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  1. @4x4tographer Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately I am working that weekend. If anything changes I will let you know.
  2. Well I'm getting off work later than I thought. I'm not going to make it tomorrow.
  3. Thanks @theksmith and @4x4tographer I appreciate it. I am still at work now and will see what time I get out. Working in IT is so fun when things break!!
  4. After reading up on Corner Spring Trail and Robert's Camp trail they look a little too gnarly for me, especially with the recent rains. Any thoughts? Maybe I could circle back on Constellation Road then peel over on Buckhorn Springs and wait for the crew?
  5. Thanks Ryan. I am watching the Flash Flood advisories myself to be safe.
  6. It looks like there is a tie between two of them. Maybe Frankenstein them together? Like this : Offroad Passport's Annual Dirt Formal & Shenanigans Gala.
  7. @4x4tographer I am making it for sure. I cleared up a few things. See you Saturday!
  8. If you do not mind taking a newb out on his second run put me down as tentative. I won't know until Sunday if I can go for sure, have to check on a few things.
  9. @4x4tographer Thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to the rescheduled date,
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