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  1. Happy birthday Kristoffer!!
  2. Howdy gang! I have trip report posted up at the spot below, if you have any pictures or anything you'd like to share that is the place to go.
  3. Yesterday we ran Box Canyon from North to South,it was good to see some familiar faces and meet some new ORP members that I had not met yet. The weather was perfect for this run and it was good to get out after not running any trails for a while. We had a good crew along for the ride. Those in attendance were: @Zavala @Dennis Szymanski & Mrs. Z @Alexis @Tim V @JEMSA Th recent rains helped keep the dust down most all of the day which was a bonus. The rains also had the landscape alive and green which is always good to see. There were some mud holes on the trail but there were bypasses around the bigger ones. Mineral Mountain Road/trail overall is in good condition, nothing to challenging. At 5 Points we veered of to the left to ride the ridges overlooking the area. This trail is also known as Waterfall Bypass and is the northern section of Box Canyon. TrailsOffroad has a good write up on it. This trail has narrow ledges and some spectacular views all around. Nothing to challenging, once you make the turn 4 Low is your friend all the way across and down the switchbacks. We ran into a few groups coming in the other direction but everyone cooperated and we all managed to avoid each other, we even worked around a grouchy old man on a motorcycle that wanted to yell at us. Once down the switchbacks we made our way to the Stagecoach stop for lunch. Everyone found a shady spot to have some grub, shoot the breeze, and enjoy the weather. Once we finished up lunch we made our way into the best part of the trail, Box Canyon itself. On the way we managed to avoid a group of SXS drivers that decided standing in the middle of the trail and not moving was a good idea. Once in the canyon there was some traffic coming the other direction, as expected, but all groups managed to work around each other without incident. The ride through the canyon was awesome as always. Overall the trails are in good condition minus a little wear and tear as is the case on popular trails. I did not have my wife/photographer with me today so I did not grab many pics,only a couple of the stagecoach stop. ☹️ Or company at lunch. Thanks again to everyone who joined me yesterday. If you have any pictures you'd like to share this is the spot.
  4. Made it home and finished cleaning up.Thanks for coming out everyone, I had a blast. It was good to get out on the dirt again. I will get a trip report written up and posted soon.
  5. I checked on the Weekend Freeway Closures and we have a few in the valley, of course. Please plan accordingly.
  6. Howdy everyone! I am looking forward to getting out on the trail Saturday. Here are a couple of reminders for the meet-up spot and permit requirements. If anything changes and you cannot make it please let me know as soon as you can. See you guys in a couple of days! 🤘 MEET UP: When: Saturday 2/17/24 @ 9:00 AM Departing: No later than 9:30. There are a couple of gas stations in Gold Canyon, please arrive fueled up. Where: The wide staging area just south of US 60. It can be busy, I'll be there somewhere. STATE TRUST PERMIT ***A State Trust Land Permit is required for this trail.*** Grab one or renew yours here if needed: https://asld.secure.force.com/recreationalpermit/
  7. Ruh Roh! Thanks for the heads up, hope you can get it sorted out. We'll catch you on the next one!
  8. No worries at all and welcome to club! The threads 4x4tographer referred to are excellent threads. Post up any questions you may have there, any one of us will be happy to help answer.
  9. I added you in. Radios are good to have on these runs, I may have a spare you can borrow. I'll test it out this week.
  10. Thank you Kristoffer, I am on the hunt for a wall with a level parking lot and 25' to work.
  11. After reading various things and watching a couple of videos on adjusting headlight aim I have a question. Nothing I have read takes lift size into consideration when mentioning how high to run an indicator, like a length of blue tape for example, across a wall or fence. Does the lift size matter and that is why it is not mentioned? How far back from what you are aiming should you be? For reference I have a 2" lift and am running 33's.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Looks like the festival opens at 10, so I am hoping traffic won't be too bad when some of us roll through the area.
  13. I decided to upgrade my air compressor game recently. My Smittybilt compressor still works great, I just needed something to work better with my quad hose kit. I decided to go with the MORRFlate TenSix compressor that goes with the MORRFlate Quad Hose Kit I purchased a while ago. This compressor was designed/updated with the quad hose kit in mind. I tested it out yesterday and I like the results. The compressor gets hot of course as do the stainless steel fittings. Nothing unexpected, just have to wear gloves which I normally do.
  14. Yes you can, I have the meeting point at the big staging area just south of the US 60. It's kinda nuts there but it's easier to group up there.
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