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  1. Thanks Kristoffer, I appreciate and will heed the advice. Thanks Ryan, I appreciate the offer and will hit you and or Kristoffer up with a couple of questions. As far as you screwing up directions, I considered it a fun detour! I could tell the the rest of the group was jealous too.
  2. Thanks for the input folks. I am not sure I would make a good run leader because I drive slow at times and barely know what I am doing. Let me noodle this trough and check a few things before I make a decision.
  3. Awesome video of the run & crew Ryan! @Yodamom you look so serious driving Oki. Smile, you're on camera!
  4. This trail looks like a good one so I am doing some recon if you will. I am wondering if anyone has been out to there lately. I am curious about the overall condition etc.. I have read it usually remains in good shape but a second or third opinion is never a bad thing.
  5. Great pics and videos Sarah! Stephanie was watching the videos with me and said "See, I told you you were too close to the edge.".
  6. Great photo's guys, looks like a great run! I have a question for @theksmith, does "short easy run" translate to "It's just a forest road"?
  7. I had forgotten about this rather valuable information for some reason. @Trail Toy reminded me of it on the Harquahala run so I owe him a thank you. I had to update some channels in my Baofeng so while I was in there I reset my squelch settings. I will test them out on the next run.
  8. Thanks for the info and links Ryan. I have been watching the NotaRubicon Productions videos on the YouTube lately. He's a funny dude that reviews and explains this topic(among others) with what I personally find to be a good sense of humor. He has reviewed a few radios over the last few weeks that I find helpful. I am adding a GMRS radio to my ever growing list of stuff to research and buy. I hope you do not mind but here's one of his videos explaining GMRS repeaters. This is good information that may be helpful for some folks.
  9. Here are some pics my wife took yesterday. Looking down towards where we came from on the way up. View of part of the trail from the top.
  10. Congrats guys! Best of luck with the build and your new wheeling adventures!
  11. Made it home safe. Thanks for leading another awesome run @4x4tographer! It was good too see everyone.
  12. Happy birthday Ryan @4x4tographer! Hope it's a good one.
  13. Great write up, thanks for sharing Diane. Nice job on that recovery @Number7 !
  14. I agree. There are 2 red Jeeps in a row in the same spot. It looks like @gearhead is in both. Behind me in this years and the Jeep in last years. Pretty awesome!
  15. Thanks for the backstory on that. Side note...Every time I research or discuss GMRS I cannot help but think of "NotaRubicon Productions" on YouTube. That dude is funny and lets the HAM operators he thinks are full of themselves have it.
  16. Great pics! I finally got a chance to watch your video's. That's some great camera work holding it steady as possible, I am impressed. I am not sure we would have been able to pull that off considering the bouncing around(hitting my head a few times too) we were doing. I'm going to use what I learned and re-evaluate my approach and lines on future runs.
  17. Thanks again @4x4tographer for putting this all run together. Spending the day wheeling and seeing the area with some good folks is never a bad thing. The "Beast of Briarwood" was also out roaring along. I would agree with the trail rating and say it was on the HIGH side of moderate in a few spots.(For me anyways) The trail was definitely very,very bouncy for some long runs but still a blast to run. All the bouncing around, and my headache today, has got me thinking about shocks, but that is for another thread. Some of it could be me picking sh#&&y lines so there's that. Here are some of the ones Stephanie took. Sunrise at the meetup spot. Mini Hell's Gate. The white in the rock looked like a cow or a horse to us. A helpful sign. A weird and random stack of rocks. Chillin' in the ruins.
  18. Made it home. Thanks @4x4tographer for putting this run together. It was good to see everyone.
  19. Thanks for the updates Ryan. I have been wanting to check out Buckhorn Springs and this area in general since I did not make the last run out that way. This works perfect and these are some good changes. I could be interested in the overnight option in the spring. See ya Saturday.
  20. The more I use it the more I like it. It works great for what I need it for and have not been let down yet.
  21. Thanks. The damage is far and wide out there. I did notice things are starting to regrow though. There are patches of green scattered around the burnt landscape.
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