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  1. Here are some of my airing up helper. Getting the pump ready. Keeping an eye on things. He made a new friend, @K2man56's friend came over and hung out for a bit. Just chillin' out.
  2. We definitely had some awesome weather and people. The water in the washes and the canyon made it all that more enjoyable. Mrs. @K2man56 did an awesome job of driving the sections she was in the driver's seat for. Big Al's route was a good mix of everything, I am going to borrow it if he does not mind Here are some of the pics Stephanie took. Found this oddity hangin' from a tree. Disregard the SXS party crasher behind @Mick Bowers.
  3. Good deal. We need @Number7 around to light fires in random abandoned cabin fireplaces! See you guys on the trails.
  4. Wowza, that is some big news! Congrats G & D on making your dream come true, you will be missed. We are in good hands with Kristoffer for sure. God speed y buena suerte mis amigos!
  5. One thing I just thought of, when at camp it typically is about 20 to 30 degrees cooler overnight than my house is all day. That temperature difference may keep the fridge a little cooler overnight. I could be wrong and may be talking out my a%^ though.
  6. I purchased the 12 volt 32 Liter ICECO JP30 and the Jackery 300. The ICECO came with an insulated cover, 12 volt power cable, 12 volt cable extender and a power cable for home use. The size seems just about right for my use case. I am usually solo(No wife) when camping and do not bring a ton of stuff anyway so I can make it work. I have been doing some testing over the last few days and this is what I have found. I have the temperature set at 39. The fridge stays between 35 & 41 degrees consistently. That's a win. The draw when the fridge is plugged into the Jackery never goes higher than 37 watts when it runs, which is not very frequent. It's quiet. The first test was with a pre-chilled cooler, a few bottles of water and no insulated cover. My house is about 73 degrees this time of year. I got into it a few times to simulate activity at camp. Ran it off the Jackery for about 18 hours which drained it down to 53%. Not bad, that's another win in my opinion. The second test was with a pre-chilled cooler, random groceries(Water,beer,cheese etc) and the insulated cover on it. Same ambient conditions. I got into it a few times to simulate activity at camp. Ran it off the Jackery for about 18 hours which drained it down to 54%. Not bad, that's another win in my opinion. Conclusion: This is going to work for me. I can recharge the Jackery of the Jeep during the day to give it a little extra juice and give me some peace of mind at night. Speaking of pass through charging, based on my research I found that it is possible to do this but not recommended. Here's why, while there is power input and power draw more heat is generated and that's not good for the life of battery. However, I read that as long as the draw is less than the input the heat issue is not as much of a concern overall. In my situation with the frequency of use and the draw being low I think pass through charging should be okay. I have more testing to do with this set up in the Jeep and will get to that at some point before first use on the trail.
  7. The pain and shame will subside my friend. What did you go with?
  8. Thanks man! I always forget about Saddle Mountain Area. I may head out there, Stephanie's friend would like that. I can have a cigar and they can have adult beverages if they want.
  9. My wife has some friends in town next week and they want to see a desert sunset. I live in the SW valley, do not want to go too far and nothing gnarly that requires airdown etc.. Any suggestions on where to go? I am looking around but thought to get some input too.
  10. Is that what's called "pass through charging"? I have read various things about doing that, everyone has a different opinion on the subject of course.
  11. I found this video on YouTube where someone tested a Jackery 300 that had a fridge plugged in. He let sit for about 24 hours and it drained down to about 35%. I get that it was not in a real word environment but the results are good. Maybe in real life out in the boondocks it would drain faster, but I am thinking this model may be what works for what I do. Leaving it plugged at camp over night should not kill it and it can be recharged while driving. Still looking around but am liking what I am seeing about this model. It's in my budget and seems to work.
  12. Thanks Mike, definitely some good questions to noodle through. I am certain I will enjoy a fridge more, I am at a point where the ice chest ritual is obnoxious at best.
  13. I am kicking around the idea of getting a 12 volt fridge, the ice chest and ice is becoming a PITA. I found this 32 Liter ICECO JP30 on the Overlords website. The size seems right for my use, I am usually solo when camping and do not bring a ton of cold food. My thinking is to run it off the Jeep during the day. Then when at camp run it off a power station, that power station could be recharged off the Jeep during the day. I am wondering if a Jackery 300 would do the trick. I am borderline dumb when come to the watts and draw and yada, yada , yada so any advice is welcome.
  14. Mine does, using the air mattress pump to deflate it helps me roll it tighter.
  15. Betty Lou got a brake fluid exchange, an alignment check and she turned over 100k.
  16. OMG, that's wrong but funny as .
  17. I have one of these and I love it. I use a 12 volt air pump to help inflate and deflate it. It is mighty comfy. The only thing that gives me fits it the sub woofer in the back of my rig, the pad will not lay straight. Not a big deal really, as tall as I am i have to sleep crooked anyways.
  18. Wowza. Montana is a good place to land, not in the middle of December for me though. That picture says it all, wide open and just beautiful country. Sad to see you go but I am wishing the best of luck to you guys and the pooches up there!!
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