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  1. Based on what I am seeing in Gaia it is not a full blown wildfire yet, I am taking that with a grain of salt. On the Coconino FS website the "Fire Danger" is Moderate for the rim so I am not quite panicking just yet.
  2. Howdy gang. First and foremost a shout out to @4x4tographer for bringing something to my attention. There appears to be a fire just north of FR300 where we will be starting, and will be east of us once we get moving. It has been labeled the Mesa Fire and was caused by lightning. The website I have been checking is down or I cannot access it at the moment so I do not have up to date details just yet. Based on the information from the Coconino Forest Service I am not seeing any closures yet. I will be keeping an eye on this over the next few days. Ryan is also keeping me updated as he see's any new info. Thanks Ryan, I do appreciate it.
  3. Thanks for the heads up and thinking of the group for lack of a better phrase. Once the weather cools down there will be a lot more activity here. Hope you get to feeling better soon, we will catch you on the next one!
  4. Thanks for the heads up, we will catch you on the next one!
  5. Howdy Gang! We are less than a week away from getting this adventure started. I am looking forward to this run and meeting some folks for the first time! This is who we have on the attending list. If anything changes between now and then please let me know. @Large_Marge @Zavala @Ken Ford @ZR2-Ben @MzPriss @Kristinalove79 @LaZorraRoja @English Al @Rawhyd @Sparky 01(Tenantive) Meet-Up & Departure: Time: 0830 at the Rim Road trailhead off of Hwy 260. (Old Rim Road Visitor Center) There is an area there for all of us to stage up and air down. Depart NLT 0900 Google Map here. No service stations near by, recommend to top off off in or around Payson on the way in. Please arrive fueled up and ready to go. Communications: GMRS - Channel 20 (462.675 MHz)
  6. I will up my list back to 10, not sure why I changed it, and add you. @Sparky 01 - I'll find a spot for you should you be able to make it.
  7. Thanks, as a side note I can't type to save my life so it's all good.
  8. I have you added to standby, let me know a day or two before if you are able to make it and I'll move you up. Feel better soon! Thanks for the heads up, hope all is well. We will catch you guys on the next one.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, we will catch you on the next one. For GMRS the page that @4x4tographer linked to is a good one. I have watched videos from the "Not A Rubicon" channel on YouTube. He has some good information. I also gather information here from the group, everyone who knows about GMRS is pretty helpful here.
  10. Great video guys, thanks for posting it!
  11. I came across this video and found it interesting because I use Pennzoil Ultra Platinum. Great data from testing and he breaks down the results clearly.
  12. Oil change today and general inspection underneath and up top. On this change I replaced the aftermarket drain plug with an OEM plug that has the integrated gasket. Won't need to worry about the gasket for a while that way and I have a spare to boot.
  13. Thank you sir. I will be keeping a close eye on it. Is there a resource you prefer to keep track of the area? I usually keep an eye on the various websites.
  14. Thanks for the heads up, we will catch you on the next one! @LaZorraRoja you are in if you are still interested. @snoopy61 I added two more spots and gave one to you if you are still interested. @English Al I added you too if you are still interested. And sorry for not responding sooner, it has been a little crazy with work and stuff.
  15. Awww bummer. I do appreciate the heads up, we will catch you on the next one. @Kristinalove79 you are in.
  16. Welcome to ORP! I'll add you to standby.
  17. Welcome to ORP, glad to have you here @Kristinalove79 ! I will add you both to the standby list. Stay tuned, things can and usually do change. I'll keep you posted and update you as we get closer.
  18. Happy birthday George!
  19. Added. Thanks for the heads up, we will catch you on the next one! Added.
  20. shellback91


    Father time catches all of us at some point. From my experience this happens to some of us sooner than others!
  21. (No offense to man bunners)
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