers between 2100 & 2500 lbs. My better half's only requirement is a bathroom with a small shower. I am looking for some feedback from anyone with experience in this area. Will I need to mod my Jeep, if so what would be recommended? This whole thing is new to me so I may get "scared" off depending on what I find.
  10. Thanks for the links and the tips @theksmith and @4x4tographer. I did find varying prices too for the Rugged Ridge which was weird. I am making me a wish list for later in the year and these are on my radar along with a few other things. After I save up some pennies I am going to do some shopping and modding.
  11. I was looking for a mount for my phone that does not require drilling. Bonus is if someone is looking for one these could provide an option. I want a place to put my phone where I can see it when out on a trail to follow GPS. I came across two and was wondering if anyone has had any experience good or bad with either. This one is by 67 Designs and looks sturdy: https://www.67d.com/collections/jeep-jk-mounts-accessories/products/jeep-jk-mount-with-universal-mount?variant=20643055960167 Then there is one by Rugged Ridge: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZGDY13Z/?coliid=I1P2RZ3T97TSAS&colid=3TSPL11EGTXVF&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I also am wondering about grill inserts. I know that conversation is probably along the lines of oil conversations. I have read, and can see, that they could inhibit cooling. Anyone have experience or issues with them here in the oven known as Phoenix?
  12. @4x4tographer Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately I am working that weekend. If anything changes I will let you know.
  13. Well I'm getting off work later than I thought. I'm not going to make it tomorrow.
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