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  1. I saw an article saying a "full size" Jeep Wagoneer is on its way in 2022. I also saw an article yesterday that a diesel model Wrangler is coming next year. If i understood it correctly that one will be available in only 4 door Wranglers. https://www.motortrend.com/news/2022-jeep-grand-wagoneer-renderings/
  2. Good point and thanks! I'm going to give Joe a call this week. This issue is making me bonkers!!
  3. Great video, that dude in the Suzuki cracked me up!
  4. @Ghostrider- Thanks for the tip. I crawled under there earlier today and everything from the gas cap back is snug. I only saw one factory plastic "snap-together" fitting and that was secure too. I read some where to check the lines that run next to the battery for holes/wear and tear or loose connections, those look good to me too. I did recently replace my battery and thought something may have come loose during the swap. The code came up before then so probably not related anyways. @mynr1 I may be making an appointment too pretty soon. Looking forward to hearing the diagnosis you get. I am wondering if its the evap canister or something related to that.
  5. Thank you, I will give him a call.
  6. I keep getting the "Small Leak" engine code on my JK. It pops up every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. I have replaced the gas cap with no change. I used to remove and replace gas cap then clear code and go about my day. Lately I just clear the code and move on. I am not a big wrencher so I am looking for a shop recommendation. I have a feeling taking it to the dealership may cost too much and be a run around but I could be wrong.
  7. Sign me up please. I want to give Bulldog Canyon another go with a group after I was out there a few weeks ago alone. It was a little tore up then so November will be interesting.
  8. If its a somewhat easy run I may be available on Black Friday.
  9. That’s the way I am leaning. They are working fine so I am leaving them alone.
  10. @Number7 That did the trick! I flipped the washer and bushing on the drivers side, added an extra washer on the top for grins and that thing is snug! I can even get a closed end wrench on the nut now. Whoulda thunk. The passenger side is not giving me any trouble yet and I do not have patience at the moment to fight that side. Thanks again for catching and pointing that out.
  11. Sounds good- I may get back out in the garage in a bit, if not later today if it ever cools down. Wait.. It never cools down here.
  12. Thanks @dzJeepChic and @Number7 for the help so far. I do appreciate it. @Number7 The other side looks the same as drivers side and it is not moving. This is strange to say the least. I will just drive careful until I figure out what to do. My next question for anyone is if i were to replace my shocks are there any recommendations? I may go that route soon because these appear to stock 2012 shocks. I just measured and found my lift to be 2 1/2" i believe.
  13. @dzJeepChic My mission failed for today. I put the equivalent of 2 washers on the top, still rattling around. @Number7 I did not see your post until now. Argh! I will remove the shock again later today or tomorrow and flip that washer and bushing around. I will tread lightly until i get that done.
  14. @dzJeepChic Good idea, Thanks. now to figure out what size washers need. Home depot here I come!!
  15. @dzJeepChic It is the red one. I tried the vise grips trick earlier and the nut will not budge at all. argh.. Maybe it is a bad shock, I do not know. Going to have to come up with a game plan because swapping them out looks like a bear.
  16. For the last little while I have been hearing a "rattle" on the front drivers side every time I hit a bump no matter the size. I have been searching all over the Jeep for the source.(Underneath/Engine Compartment) Yesterday I finally found it in the last place I looked, go figure. Turns out the front drivers side shock is loose on top and moving around causing the rattle. This morning I got out and wrenched on the nut but it is tight. I am looking at replacing them for a few different reasons. This Jeep is new to me as of 6 months ago so I am not what has or has not been done to it is part of it. My question for anyone is, has this ever happened to you? If so was a cause determined? Any recommendations on shocks for a Rubicon? I find it strange that this is happening at all but it is a jeep and weirder things have happened based on what I have read.
  17. Depends on what day of the week. Thursday or Friday would be doable.
  18. Thanks for the information Mike, that's a bummer that they are both closed. Since I am a newb I like easy trails until I figure out what I am doing. This is especially true after my misguided adventure in Bulldog Canyon this past weekend. That said, I would be interested in running up there somewhere at some point with anyone who is available. Mid to late October works for me should this gain any traction. I was also looking at Monument Valley as a destination at some point.
  19. Thanks! Time to call the forest service and check before I go all crazy and make a plan. I will look into the other two options you mentioned too.
  20. I am wanting to go up north and run the Schultz Pass and or Elden Mountain trail in the next month or so. Has anyone been up there lately? If so how have they held up? I have been reading and researching for a few days but always like to get additional input from people in the know. My wife likes the area up there so we are doing a few things while visiting over a weekend. I know I am not supposed to go alone for safety. After my battery died the day after I ran Bulldog Canyon this weekend I am a little nervous about going alone honestly but will if necessary. I appreciate any feedback that can be passed along.
  21. Gotcha, I may have to upgrade then. I work in IT and anytime anything changes there are always bugs to work out so I get it. When I click on my profile pic it just opens it as if if clicking on an attachment. It is strange.
  22. @Diane Sorry for being a pain. I do not see what Kris shows in the tips and tricks link. I do not see "Cover Photo" or the icon in the profile picture to change it.
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