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  1. My wife and I were in Santa Rosa/Healdsburg/Russian River Valley wine country out in CA over the holiday weekend and I came a cross a classic Jeep. We stopped by the Hook & Ladder Winery and they had a Jeep FC-170 that was converted to a fire truck. This thing was pretty dang cool. I could not get inside to take pictures of the interior but from what I saw it was pretty neat. I found an article on Motor Trend that gives a brief history on these models. Apparently they were built by the Willys Overland corporation back in the day. This particular model of FC(Forward Control) Jeep was built using a 103.5-inch-wheelbase chassis that was similar to 104-inch Willys Wagon chassis. This rig is a true 4x4 Jeep which I found pretty damn cool. It's engine provided a whopping 105 horsepower! I did not manage to get the year of this beast, I was too far into the wine to think to ask.
  2. I’ve been wanting to get down there. I may be interested depending on when and how long. I’m taking 2 weeks off for vacation in April so that’s something else I’d need to look at.
  3. I have been to the restaurant on the ET Highway a couple of times when I was driving truck. That whole area is creepy.
  4. I was very concerned and a little afraid to be honest.
  5. All I could hear in my head when that thing was delivered was Wilford Brimley talking about The Diabeetus!
  6. Great photos Ryan & Sarah! That is a great write up Ryan! It was a long, somewhat bumpy in spots but overall awesome day! The "Mini Cinders" area is an appealing camping spot, so does the area where we had lunch.
  7. I feel your pain there dude, some days I feel 10 years older than I am. 17 years of driving truck beat me up pretty good. Bite the bullet and carry on is my approach on some days. Other days it's "To hell with this nonsense!". Happy belated b-day!
  8. Joe is back out in Colorado. I talked with him mid-week last week so must have left a few days ago. I did not know he would not be doing the work until I dropped it off, not that it affects anything because the work needed done. Vince seems like a good dude. Friendly, thorough and seems to know what he is doing. If Joe hired him I think he's gotta be a good mechanic.
  9. Took my rig into Joe's shop for some maintenance. Betty Lou has about 96k miles on her so it was time for the plugs and the PCV valve to be replaced. Joe has a guy named Vince working for him now and he's the one that did the work.(Joe's out of town) While they had it he did an inspection and found the front and rear diff fluid needed replaced along with the transfer case fluid. I figured he had it so may as well just have him do it. He asked about coolant swap and since I had it done a short time ago I passed. Everything else looks good. When I picked it up he said he forgot that I said no to the coolant flush, started that job then remembered I passed and just finished it. He did not charge me for that, which I appreciated.
  10. @Curly passed along some information few months ago that I am also reviewing. There is a lot to see out there, that's for sure. I am looking forward to hearing about your recon mission.
  11. Is Dusy a n annual run? I have this tentatively scheduled for 2023.
  12. I am interested in doing some exploring in Nevada out near the Alamo/Pioche/Caliente area. I want to go see the Delamar Ghost Town to start. I then want to explore the Silver State Trail System that is in that area. I found a GPX file for Delamar via Alamo Canyon Road on Trails Offroad. The trailhead is just south of Alamo,NV. From Delamar we would go north on Helene and Delamar Ghost Towns trail to HWY 93. From where that trail ends the Silver State Trail System is just north of the highway. If I do not get to this next year then 2024 is when I will. What I have as far as information: 2 trails with waypoints & POI's. A GPX file for the Silver State Trail System.(All the colored in trails West of Pioche) A paper map of the area that shows restrictions of certain trails to certain types of vehicles. An itch to go. Average weather for that time of year. What I do not have: Waypoints or POI's on the SSTS. I do know there are information boards etc. out there. I also believe there is a scattering of old mining operations & possibly homesteads. A final route. This area covers a lot of ground so dissecting is in the future. A crystal ball that can see if the guberment is going to make things worse than they are now as far as gas prices go. Alamo is a little over 6 hours away from where I am so that would mean a long weekend. My plan as of now is to get a room in Alamo on a Friday night, run some trails Saturday and camp. Then run some trails Sunday and either get done early and go home or run until Sunday afternoon and camp or hotel it Sunday night. Could be fun, could be a waste of time but we'll never know unless we go. If this is something you may be interested at some point in time let me know. Let's discuss! Maybe interested/Interested @4x4tographer @theksmith @Curly @Stacey and Scott @gearhead @mbuckner @AZRNintheJeep242 @Lichen @Ladybug
  13. x2 on that and thank you @gearhead for the idea. I have something I can use to do the same thing.
  14. Through the process of elimination I have fixed my issue. It was what we in the IT field called a Layer 8 or PICNIC issue. I went down to my local tire store and had them check my tires to see where they were at. To my surprise they were all at least 5 PSI over what I keep them at, so they adjusted them down to 35 psi. I then checked them with my gauge and sure as my gauge read about 4 psi under what they were. I then used a third cheapo gauge to verify further and it was close to spot on. Knowing that I was able to somewhat confidently calibrate my deflators using 3 gauges for a good cross reference. I may replace my usual gauge at some point because I was told there would be no math involved with this. I did check with the folks at Coyote and they said they were 4 to 6 weeks out on having them available to ship should anyone be looking for them. There will be a price increase as well, that is expected given our current environment. Thanks for the suggestions and information, I do appreciate it.
  15. My particular Jeep does not, I do not think most JK's have that feature unless they have a non-OEM head unit. I would like that option along with a digital display on the head unit for engine & transmission temps. I may do an upgrade someday, it's not top of my list at this point. Thanks for that video. My compressor gauge is 5ish psi higher sometimes with it off, when I'm running it is about 15 psi higher. I've kinda gotten used to it but having an accurate gauge may make life easier.
  16. The Coyotes are out of stock so I will keep an eye on that situation. One of my Stauns the piston seems to start letting air out when I start to remove it from the valve stem or if I barely touch it. I have learned to live with the gauge on my compressor. It is crap but I almost have it figured out even though it changes every time I use it. I do have a separate Tilka Tools gauge(that is no longer available) which I am starting to doubt too. At times it shows 5 psi less than a regular auto part store "pencil" pressure gauge, those can be crappy too though. I am getting myself twisted up because I can't figure out what is accurate so I trust nothing at this point. I have an idea on how to solve that before I buy anything new though.
  17. Howdy gang! I wanted to bounce a couple of things off you guys because I am perplexed. Here is the skinny on a couple of questions I have, any feedback is welcome. I have a set of Staun Deflators which are awesome. I noticed on the Mogollon Rim run that they are dropping 5 psi lower than where I set them. Easy fix based on what I know so off I go to calibrate them. I go through the process of getting this done a few times and was unsuccessful. 3 of the 4 kinda cooperate, one just goes rouge and will not cooperate. I disassembled them all and took some canned air to them to clean them out and still had the issue. I am wondering if anyone has had these "wear out" for lack of a better phrase. I am leaning towards replacing them because I cannot 100% trust them so to speak. I could also set them at 5 PSI higher than I want them, but that is kicking the can down the road. I am also wondering if anyone with a Smittybilt compressor has an accurate gauge. Mine is a little out of whack. Maybe all of them are like that perhaps. Between that reading and my gauge, which I am starting to doubt too, I am getting two different readings. I have learned to live with it and kinda know where I need to be when I air up but am curious about this anyways.
  18. After poking around some here is what I am finding. Overall I am impressed and like it. I am sure they will be improving/updating as time goes on. I thought I'd share because why not. I have it set as the base layer in these images. I only have The Gaia Overland in Feet and the MVUM layer on my map and I can see what I need to see. This is up north with the opacity all the way down on the Gaia and MVUM layers. Opacity on Gaia Overland all the way "up", MVUM opacity all the way "down". The brown "tabs/plates" over the road that show road/trail numbers are part of the Gaia Overland layer. There are more details and POI's for lack of a better word. This is with both layers opacity all the way "up". Notice how the MVUM now labels 00161B. I am sure some of the bugs, if that is what this is, will be worked out.
  19. Gaia GPS has a new Overlanding layer they have made available. It is named Gaia Overland and a write up is available here. I am still looking around the layer to see how I feel about it, the legend looks extensive which is nice. From the layer: This is the layer in use in Gaia by itself for one of the Moab runs. It does look like it displays a lot of relevant information which is nice.
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