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  1. The Coyotes are out of stock so I will keep an eye on that situation. One of my Stauns the piston seems to start letting air out when I start to remove it from the valve stem or if I barely touch it. I have learned to live with the gauge on my compressor. It is crap but I almost have it figured out even though it changes every time I use it. I do have a separate Tilka Tools gauge(that is no longer available) which I am starting to doubt too. At times it shows 5 psi less than a regular auto part store "pencil" pressure gauge, those can be crappy too though. I am getting myself twisted up because I can't figure out what is accurate so I trust nothing at this point. I have an idea on how to solve that before I buy anything new though.
  2. Howdy gang! I wanted to bounce a couple of things off you guys because I am perplexed. Here is the skinny on a couple of questions I have, any feedback is welcome. I have a set of Staun Deflators which are awesome. I noticed on the Mogollon Rim run that they are dropping 5 psi lower than where I set them. Easy fix based on what I know so off I go to calibrate them. I go through the process of getting this done a few times and was unsuccessful. 3 of the 4 kinda cooperate, one just goes rouge and will not cooperate. I disassembled them all and took some canned air to them to clean them out and still had the issue. I am wondering if anyone has had these "wear out" for lack of a better phrase. I am leaning towards replacing them because I cannot 100% trust them so to speak. I could also set them at 5 PSI higher than I want them, but that is kicking the can down the road. I am also wondering if anyone with a Smittybilt compressor has an accurate gauge. Mine is a little out of whack. Maybe all of them are like that perhaps. Between that reading and my gauge, which I am starting to doubt too, I am getting two different readings. I have learned to live with it and kinda know where I need to be when I air up but am curious about this anyways.
  3. After poking around some here is what I am finding. Overall I am impressed and like it. I am sure they will be improving/updating as time goes on. I thought I'd share because why not. I have it set as the base layer in these images. I only have The Gaia Overland in Feet and the MVUM layer on my map and I can see what I need to see. This is up north with the opacity all the way down on the Gaia and MVUM layers. Opacity on Gaia Overland all the way "up", MVUM opacity all the way "down". The brown "tabs/plates" over the road that show road/trail numbers are part of the Gaia Overland layer. There are more details and POI's for lack of a better word. This is with both layers opacity all the way "up". Notice how the MVUM now labels 00161B. I am sure some of the bugs, if that is what this is, will be worked out.
  4. Gaia GPS has a new Overlanding layer they have made available. It is named Gaia Overland and a write up is available here. I am still looking around the layer to see how I feel about it, the legend looks extensive which is nice. From the layer: This is the layer in use in Gaia by itself for one of the Moab runs. It does look like it displays a lot of relevant information which is nice.
  5. Here's my order. I'll get payment over as soon as I can.(way before the 19th) Men's 2XL White 1
  6. I definitely need to do some more research. I know there are a few options out there, I will look for the most bougie.
  7. We sure do. I'd like to get a bougie 4 hose set up one day for my compressor. But that's a discussion for another thread.
  8. Great video guys! Thanks for sharing, the commentary is epic.
  9. @English Al , I asked Kristoffer to move your pictures to the trip report thread.
  10. And Remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires.
  11. We did some exploring on the Mogollon Rim yesterday starting at the east end of Rim Rd.(FR 300). Most of us ended our day on the west end of Rim Rd, some continued on to do more exploring. We covered over a little over 65 miles. The weather was a little warmer than expected but it was still a beautiful day with no rain. Most of the attendee's were members that I met for the first time which was awesome. Most of the trails were easy to moderate with nothing too challenging. We did not see much traffic all day until we hit Rim Rd and headed west. Then it was a crazy afternoon with the usual SxS's driving like maniacs and a few other groups. Awesome day, thanks everyone for coming along! Those in attendance were: @Trail Toy & @Large_Marge @English Al @ZR2-Ben @Jbjr The eastern section of RIM Rd. to Buck Springs Ridge (137) was uneventful. We took Buck Springs Ridge (137) north to FR96. We stopped at the Buck Springs cabins to do a little exploring. Jason,Sarah and I were there last October on an overland run but they were worth checking out again. From Buck Springs Ridge (137) we took FR96 west to East Clear Creek where we turned south/south west to FR 139G where we turned south. This trail has a big tree that has fallen over the main trail. The way around is turning on FR 95B/UBar Trail then make an immediate left. It is easy to spot. FR 139G is a little narrower, has some minor obstacles that are easy and my observation was that this trail does not see much traffic. We visited and old homestead that only had the chimney & log barn left. There is also a spring named "Aspen Spring" there that feeds a small creek. We parked on the trail and hiked down(As far as I know the road down is closed to motorized traffic), it was worth the hike. FR 139G runs into Dick Hart ridge which we took south to Rim Rd. where we headed west to the trails end. The rim has great views from just about anywhere.
  12. Made it back to Payson. Had a good time today and enjoyed the scenery on the rim. It was good to see everyone and meet some folks for the first time. I'll try to get a trip report written up soon.
  13. All good, things happen. We'll catch you on the next one!
  14. Welcome to the family! x2 on what Ryan said, loads of good people here.
  15. That is correct, I do not have the light bar mounted anymore is the only thing that's different on it. See you tomorrow!
  16. All good Kevin, I have been there & done that with water heaters. Here's a question for ya, do you really need one here in the valley this time of year?? We'll catch you on the next one!
  17. All good Brian, hopefully your procedure gets you feeling better. We'll catch you on the next one.
  18. This is a little old and may be a re-post but I still find it funny.
  19. That steering wheel cover is epic! I will try and control myself, it's gonna be difficult.
  20. I am gonna get some cold,cold butter & some camping supplies!
  21. You got it, you have been added! Welcome to ORP! Looking forward to meeting you guys.
  22. ARGH, stupid life! Thanks for the heads up, we will catch you on the next one!
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